Free fiction Kindle books for 01 Feb 18

Martha – Mountain Bride (Young Love Historical Romance Vol.II Book 7)

by Misty Shae

Martha Plinket’s plans are derailed when a group of Indians’s intercept her train. stranded in the mountains how will Martha escape and find her way home?

Gabriel Marsh has given up living in society for his secluded mountain cabin, his only interaction with humans is with the Indians’s he trades with. His peaceful quiet is interrupted when it becomes clear his only option is to rescue Martha and take her into town. A place he hasn’t been for years.

Their troubles are far from over when Gabriel discovers the fate of his family at the same time Martha realizes her heart may no longer belong to the man she’s engaged to, but to this rugged and gruff mountain man who has given up his life for hers.

Martha’s story is one of the amazing tales in the Western romance collection, Young Love Historical Romance Volume 2, by #1 bestselling clean Christian romance authors, Misty Shae and Terri Grace.

Each story is a great read in itself, and can be read alone, or even better read them all as part of this adventurous feel good series.

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