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Nothing but flowers: Teaching Kids to Care For the environment (Children’s bedtime story picture book Book 2)

by Sigal Adler

Nothing but flowers
Late, late at night, when I just couldn’t sleep
I heard a noise outside, it sounded like a beep
A flying saucer landed, and no, it was no joke:
A little man emerged, who looked at me and spoke

The Mini-Adventures of Charlie, Andy & Taco – A Bedtime Story: A Bedtime Story

by Carlos Longoria

Half of all proceeds will goto the Texas Library Association’s Disaster Relief Fund to help rebuild and restock libraries post-Hurricane Harvey!

Are you ready for an adventure?

When six-year-old Charlie wants to have an adventure sailing down the Amazon River, it seems that his hopes and preparations are in vain when his younger brother Andy tells him their mom wants them to get ready for bed.

But, undeterred by this setback and determined that their plans won’t be dashed, the boys and their cat, Taco are transported to the mighty Amazon jungle, where an Amazonian warrior is ready to capture them and stop their adventure in its tracks.

Join the brothers and Taco, as they escape from a sinking boat, brave the dangers of the jungle and have the experience of a lifetime as they get ready for bed in The Mini-adventures of Charlie, Andy and Taco. A Bedtime Story.

Yankee Heir

by Patrick A. Nielsen

The year is 1796, and like the fledgling United States Army he serves, Bran Gruffudd is young, reckless, and full of potential; but when victory on the battlefield gives way to tragedy at home, Bran is left with nothing.

Then Bran’s uncle dies, and an unanticipated inheritance and title give the young American the opportunity to begin anew. To secure his ancestral birthright, Bran must first journey across the Atlantic to the Gruffudd family’s four hundred-year-old holdings in southern Wales.

Arriving in Great Britain, Bran’s future is far less bright than he might have hoped. A missing fortune, attempts on his life, unlikely alliances, and a young ward are just some of the surprises that lay ahead. In the end, Bran discovers that true peace will only come through victory, as he once again is forced to take up arms to defend all that he holds dear.

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