Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 30 Dec 17

God Mind: SUPER SIZE Your Life With Supernatural Mind Control (Mind-Trepreneur Book 1)

by Origin Infinity

This is a supernatural book in that it is written by a supernatural being. It is therefore full of supernatural words, with supernatural power and is supernaturally designed to produce supernatural results in the reader. The words in this book have the inherent power to change you into what they say about you.

Third Eye: Awakening The Godlike Power Within! (Third Eye Awakening, Psychic Development, Empath, Intuition)

by Vladimiros Mangenakis

You’re only limited by your own imaginations… This book will help you unleash your true potential TODAY

The third eye is what many people call the sixth sense, we all have it. Once it’s open, you have the power to the gates that lead to other dimensions and makes you look at the world with a totally different prospective. Other abilities that you will get once you open the third eye is being able to connect with your True and Higher Self’s, use lucid dreaming and astral projection much easier than you ever did before.

This book will include…

  • What is The Third Eye
  • The Benefits of Awakening The Third Eye
  • How to Open The Third Eye
  • Signs your Third Eye is Awakening
  • Astral Enteties
  • The #1 Thing You Must Do When Your Third Eye Is Open
    • Lucid Dreaming Explained
    • How to Lucid Dream
    • Cool Things To Do When You’re Lucid
    • And Much More!…

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A True Love for Christmas: A Short Story

by Terri T. Thrash

Krisett Campbell is wishing for a lot this Christmas, especially with her boyfriend, Jeffrey. All she’d ever wanted in life was to find true love and to one day have a family of her own. Hoping this Christmas will be the best Christmas ever, she has high hopes of becoming Mrs. Jeffrey Warren Payne… Will Krisett finally find A True Love for Christmas? Or will she be in for a rude awakening?

This intriguing short story by Terri T. Thrash will wrap you in and the message will warm your heart.

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