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Toddlers: 5 books in 1 (Toddler Development, Toddler Discipline, Toddler Parenting, Sleep Training & Potty Training)

by K.K. Hampton

Toddlers: 5 Books in 1: Toddler Development, Toddler Discipline, Toddler Parenting, Sleep Training & Potty Training

They’re not so big in size, but their screams could burst eardrums and their habits can really drive you nuts. There is no need to dress these little monstrosities up in a devil’s costume. That’s right; we are here to discuss possibly the most talked about stage of child development that’s right up there with the adolescent stage: the toddler stage. Cue the music for the Terrible Twos!

This book aims to serve as your one-stop-shop for advice and methods of dealing with some of the most pressing developmental and behavioral issues of this very important phase of your child’s life.

The contents of this book include the following:

  • A peek inside the world of your toddler. Learn how toddlers perceive the big wide world around them.

  • Information about all the physical changes your toddler is enduring.

  • Discussion about the many neurological developments that are occurring in your toddler’s brain.

  • Learning how to think like a toddler so that you can interpret and understand the world like they do.

  • Tips, tricks, and hacks to getting through sleep training and potty training.

  • 7 techniques for effective toddler discipline.
  • and much moreâ?¦

    This book is all about changing our mindsets not to necessarily think like our toddler(s), but to get on a level where you can not only assist them in proper healthy development but also truly get along with your child on a basis that not many parents ever get to. It is time to accept that your precious baby is no longer helpless. It is time to embrace your child’s developments with other actions other than screaming back at them or becoming frustrated. I can tell you this book will not solve all your issues, for there will still be days you want to give up and leave your small child to defend for themselves. But this book will help you survive the “Terrible Twos”, as well as even learn to enjoy your child while they are still this age. Your baby is growing up, and there is no slowing down.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Take action, not now, but right now, and grab your copy, today!

    Ordinary Abuse: A true story of incest & rape (A Dear Lilith Sex Ed Column)

    by Lilith Darville

    I’ve been raped…multiple times. 
    I am not a victim; I’m a survivor. Here’s my story…

    Ordinary Abuse is Lilith Darville’s unapologetic response about one of her characters. Throughout her teen years, Lilith Darville was sexually assaulted repeatedly–by her stepfather and neighbors. Through her eyes, we see a few of the horrifying secrets hidden behind the facade of a functional middle-class family. She tried to get help. No one believed her. They told her she asked for it. Lilith survived, and shows us her her strong sense of fierceness and vulnerability as she tells us why she will not consider herself a victim.

    Autism Denied

    by Elizabeth Brown

    Fictional accounts of how the autism spectrum impacts lives when it is denied, or improperly handled. The stories are a continuation of a previous collection entitled They Think That I Am Somewhat.

    The Nature of a Woman: Navigating Her 4 Week Mood Cycle

    by Gary P. Simmons

    This book contains clear and practical advice for men who feel they have an unhappy marriage and could do with some relationship help.

    At age 45, Gary P. Simmons had left countless failed relationships in his wake. He thought that he was never going to find â??the one’, a partner to share his life with.

    And then one day, â??SHE’ walked through the door. At lastâ?¦ a truly compatible partner!

    That was until after a few months of dating, when a casual conversation deteriorated into an argument, where she said, “this relationship doesn’t work for me. It’s over!”

    Then, a few days later she wanted him back.

    In shock and confused as to why his partner’s feelings for him were so erratic, he once again, was faced with the familiar pain of being misunderstood, disrespected and frustrated.

    Gary knew from his early career, working with men in dockyards, mining camps, and the oil industry, that the guys who blamed their partners for failed relationships, who said they have a “crazy wife” or a “nagging wife”, were the men who became bitter, angry, resentfulâ?¦ and lonely.

    There didn’t seem to be much advice for men on this issue out there, so Gary decided it was time to do some serious research of his own, as well as some soul searching. It was time to get proactive and find out what was really going on, and why his relationships were so challenging.

    Eventually, he made an incredible discovery about women, which he realized the vast majority of men had no idea about. Gary knew this research could also be helpful to other men, who were committed to saving a marriage.

    â??The Nature of a Woman’ is real and it’s biological. It’s also obvious when you know what you’re looking for (as long as your committed to having a loving wife).

    Now a happy husband, whose been married for over 10 years, Gary reveals the key to being in a successful long-term relationship.

    There’s no fluff in this book. It’s plain and simple and full of down to earth relationship advice for men, who are in a serious relationship with a woman, and genuinely want to learn skills that can be applied to help make a partnership loving and harmonious.

    It’s clear from this book that Gary respects and relates to both men and women, and that his intention is to help keep couples and families together. He says “my aim is to inspire couples to be invested in saving a marriage, rather than walking away, if things are not going as well as they could be at home”.

    Although this transformational book has been written for men, it’s also a book that women want their partner to read, because it helps to inspire guys to choose to become the type of man that women respect, admire and need.

    For more information about the book go to:

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    This book will give you assurance and confidence, to get you through trying times, difficulties and more, regardless of your situation.

    Marriage Counseling: When Your Marriage Needs Help, Help Your Marriage To Thrive-How To Resolve Marriage Conflict Forever And Save Your Marriage Through … Marriage Counseling That Works Book 6)

    by Lisa Kelly

    When Your Marriage Needs Help-Help Your Marriage To Thrive

    Today only, get this marriage counseling workbook for just $2.99. Regularly priced
    at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    This book expounds on mechanisms that you can employ in your partnership in order to turn conflicts into opportunities. Far from creating a dent on your marriage, conflicts can be used to make your partnership stronger and more than able to withstand potential disagreements in the future.

    There is no shortage of jokes about unhappy marriages; mostly because nothing is funnier than the truth and there is no shortage of unhappy marriages. And when you consider that more than half of the people who get married end-up divorced, you have to wonder what we’re doing wrong. Why can’t we just get along? Well, knowledge is power; and when you know something is causing a problem, you have a much better chance of learning to deal with it in such a way that it doesn’t cause problems. Ignorance, in this case, is not bliss. You may simply think that stress is a natural part of life, and the way you deal with common problems is the best or only way to deal with them. In both cases, you’d be wrong; and until you start to look at the causes for marriage conflict and asking yourself how you’re currently dealing with them, and how you could better deal with them, you’re relationship probably won’t improve much.

    How do you handle arguments that lead to heated exchanges with your spouse? Do you value being right over preserving the quality of your relationship? And how long do you stay angry after you’ve had a fight?

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • How To Dealing With Conflicts As a Integral Part Of Marriage
    • How To Identifying The Root Of The Conflict
    • How To Laying Out Your Option
    • How To Finding a Middle Ground
    • Learning From Conflict
    • Conflict As A Opportunity For Growth
    • Much, much more!

    Download your copy today!

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    Imagination What is your imagination ?: Amazing of Imagination that you should not miss Donna Rose

    by Imagination What is your imagination ?

    107 Large images for the variety of Imagination for your enjoyable and knowledge.
    Best match for children and adults
    Variety of Imagination that you will never miss.
    Having fun with full-size images and full color.

    Pictures for yoga classes: Yoga postures for beginner classes (YOKA Book 1)

    by Donna Rose

    107 Large images for the variety of Yoga for your enjoyable and knowledge.
    Best match for children and adults
    Variety of Yoga that you will never miss.
    Having fun with full-size images and full color.

    FDA Approved ADHD Objective Assessment Tools: Guidance for Accurate ADHD Diagnosis & Treatment

    by Kaashvi

    Avoid ADHD misdiagnosis the easiest and fastest way…..

    Explore the fastest way to confirm your ADHD diagnosis…

    Yes, Measuring the accuracy of your ADHD diagnosis has become pretty easier and Faster…

    Parents of children diagnosed with ADHD always carry a doubt in the back of their mind, whether the ADHD symptoms of their child are really due to ADHD or other conditions.

    “FDA Approved ADHD Objective Assessment Tools” provides direction for families to find answer to the most important question of the ADHD diagnosis process…..i.e. “How accurate is my ADHD diagnosis?”

    Most of you might be wondering whether it is really possible to validate your ADHD diagnosis made by following conventional subjective procedures …

    Yes, it is possible to validate the accuracy of your ADHD diagnosis by using FDA approved objective ADHD assessment tools.

    “FDA Approved ADHD Objective Assessment Tools” brings you detailed information about the FDA approved objective assessment tools which can be used effectively to validate the accuracy of your ADHD diagnosis right away.

    The tools presented in this book can help

    * Avoid ADHD misdiagnosis or overdiagnosis with nearing 90% accuracy

    * Confirm or rule out your ADHD diagnosis

    * Speed up ADHD diagnosis process

    * Provide quick and insightful data which can help clinicians and parents to make better decisions about ADHD treatment.

    * Can kick start with an accurate ADHD treatment plan without any doubt.

    So, what are you waiting for use the information presented in this book to find the accuracy of your ADHD diagnosis right away and kick start your unique and accurate ADHD treatment plan.

    Bug (Spanish Edition)

    by Luis J. Quintana

    Cuando nada tiene sentido, Esteban reflexiona, medita para saber cuál es el origen de su fracaso y descubre que es Lola, su mujer. A punto de morir cambia de actitud y descubre lo que es la vida, pero antes tiene que recuperar lo que no ha perdido.

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