Free horror Kindle books for 28 Dec 17

Abominations: Children of the Fallen Book One

by Nick Lilavois

Inspector Kalev Tzedek is called to investigate a missing child case, but something is off from the start. The parents seem like they are hiding something. They are quick to blame the gardener who is also missing, but he seems more like another victim rather than the perpetrator. And then there is the girl’s imaginary friend, a fairy godmother…

The Zee Brothers: Revenge of the Zombie Yeti: A ZX Short Story (Zombie Exterminators)

by Grivante

Yetis? Zombies?

Two creatures we’ve all heard about but no one believes exists.

In this Zee Brothers short story, we learn about their adventures dealing with the paranormal revival of one of the world’s most elusive beasts.

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