Free history Kindle books for 31 Dec 17

Mary A Catechism Portrait: Second Edition

by Rob Guinan with Olivia McMahon

“The Portrait”

Visit any famous art gallery and you are likely to see a beautiful portrait of Mary, the Blessed Mother. Through the centuries there are so many that stand out: Our Lady of Ostra Brama, Our Lady of Czestochowa “The Black Madonna” and many more.

Tradition tells us that St. Luke was a painter and may have also painted her. Beginning with the wonderful subject that she is, and a set of brushes, the world has been able to see the special gaze that these artists saw. I was deeply inspired by the wonderful artists to want to create my own special portrait of Mary. But since I cannot paint, and have virtually no artistic talents, I’ve decided on a very unique type of portrait. A kind of paint-by-numbers approach. I would lean on the official Catechism of the Catholic Church to provide the lines and the numbers, and then I’d fill in the portrait, not with rich and regal colors of paint found on a painter’s easel, but instead with the love and the poetry and the verse of the saints, popes, theologians, and writers, along with common lay individuals like myself.

So here is a new portrait, painted with the silent, but ebullient soundtrack of beautiful images. It’s a contemplation. But more, it’s a devotional. This is my Catechism Portrait of Mary.

Scipio Rising – 2nd Edition: Book One of the Scipio Africanus Saga

by Martin Tessmer

210 BCE. The Roman Republic is on the cusp of a second war with the empire of Carthage. Three young men emerge to battle each other and change the course of history: Cato the Elder, Hannibal the Great, and Scipio Africanus. Follow the Scipio Africanus saga as a quiet scholarly boy emerges to become the man who Liddell-Hart called “Greater than Napoleon.”

This new edition of Scipio Rising includes battle maps and details omitted from the first edition, to better illustrate the brilliant stratagems executed by the Carthaginians and Romans. The book includes additional details on the historic Battle of Cannae.

تارÙ?Ø® اÙ?رÙ?Ù?اÙ?Ù?Ù?Ù? (Arabic Edition)

by Ù?Ø­Ù?د فرÙ?د

عصر اÙ?عرب اÙ?Ø°Ù?بÙ? (Arabic Edition)

by فÙ?Ù?Ù?ب دÙ? طرازÙ?

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