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Christmas Stories: Cute Christmas Stories for Kids Ages 4-8 with Funny Christmas Jokes (Christmas Books for Children)

by Uncle Amon

Christmas Stories, Christmas Jokes, and More!

Merry Christmas! Your child will enjoy this cute Christmas book full of fun stories and Christmas jokes. This is an excellent read for early and beginning readers. Big and bright illustrations for younger readers!

These stories are great for quick bedtime stories and cute tales to be read aloud with friends and family!

  • Excellent for early and beginning readers
  • Great for reading aloud with friends and family
  • Christmas stories and adventures about Christmas
  • Funny and Hilarious Christmas jokes & illustrations for kids

Story List & Activities:

  1. Special Christmas Manners
  2. Christmas Morning Fun
  3. Christmas Baking Contest
  4. Black Boots and the Freezing Cold
  5. The Christmas Surprise
  6. Christmas Jokes

This books is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, and read aloud at home.

Funny Christmas Jokes for Kids

Q: What Christmas carol do parents love the most?
A: Silent Night!


Q: What did the snowman say to his friend?
A: I think I smell carrots!


Q: What are Santa’s helpers taught at an early age?
A: The elf-abet!


Q: What was the monkey’s favorite Christmas song?
A: Jungle bells!

Your child will be entertained for hours!

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La verdadera historia de la Navidad: Libro de Navidad: Libros para niños (Spanish Edition)

by Bea Balint

«Toc, toc!» â?? los golpes de las gotas de lluvia tocaban un ritmo monótono sobre la repisa de la ventana. La nariz de una niña despeinada se pegaba al cristal de la ventana. Asombrada, ella observaba cada movimiento de la tormenta. Los árboles se balanceaban y se inclinaban ante el príncipe del viento, casi tocando el suelo con la nariz. El cielo abrió sus puertas y desparramó una masa tremenda de agua sobre la ciudad. Unas cuantas palomas se posaban en la repisa de la ventana, en busca de refugio.

Mónica abrió la ventana y esparció unas migas de pan para los pajaritos hambrientos. El viento entró por la ventana con una fuerza excesiva, acompañado por enormes gotas de lluvia. Los papeles colocados en la mesita echaron a volar, esparciéndose luego por toda la alfombra. Monótona y lentamente, Mónica recogió los papeles dispersos� algunas fotos captaron su atención� «La pasada Navidad junto a Abuelito�»
Unas lágrimas enormes se deslizaban por sus mejillas. ¡Tan preciosos eran los recuerdos que guardaba sobre las navidades de los años pasados!

The Searcher: He’s there when the Law can’t help

by Rand Osborn

Reed Justus was a scout for the Confederate States during the war between the States. He was a Searcher of men who possessed a unique skill only a few possess. When not working he was self destructive and a town drunk.

Jethro McDougal needed the services of a Searcher of the caliber of Reed Justus’ ability. He found him in a saloon and his unkempt appearance made him wonder if this man could do the job.

McDougal decided he would take the chance but only time would tell if Justus was really the one known as the Searcher!

Itâ??s over!!! Or is it??: From victim to victorious through Christ

by Dusty Lee

The storms of life have a way of making each of us heartbroken and grief-stricken. Many times we think it is all over but is it? Is it all over? As I experienced a storm in my life that brought me to the darkest depths of my soul, I too thought it was all over. Come with me on a journey to find our true strength. A strength we can only know through Christ.

Boudica’s Battle – A Topper Chorley Time Travel Adventure (Topper Chorley Time Travel Adventures Book 1)

by Duncan Gaunt

An extraordinary thing happens in TOPPER CHORLEY’s attic.
When the arm of an old record player lifts by itself and a record starts to play, Topper and his sister CHARLIE are transported back to Roman Britain on the brink of revolution.
Taken at first for Roman spies by spear-wielding British villagers, Topper and Charlie manage to talk their way out of trouble – until village chief MORCAN ropes them into a dangerous mission against the local Roman fort. But the Romans are one step ahead.
The villagers are captured and taken as slaves, where they are put to work improving the fort’s defences. But when Commandant CORNELIUS takes Charlie as his personal slave, Topper faces a race against time to rescue her before the great escape attempt.
When Topper and Charlie get split up during the audacious escape, Topper comes face-to-face with BOUDICA, â??Warrior Queen of all the Britons’, as she prepares for her uprising against the Romans. Charlie, however, has ended up in Colchester, the capital city of Roman Britain – a city Boudica has pledged to raze to the ground.
Topper survives iron-age feuds and deadly chariot races as Boudica rallies her armies, while Charlie evades capture and enlists the help of ODHRAN, Boudica’s paranoid spy in the Roman capital. The scene is set for the historic battle for Colchester – Boudica’s Battle.
As Colchester burns around them, Topper and Charlie struggle through the mayhem and bloodshed to find each other. Reunited as Boudica’s armies claim victory over the Roman occupiers, all they need to do now is get back home â?¦ as soon as they’ve figured out how.

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