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SEO: Finderâ??s Keepers – A Guide to the Essential Marketing Strategies for Increasing Internet Traffic via Search Engine Optimization (seo, seo for dummies, … for wordpress, seo secrets, seo business)

by Anton Romanov

SEO: Finder’s Keepers

A Guide to the Essential Marketing Strategies for Increasing Internet Traffic via Search Engine Optimization

The primary aim of this book is to provide useful, general information about Search Engine Optimization. We all know what SEO is, but we are not fully aware of how it functions. There is more to SEO than increasing traffic on websites; it can also improve your credibility in your niche and the overall business.

This book will familiarize you with SEO basics, and will teach you how to make your website search engine friendly. You will learn how to keep your website rankings up on search engine pages although the aforementioned does not cover everything you can learn from this book.

This book will show the true importance of SEO and reasons why everyone should invest time in search engine optimization of their website. Learning basic rules for SEO can make your website pleasant for all visitors, and make your visitors more inclined to return.

What You Are Going To Learn

  • Understanding How Search Engines Works
  • How to Make Your Site Search Engine Friendly
  • Keep Your Site’s Ranking Up On Results Pages
  • More Techniques and Strategies to Drive Traffic
  • The Importance of SEO
  • SEO Dos and Don’ts
  • Much More!

SEO: Finder’s Keepers


How To Write Ebooks That Snap, Crackle, And Pop: The Secrets To Writing Ebooks That People Really Want To Buy And Read (Write Ebooks, Sell Ebooks, Outline … Tips, Ebook Money) (Write Ebooks Now)

by Keith Lyles

Discover the secrets to Writing & Creating Ebooks that people really want to buy and read. In order to get people to Buy your ebooks and then Read them, you will have to do at least 3 things.

You Will Have To Make Your Ebooks Snap

Your ebooks will Snap when you have the following two things in place. A catchy title and an attractive ecover. This simple one liner tactic done right, along with an attractive design will make all the difference.

It will make your ebook stand out right away. And I will show you how to get this done the fast, easy, and cost-effective way!
An attractive design can either be clever or simple, so long as it helps tell the story of the ebook, and force people to pay attention.

You Will Have To Make Your Ebooks Crackle

Your ebooks will Crackle only when you give people a roadmap that they can easily follow. One that lead your reader to the happy solution that they so desperately crave and need.

And You Will Have To Make Your Ebooks Pop

Your ebooks will Pop when you have an inline throughout your ebook to guide those short on time(scanners) to the exact pieces of juicy info that they want right now! You might be sayingâ?¦ What is an inline? Well, I’m glad you asked! You can find out what an inline is by reading the introduction to this ebook right now!

Everyone doesn’t call this an inline, but you will see why I do. And you will begin to see how you can use this secret to get people to read almost every page of your ebooks the first time they pick them up.

So, what are you waiting for? You need to get started now, so you can make your ebooks Snap, Crackle, & Pop! This will bring you more hungry readers than ever before, and far more profits!

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