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Edwardâ??s Five-Day Adventure: baby book (Bedtime stories book series for children 21)

by N.S. Esther

Edward loves adventures. In his mind he can be

anyone he wanted to be. He would watch Treasure

Island and he would become a pirate for one day.

Another day he would play with his toy car and

start a car race in their house. Sometimes he

imagines himself as Tarzan and climbs the little

tree in their backyard. For Edward, every day is

an adventure, and he always has a story to tell.
One lazy summer, he asked his cousin Lila to play

hula hoops with him. The two children brought out

a big, yellow hula hoop and challenged each other

in the garden.
“Whoever can dance the hula the better will win,”

said Lila.
Edward agreed and the game was on.

A la cuenta de tres (Spanish Edition)

by Félix Villacís

Leo y su mejor amigo Gus parecen estar viviendo otro día habitual en la escuela hasta que, de repente, lo impensado sucede. Estalla una guerra que nadie vio venir, mucho menos ellos.
Para sobrevivir, deben llegar a un refugio que se encuentra en la frontera y recorrer la mitad de la provincia sin sus familias y con la sombra de los enemigos sobre ellos. ¿Sobrevivirán al recorrido? ¿Cuál es el precio de la vida en situaciones como esta?

Monty’s Christmas Lesson (Christmas book,die hard christmas book,christmas coloring books,nightmare before christmas book Book 1)

by Caroline Bennett

Monty’s Christmas Lesson

Monty’s a moose with a cold. It’s Christmas Eve and he feels sorry for himself with his coughing, sneezing and bright red nose.
There’s one person who really needs Monty’s red nose, and that’s Santa Claus. Rudolph has been taken ill and Santa can’t see very well without Rudolph’s bright red nose to guide his Christmas sleigh.
The only problem is Monty’s family and friends are expecting Monty to join in their festive fun, as normal.
So, read Monty’s Christmas Lesson to discover whether the moose stays loyal to his family and friends or whether he takes a trip across the night’s sky with Santa Claus and his reindeer.
Teaches children the value of family of friends.
Written in a simple and humorous rhyming format.
Wonderfully illustrated.
Suitable for ages 4-8 years old.
A charming children’s story all about the true meaning of spending Christmas with your family and friends.

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