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God In The Teeth Of Suffering: Tackling The Toughest Obstacle To Faith In God

by Dr. Jerriton Brewin

From a doctor of the Medical profession comes a groundbreaking analysis of the deepest question of life: why suffering? Nature is red not only in tooth and claw but also in hand and feet. At a time when Darwinian evolution has taken over our imagination of why suffering exists in our planet, both in the animal and human worlds, little do we contemplate on how God – if there is one – is held as a hostage right in the middle of the question of suffering.

Traditionally, God has been deemed to be all-powerful, all-knowing and all-good. Can such a God, if he exists, permit suffering in his creation? If ever we find an answer to this question, then what do we make of different religions offering their own versions of why God allows suffering? Many books that try to answer these questions talk on a highly intellectual level and, as a result, are circulated mostly within the academic circle of philosophers and theologians. Others are too simplistic in their explanations, which leave us with more questions than answers. Some do not draw out the full implications of a particular proposal, some frustratingly incomplete, talking about only one aspect of the problem of evil, either philosophical, pastoral or theological and some do not get the facts right.

Discontent with all the traditional answers given to the problem of suffering, Dr. Jerriton takes the problem of suffering, which he encounters in his everyday medical practice, and lays it on the doorsteps of theology and philosophy, demanding answers from both of them. Mining materials from leading scholars in the fields of theology and philosophy, the author breaks all barriers of jargon so as to offer his own compelling, easily understandable, concise, to-the-point and a fresh approach to the problem of suffering from a Christian perspective.

Although the final word narrows down to a Christian worldview, the questions taken up in these pages and the answers given do not presuppose Christian beliefs and stimulates any mind that has been curious to ask the question of God and suffering.

In this book, you will get hard-hitting answers to:

  1. Can God and evil co-exist?
  2. Is evil evidence against or for God?
  3. What do Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam say about the problem of evil?
  4. Can Christianity offer a fresh revision of God and suffering?
  5. How can we live in a world that is saturated with suffering?


“This book is the result of thoroughgoing research, careful analysis, and creative proposal…I commend this book with great enthusiasm to all who wish to explore the problem of evil.” -Rev. Dr. M. Thomas Thangaraj, Professor Emeritus of World Christianity, Candler School of Theology, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA.

I’m Not African American: Black Man’s Opinion On Race, Racism, And Culture

by Malcolm Wares

I’m a BLACK MAN; but first and foremost I’m an AMERICAN!!! I enjoy writing around hotbed topics in today’s society. Topics like racism, white privilege, black privilege, Black Lives Matter, slavery, and many more.

This book: “I’m Not African American,” is my honest opinion as a black man on the ever-growing discussion on being labeled “African American.” So, if your a white person who doesn’t know what the hell to call a black person anymore due to today’s political correctness , or a black person who doesn’t know what the hell to call themselves; what label to attach themselves too, then this book is a must read. I’m going to break this madness down for you, and shine some light on this recently renewed “African American” propaganda and the friction it’s causing between the white and black communities in America.

Now, I just want to point out that my writing style is straight-forward and to the point. I call a spade a spade, and I don’t care if you hate my opinions or completely agree with my assessments. I write from the heart. My words are unbiased and genuine; something lacking in today’s censored world of being constantly and boringly politically correct. I believe people want to read genuine truth and honesty; whether they align themselves with the author’s opinions on the discussion at hand or not. A book should elicit some kind of emotion in a reader; to feel closeness to the subject at hand. Shouldn’t you be told the truth? Whether it agrees or disagrees with their views or beliefs? I believe that’s what makes a good book good. A book should excite a person; engage them with feelings of compassion, anger, trust, understatement, resentment…. SOMETHING!!!

I can positively assure you I’m not Hemingway or Stephen King, and my writing isn’t refined or grammerly and punctually perfect; but it’s real and sincere.

As you may have already noticed, my book cover’s aren’t professionally designed, but I do take pride in the fact that I personally design them on Microsoft word myself.

My book description, this description, isn’t the norm. I attest I’m not a professional writer, but I like to think my direct writing style conveys a straight-line conversation with the reader, like we are having a private conversation, and that’s how my words flow; and how I want it to be. I feel the need to connect with my reader’s on a personal level. I guarantee I will rant. I have a potty mouth. I make bad and sarcastic jokes. But at least I’m transparent and real. You will get the full story; unedited. That is what I take pride in, and its my hope that it then makes for a interesting and memorable reader experience.

How’s that for a description? You interested?

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