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The Diary of Flora Parsons: A Young Lady Setting Out on Her Own in 1874

by Flora Parsons

This is the diary of Flora E. Parsons, a young woman in Liberty, NY in 1874.

At the beginning of the diary, Flora is nineteen years old and finishing her final year of school. She graduates in April. In May, she commences her work as a school teacher and moves out to find boarding near her school. She turns twenty in July.

This diary comes at a pivotal time in Flora’s life as she transitions from a student living at home to a teacher living on her own. Her diary entries, while each only a few lines, give insight into her worries, hopes, and thoughts.

During the one year diary, she copes with many troubles beyond her transitions, including the serious illnesses of both of her parents.

This diary provides an enlightening look into the mind of a young nineteenth century woman. Readers today will find that she wasn’t much different than themselves.

A beautiful girls perfect curve collection – Mo Pham (Japanese Edition)

by Mo Pham

ç¾?ã?ã?å°?女のå®?ç?§ãªã?«ã?¼ã??ã?³ã?¬ã?¯ã?·ã?§ã?³ – Mo Pham

Collection of beautiful girl with perfect curves – Pannachika (Japanese Edition)

by Pannachika

å®?ç?§ãªã?«ã?¼ã??ã??æ?ã¤ç¾?ã?ã?å°?女のã?³ã?¬ã?¯ã?·ã?§ã?³ – Pannachika

Beautiful girl of the perfect curve Collection – Alisa Rattana (Japanese Edition)

by Alisa Rattana

å®?ç?§ãªã?«ã?¼ã??のç¾?ã?ã?女の子ã?³ã?¬ã?¯ã?·ã?§ã?³ – Alisa Rattana

A collection of beautiful girls with perfect curves – Nguyen Trinh Vinh (Japanese Edition)

by Nguyen Trinh Vinh

å®?ç?§ãªã?«ã?¼ã??ã??æ?ã¤ç¾?ã?ã?女の子のã?³ã?¬ã?¯ã?·ã?§ã?³ – Nguyen Trinh Vinh

Tomu Guen hon (Japanese Edition)


é­?å??ç??な女の子 – NGUYEN HONG THAM

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