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A Perfect Lie (A Katherine Bay Romance Book 3)

by Shirley Wine

Risk his mission or save an innocent woman’s life? In a split second Jace Mullein makes a choice that will change his life foreverâ?¦

To save Ashlyn from falling into the clutches of an international criminal Jace is forced to return to the home he left behind and face his bad-boy past, and the family he betrayed.

Frightened for her life, Ashlyn has no choice other than to trust Jace to keep her safe. And quickly, she learns to love and trust him … then in one horrifying moment she uncovers the brutal truth about his past and his interaction with her family and she’s forced to question everything.
Does Jace love her or is he using her to seek redress past injustice and grievances â?¦

If you like your heroes flawed and emotionally damaged and heroines who are prepared to sacrifice all for family, you will love this series. Follow three siblings and their friends as they struggle against small town prejudice in the search for that special someone who holds the power and enough love to heal their damaged hearts.

If you like your romance spiced with mystery, danger and intrigue, you’ll find it here in Katherine Bay. Welcome to the small idyllic fictional town, where nothing is quite what it seems, where dangerous secrets lie hidden, and where it can be dangerous to your health to take anyone at face value.

Download your copy of A Perfect Lie Arms today and uncover the secrets and lies, the hidden passions that simmer beneath the surface of this Coromandel town, New Zealand’s playground for the rich and famous … and catch up with other characters in this return to Katherine Bay, a small town filled with mystery and intrigue.
Set in New Zealand, this coastal town on the Coromandel Peninsular, the playground for the rich and famous in Aotearoa, New Zealand. The Coromandel region is famous for its rugged beauty, fantastic beaches including Hot Water Beach where you can dig your own thermal pool in the white sands. It is a place of unrivalled beauty and lifestyle.

What readers are saying:
Another great book by Shirley Wine with a nice mix of romance and suspenseâ??UconnHusky 13.
Jace is the second Mullein sibling and this is his story. It is tense and tight, with twists and turns a-plenty â?¦ There is action and danger and sexual tension as Ashlyn tries to work out if Jace is truly her protector, or using her to gain revenge. He is a strongly self-contained man but oh, how I wanted to ride behind him on that motor bike for the adrenaline rush of a hot man on a big machine! You’ll definitely want him on your side – Susan Rees.

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