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Auntie Kathy Easy Air Fryer Cookbook: Air frying the Easy and Stress-Free Way: Useful Cooking and Safety Tips with Effortless Cleaning Techniques, plus All-Day Meals Air Frying Easy Recipes.

by Kathy Anderson

Easy Air Fryer :

Air Frying is a fast and easy way to prepare and cook food without losing natural taste, vitamins and minerals.

It can

– fry,
– bake,
– steam,
– roast and
– grill.

You can even prepare two dishes together – one fried and the other baked, which saves time and effort. Air fryers have food separators to let you cook different foods at the same time without worrying of the flavors mixing.

With as much as 75-80 percent less oil, or, even with no oil at all – just hot circulating air, you’ll save money on the ingredients; and yet you can enjoy healthy and yummy deep fried food.

This wonderful device is safer than deep frying food using pans.

The recipes in this book are very functional and easy to make great All-Day meals that will surely impress your friends and relatives!

The Auntie Kathy Easy Air Fryer Recipes is very useful to prepare:

– breakfast,
– lunch,
– high-tea,
– dinner and
– supper

This book will also guide you on how to clean the Air Fryer the easy way

Let enjoy your favorite natural tasted foods with less grease and fat. Pamper your body the healthy and delicious meals with Auntie Kathy Air Fryer Recipes Cookbook: The Easy and Stress-Free Way

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5 Ingredients Recipes for Slow Cooker: Be Busy – Not Hungry!

by Albert Simon

If you don’t want to waste your time this cookbook is for you.
Here you can find 50 recipes for hot dishes and + 5 sweet bonuses and the best content without any fluff about a Slow Cooker using. Here are only short and informative recipes for busy people, which can help to be satisfied with delicious dishes without wasting your time.
With this cookbook, you can stay on every day drive but pleasantly surprise your family. At the same time, you can take care of your health using the healthy recipes we advise.

The Best Soup Cookbook: Tasty and Healthy Soup Recipes for You and Your Family

by Lucy Woodson

Do you like soups? Are you looking for new delicious and easy soup recipes? Congratulations, this cookbook is for you!

There are more than 45 recipes in this book. All of these recipes have been tried, tested, and appreciated by the samplers. Not only are the recipes good, the ingredients are easy to find and affordable to the greater public.

Likewise, the recipes are fast to prepare to accommodate those working parents or individuals who want to eat good, home-cooked meals but do not have enough time to spend in the kitchen.

Finally, this book targets all age groups, which means most recipes appeal to both the young and the old.

Try all the recipes in this book and see what you have been missing all this time. Soups should be a part of each and everyone’s menu not just as an added dish on the dinner table but as a supplement to everyone’s dietary needs.

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The Paleo Diet: 4 Weeks To Rapid Weight Loss, Regain Confidence And Have A Better Lifestyle- Lose Up To 1 Pound Per Day( Ketogenic Diet, Keto Diet, Atkins Diet, Low Carb Diet)

by James Press

Be Warned: This is your end of Fat loss journey and your beginning of new lean self.

You are on the way to watch yourself change crazily. You are going to lose weight fast, feel better, look more beautiful or handsome, be more energy, less pain, boost your sex enthusiasm, keep away from the diseaseâ?¦ and most important you will still be able to eat your favorite foods and still be more slimmer. All of this amazing result you will see in next few weeks!

This book suit for people of any weight, any body type or shape. Through my work, I’ve helped thousands of people achieve their health and fat loss goals, and I share everything I know in my books.

Feeling interested? Just keep reading â?¦

You will be surprised to know the Paleo is a return to the type of eating your body naturally craves and was designed for. It’s based on how we humans evolved for literally millions of years. And takes us back to our origins. A time when nobody got fat. When we were all strong, lean and had boundless energy. And when there were no degenerative diseases.
All methods in this book are so easy and simple, and so powerful to you. That it will maybe sound like too unbelievable when you read it at first time.

This Amazing Fat Destroying method will give you an absolute body changeover without any supplements, workouts or high price ineffective pills.

Ready to cut your body’s “hidden” fat and be more energetic?

I’ve written everything I know into this book with so many years experience, it will slow down the speed of aging, and makes you younger and beautiful. You will benefit from it as much as I do.

Amazing results you will get when you stand before the mirror in next few weeks.

I’ve already made this book to lead anyone from new comer to professional. So you can know what foods to eat and what to avoid, helping nourish properly and support long lasting fat loss, anti-aging, boundless natural energy and a better mood.
The book you will get is full of powerful information which is easy to understand, happy to use and designed to give you maximum effectiveness in minimum time.

So what are some of the benefits will you get by following this book?

1.Better your skin, looks younger, less wrinkles and discoloration of acne
2.Rapid fat loss without exercise
3.Reduce inches from your overall body measurements
4.Sleep better and wake up easier and timely
5.Increase body energy level with no coffee or pills
6.Protect your brain and help to cure your heart disease
7. Heal your joints and calm the inflammation inside of your body
8.Kill your cravings for junk food and sugar while boosting your metabolism
9.And much much more

What will you find inside of it?

1. A totally new understanding of foods, and how they influence your fat loss and health
2.An ultimate Paleo diet grocery list to start your 4 weeks rapid fat loss meal plan
3.Complete nutrition values, images, step by step procedure of each recipe, even an idiot can make all of these recipes
4. Essential Paleo mistakes and myths that you NEED to know for success
5. Easy yet delicious recipes for keeping you slimmer and healthier
6. And much much more!

Before the end,I really want you to think more about your future and your family.

If you really want to be more younger, more energy, more stronger, and become the best you wanna be. Then get this book, or you will be sure to waste time and money to other books, which maybe dangerous and no any effect for you.

Never stay and wait to let the chance disappear!Start making your smartest investment-An investment for your future and your health.

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Jam Cookbook: Delicious And Easy Homemade Jam Recipes (Jam And Canning Recipes Book 1)

by Linda Hamil

This Jam Cookbook Contains A Wide Variety of Delicious Homemade Jam And Jelly Recipes For You To Enjoy!

Get This Jam Cookbook For A Special Discount (50% off)

Making jam is simple and easy, however there are a few important steps you need to know before making jam. Below are a few tips for making jam to help you get started.

To get started making the perfect jam:
-Use a canner to sterilize the jars before using. This is important to keep the jam preserved and safe to consume.
-Wash your fruit before using, the fruit may have dirt or pesticides on it.
-Use the right amount of pectin in your recipe, this is key for getting the desired thickness.
-Remove excess foam when boiling your jam, the foam may reduce the quality of your jam.

Good luck and we hope you enjoy these jam recipes!

Broccoli and Cauliflower Recipes: 20 Fantastic Recipes

by Nik Holt

The best foods to eat for a healthy body are fruits and vegetables. It is a fact and we all agree with it. All fruits and vegetables have their own benefits for our body and that is why people eat it. Our body has specific needs when it comes to nutrition and it must be met in order to have a healthy body. All women would like to have healthy body but most of them want to have a sexy body. So in order for them to have it, they must know how to take care of their bodies. To have a flawless figure you should keep a healthy lifestyle.
I want to highlight this awesome green vegetable: broccoli. We all know what broccoli is and a lot of us eat this vegetable but what do you know about it? Most people know only that it is a vegetable which is beneficial to health. But that is certainly not all.

A Delightful Christmas Eve Menu

by Marshella Goodsworth

Lovely recipes for your Christmas Eve celebration. Get the book now!

Highly recommended! Get the book now!

This book makes an ideal gift. Get the book for family and friends now!

The author Marshella Goodsworth is a superb chef with restaurant quality food and a whole series of fabulous cookbooks available online at that are sold around the world. Type her name Marshella Goodsworth in the search box on to see her full line of amazing cookbooks that you will want to be sure to get to add to your collection and to give as gifts for all occasions. Get her books today for yourself and for your friends and family!

Breakfast Recipe Cookbook: : Natural & Healthy Breakfast Recipes using Super Foods

by Se7en Apps

Discover how easy it is to cook delicious and healthy breakfast recipes using super foods.

This cookbook will help you learn how to cook some great delicious, low fat, low calorie breakfast recipes that have incorporated super foods that provide your body with daily vitamins, amino acids and nutrients for the body to function properly.

Natural & Healthy Breakfast Recipes using Super Foods can help maintain your blood sugar levels, reduce calories, low fat, low cholesterol which can help you to reduce weight and stay fit.

If you are looking for ways to lose weight and get in shape then this breakfast recipe book will be ideal for you.

All breakfast recipes come with a photo, nutrition facts, number of servings per recipe, calorie information, total fat, total protein, cholesterol, carbohydrate and sugar information.

Vegetarian Delights

by Kathy Jenkins


Get this Vegetarian Delights Cookbook for a limited time discount (40% off)

From my home to yours! Please enjoy my favorite collection of Vegetarian recipes. This vegetarian cook book is useful for making dishes for any occasion as its packed full of a variety of different dishes including dips, appetizers, soups, and entrees.

This vegetarian recipe book is organized and simple to read which will help any novice chefs out there get started with the fun of cooking Vegetarian meals!

The opinions on the exact percentage of people who are practicing vegetarianism in the world/North America widely differ. But one thing for sure is that the number is rapidly growing!

But, trying to have a vegetarian diet can sometimes be overwhelming and confusingâ?¦ we will break it down for you and make it fun and easy for you to follow these ingredients, as well as nutritional information!

Whether it be religious reasons, environmental or animal concerns, taste preference, health reasons, or just wanting to follow trend, this vegetarian cookbook will give you some awesome ideas for tasty and vibrant vegetarian recipes!

Moroccan Cookbook: 50 Delicious Moroccan Recipes for Authentic Moroccan Cooking

by BookSumo Press

Discover Easy Moroccan Cooking.

Get your copy of the best and most unique Moroccan recipes from BookSumo Press!

Come take a journey with us into the delights of easy cooking. The point of this cookbook and all our cookbooks is to exemplify the effortless nature of cooking simply.

In this book we focus on Moroccan cooking. The Moroccan Cookbook is a complete set of simple but very unique Moroccan recipes. You will find that even though the recipes are simple, the tastes are quite amazing.

So will you join us in an adventure of simple cooking?

Here is a Preview of the Moroccan Recipes You Will Learn:

  • Herbed Grilled Chicken Breasts
  • Saucy Moroccan Meatballs Tagine
  • Casablanca Chicken
  • Spicy Salmon Fillets
  • Zesty Carrot Salad
  • Sweet Prunes Lamb Stew
  • Traditional Quick Moroccan Couscous
  • Span-roccan Tilapia Stew
  • Moroccan Style Chops
  • Spiced Up Baked Lamb
  • Hearty Artichokes Stew
  • Blooming Cauli-Beef Stew
  • Vegan Veggies Stew
  • Basmati Pilaf
  • Zesty Pimento Chicken
  • Full Moroccan Dinner
  • Veggies Pilaf Skillet
  • Kalamata and Currents Tagine
  • Minty Lamb Chops
  • Orangy Chicken Stew
  • Chili Squash and Lamb Stew
  • Stuffed Bell Pepper Caps
  • Much, much more!

Again remember these recipes are unique so be ready to try some new things. Also remember that the style of cooking used in this cookbook is effortless. So even though the recipes will be unique and great tasting, creating them will take minimal effort!

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