Free religious fiction Kindle books for 30 Dec 17

Old Wounds

by M. L. Ray

You wait months for a man to come along and then two arrive at once!

Ella Simpson is a young single mother who is still holding onto the pain from a past relationship. With plenty to offer a man, she wonders if she will ever meet her soul mate. Then two men walk into her life and both seem to be perfect.

Harry is handsome and confident and shows her plenty of attention, while Michael seems honest and sincere. Both men have the ability to sweep Ella off her feet and both seem to be able to provide her with a life that would be perfect, but she has nagging doubts.

Can she really trust herself to make the right decision, for herself and her child? Her sister has the answer and she’s almost always right about things like this. But who will Ella choose? Harry or Michael? It’s a decision that she cannot afford to get wrong.

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