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I looked into the darkness around me

by Dirk Zadra

A woman is found dead by her husband in the car in their garage. An inspector investigates and tries to understand. Was it suicide or the end point of a complex marriage? A power play unfolds between a woman and her husband revealing a relationship marked by loneliness, broken trust, violence, unfulfillable hopes, and promises for change.

“I looked into the darkness around me” was first performed in Adelaide, Australia, in May 2012.

Some audience feedback:
“It is one of the best plays I have seen for quite a while.”
“It is a play that will stay with you forever.”
“The conversations are so real – we’ve all heard these types of conversations.”
“I particularly enjoyed the monologues which were both rich and thought provoking.”

About the author:
Dirk Zadra has been involved in the arts since childhood, primarily as a musician. Born in Germany, he lived and worked in Switzerland and France before moving to Australia. His published works include German and English academic writing as well as fiction, which has been commended through prizes.

Dirk’s writing has been shaped largely by the weight of his German heritage; a culture soaked in centuries of artistic brilliance and influential intellectuals, but one in which the grandchildren of wartime Germany now carry a deeply scarred national psyche, ever mindful of the threat of misdirected power and absolutism.

Through his writing, Dirk inhabits the space between action and reason in an attempt to understand the human condition. Growing up in the region of the Grimm Brothers perhaps contributes an element of twisted darkness inherent in some of his characters.

In 2008, Dirk directed his first play in Adelaide, Australia.

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