Free non-fiction Kindle books for 12 Jan 18

Borders Counted Cross Stitch Patterns: New Cross Stitch Motifs (Ethnic Cross Stitch Patterns Book 1)

by Inna Zimovec

This sourcebook contains dozens of exciting border designs to inspire both experienced and novice stitchers. It is brimming with ideas that include strong geometric patterns and pretty floral motif-based designs. There is a variety of sizes to adorn table cloths, towels, cushions, clothing, and any fabric or cross-stitch project.

Each title in the Borders Cross Stitch Motif series contains dozens of themed borders, small and large images, and samplers to inspire an endless array of stitching projects. Easy-to-follow color charts and a color pattern key for each page make each book a useful addition to every design library.

Two Shades of Vice: Based on the true story of an interracial couple’s life together in crime

by Dewey Reynolds

The action is hot in Kansas City during the 1960s. Gordon Reynolds happens to be a vicious criminal who has served prison time in five different states over a period of twenty-five years. Gordon is determined to muscle his way into major rackets such as prostitution, bootlegging whiskey, robbery, hijacking and contraband cigarettes. He eventually meets up with Alla Mae Briggs. She knows the prostitution racket very well, since she worked the Kansas City streets for several years. She too has a lengthy rap sheet of twenty-five criminal convictions for the solicitation of prostitution. Gordon needs someone to help him operate his main bawdy house.

Alla Mae is the perfect recruit to help him forge stronger relations between his hookers and their customers. The collaboration of their experiences on the streets proves highly profitable. But unforeseen danger causes things to come crashing down all around them. Racist cops, ruthless gangsters, a white supremacist group, jealous pimps and rival hookers are the opposing forces that this interracial couple are destined to face. Crossing the racial line puts them at incredible odds with the law and fellow criminals alike. Based on the true story of how a white man and a black woman fell in love and broke all the rules in order to make their living together illegally.

Keto Diet Recipes: (2 Manuscripts in 1 Book) Ketogenic Diet, The Keto Crockpot – Burn Fats 10x Faster Eating Healthy & Delicious Foods Using Simple & Effective Recipes

by Ted Duncan

Do you wish you could lose weight or body fat faster by at least 10x? Or you simply want to adopt the ketogenic diet and need a comprehensive recipe book?

Keto Diet Recipes will empower you to lose body fat faster as our proven bestseller books will be bundled into a comprehensive guide for you to achieve maximum results in a shorter time! The books have been proven to work for many others and we have ensured the content fits any individual.

You will get a complete guide including many recipes that range from chicken, crockpot, beef, pork, desserts, breakfast and more! This will literally be the only recipe book you will need. All recipes have been carefully selected that helps to burn fat faster and ensures you will achieve a slim figure by adopting this diet.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The tricks of a Keto Diet for you to achieve your desired weight and to feel good about yourself!
  • Hundreds of recipes & varieties so you will only need this recipe book!
  • The complete guide to burn fast 10x faster and stay slim forever!
  • Clear, concise instructions so cooking the meals will be a breeze for you
  • Easy-to-make recipes that are healthy yet delicious!
  • And much, much more!

This book has been written to empower people to achieve the results they have always desired in a faster & more effective way. Start to see the results once you start following the recipes & become a healthier & slimmer you in no time.

Simply download your copy above now to get started!

SEO 2018 – The New Era Of SEO: The Most Effective Strategies For Ranking #1 on Google in 2018 (The New Era of Internet Marketing)

by Roger Burns

Do you know that SEO can help you rank first on Google? I think you do!
But how exactly can the SEO help you? I think you don’t know. I think you don’t! So don’t waste your time on obsolete SEO strategies and SEO tools. This book “SEO 2018. The New Era of SEO” will show in which direction you should move to always be in the first positions.

Based upon the book’s ideas you will certainly feel confident forming your own SEO methodologies and strategies at the endâ?? either for your personal applications or using them for your clientsâ?? upon answering to the following questions:
– What could or should be the most probable previews for SEO 2018?
– What shall be the principal strategies you might be focusing upon?
– How shall you build and develop your personal marketing strategies vis-à-vis the constant evolution of Google search and its latest innovations?
– What could be certain features or aspects that could probably disrupt, or influence considerably in the era of SEO 2018?

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Powershell: 5 Books in 1- Beginner’s guide+ Tips and Tricks+ Simple & effective strategies+ Best practices & Advanced strategies

by Daniel Jones

Are you finding yourself getting frustrated because you cannot manage all of the tasks that you need to manage therefore you are getting behind and it is causing your boss to get upset?

Rather than stressing out, simply learn PowerShell!

PowerShell is a program that you are going to be able to use in order to manage all of the tasks that you need to be managed.

When you learn how to use PowerShell, you are going to be able to efficiently manage your administrative tasks and your boss will no longer be frustrated with you!

Grab this 5 Books bundle today and learn the intricacies of Powershell programming.

Python for Beginners: 2 Manuscripts – How you can make money online as a freelance developer and programmer, even if you have zero experience

by James Oliver

The proven, step by step way to earn money online as a freelance Python developerâ?¦

So you’ve read the booksâ?¦

You’ve learned to codeâ?¦

And now you want to trade your skills for money.

But where to start?

I’m sure you’ve heard all the freelancing horror storiesâ?¦

Long hours, low pay, bad clients.

What if I told you – it doesn’t have to be that way

It doesn’t have to be all low paid jobs which barely cover the rent checks

It doesn’t have to be hours spent chasing clients.

You can get the clients to come to you

It’s completely possible to earn over $100 an hour as a freelancer, even if no one’s heard of you.

Giving you the freedom to make money from anywhere!

In Python for Beginners: You’ll discover:

  • How to leverage your profile so clients to come to you, rather than spending time looking for jobs
  • How to get 50-100x more profile views than the average Upwork freelancer
  • How to write job proposals that get you chosen ahead of 50 other candidates
  • How to spot bad clients and avoid wasting your time bidding on their jobs
  • The hidden advantage of being “Top Rated” that Upwork doesn’t tell you about
  • How to turn an initial $220 job into $9,000 worth of recurring work

And much, much moreâ?¦

So if you want to begin a lucrative freelancing career, or just make some extra cash on the side doing what you love.

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Book Publishing for Beginners: How to publish and market your book to a #1 bestseller and grow your business (Paul G. Brodie Publishing Series Book 1)

by Paul Brodie

Become a bestselling author and change your life.

What if a few new habits could dramatically improve your book sales? What if you could grow your business and increase your revenue with a few simple steps? Imagine making passive income 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while having the opportunity to be your own boss, set your own hours, and achieve your life-long goals.

Eleven-time Amazon bestselling author, Paul G. Brodie, covers how to become a #1 bestselling author and grow your business.

Here are a few things that you will get out of Book Publishing for Beginners.

In this book, you will learn how to:

-Edit Your Book
– Proofread Your Book one final time with a method that Paul uses exclusively with his books
-Utilize Freelancers to have an Outstanding Book Cover created for a low price
-Get your book Converted from a Manuscript to Kindle format
-Convert your Book Description into Sales Copy that will Increase Book Sales
-Get honest Reviews for your book from your first book launch and future launches
-Learn about different Book Launches from Case Studies
-Utilize a Free Launch Strategy to generate Thousands of potential Downloads while your book is free
-Take advantage of your Book Price Conversion from free to 99 cents and get enough downloads to launch your book to #1 in its category
-Maximize your Earnings with converting the price from 99 cents to either $2.99 or $3.99 at the right time
-Record your Audiobook by doing it yourself or having someone narrate it for you
-Convert your Manuscript to Paperback for CreateSpace
-Get your Kindle book cover converted to CreateSpace
-Build your Email List
-Utilize different Lead Magnets
-Offer different Back End Products to generate significant income
-Maximize multiple Revenue Streams to Grow Your Business including Public Speaking, Coaching, and Book Signings
-BONUS: Invitation to book a 15-minute call with Paul to get help with your book
-BONUS: FREE Online Training to help you Get Published
-BONUS: Invitation to join FREE private Facebook Community to help you Get Published
-BONUS: FREE Audiobook

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Ketogenic Cooking: 2 Manuscripts – Keto Diet for Beginners, Keto Slow Cooker

by Lazara Gato


While there are countless different diets on the market today, a vast majority of them focus on a reduction in calories, in one way or another, while at the same time giving little thought to the types of foods that are actually being consumed. While this works in the short-term, the weight inevitably returns as the dieter falters, causing the cycle to repeat itself. If you are looking to break out of this weight loss rut once and for all, then Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: Living the Keto Lifestyle and Keto Slow Cooker is the book you have been waiting for.

Unlike those other diets, the ketogenic diet focuses not on how much you eat, but the types of food you eat, cutting out a vast majority of the carbs from every meal. While this might sound like something you have heard before, with the keto diet, cutting carbs is just a means to an end, specifically getting the liver to start to burn fat for energy. While this might sound ridiculous, the fact of the matter is that the liver has the ability to produce what are known as ketones to power the body during times of starvation. Cutting out almost all of the carbs from your diet also triggers this process, causing the body to use stored fat for fuel and literally melting away problem areas in the process.

While cutting out a vast majority of the carbs from your diet might seem impossible, inside you will find plenty of tips to make the process more manageable, along with plenty of breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snack recipes that are delicious enough to make you forget that you are consuming less than 15 net grams of carbs per day. So, what are you waiting for? Take control of your weight like never before, buy this book today!

Inside you will find recipes like
-Spinach Frittata
-Coconut porridge
-Cauliflower hash browns
-Chia Seed Breakfast Pudding
-Avocado and sausage breakfast sandwich
-Slow cooker pizza
-Grilled Chicken with Chicken
-Zucchini Frittata
-Keto Meatballs
-Chicken casserole with broccoli
-Salmon and cream sauce
-Cheeseburger Casserole
-Yellow fin tuna with poke
-Cauliflower tater tots
-Onion crackers with thyme
-Macadamia nut hummus
-Keto cheesecake bites
-Coconut bark
-Peanut butter fudge
-And moreâ?¦

Cleaning Expert: A Guide To Clean & Organize Your Home Like An Expert

by Jamie L. Taylor

Clean Like An Expert!

Read on your PC, MAC, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Organizing and cleaning your house is very important, especially if you want to improve your general health and simplify your life. It might take a lot of time but once you’ve begun the process it will be much easier for you to be organized and always ensure your house remains tidy and clean.

Download your copy today!

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Mark Twain: The Complete Novels (The Greatest Writers of All Time)

by Mark twain

This book, newly updated, contains now several HTML tables of contents that will make reading a real pleasure! The first table of contents (at the very beginning of the ebook) lists the titles of all novels included in this volume. By clicking on one of those titles you will be redirected to the beginning of that work, where you’ll find a new TOC that lists all the chapters and sub-chapters of that specific work. Here you will find the complete novels of Mark Twain in the chronological order of their original publication

1. The Gilded Age: A Tale Of Today 
2. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 
3. The Prince and the Pauper 
4. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 
5. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court 
6. The American Claimant 
7. Tom Sawyer Abroad 
8. Pudd’nhead Wilson 
9. Tom Sawyer, Detective 
10. Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc 
11. A Horse’s Tale 
12. The Mysterious Stranger 
13. A Double Barreled Detective Story (BONUS)

HEALTHY RECIPES FOR KIDS: Check these amazingly crafted videos of healthy recipes for kids!



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