Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 01 Feb 18

Cryptocurrency: Mining, trading and investing in the most famous and profitable cryptocurrencies

by Calvin K. North


Mining, trading and investing in the most famous and profitable cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, NEM, Ripple, Monero, and Others  is the ultimate guide that will teach you the ins and outs of the cryptocurrency market. Learn about the different cryptocurrencies and how you can successfully take advantage of the cryptocurrency market. This book unveils the golden secrets that will allow you to turn the odds in your favor and make continuous profits. 

Indeed, there are so many people who are eager to learn how to make a profit by investing in cryptocurrencies. Those who understand how the cryptocurrency market works are enjoying a tremendous flow of profits, while those who remain in the dark and are left uneducated can do nothing but witness the success of others. Now is the time for you to join the cryptocurrency race and be successful. It is time for you to stop wondering and start earning real profits. This book will teach you:

  • What a cryptocurrency is
  • The blockchain technology
  • Why you should invest in cryptocurrencies
  • Trading vs. buying
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (altcoins)
  • Type of cryptocurrency wallets
  • The standards to look for in a cryptocurrency trading broker
  • Powerful and effective strategies
  • Professional trading practices

And so much more!

I Shrunk My Best Friend! – Book 1 – Ooops!: Books for Girls Ages 9-12

by Katrina Kahler

Books for Girls ages 9-12: I Shrunk My Best Friend…
Bella and her best friend, Joe are two very smart kids who spend every spare minute together. One day, they devise a plan, a plan that is going to make them super rich and super famous. It is such a great plan that they’ll be able to skip school and even have their own TV show! What could be better than that?

However, this particular plan does not go ahead the way Bella and Joe had hoped, and they quickly find themselves faced with a huge problem; one that they are unable to solve on their own. Then when Bella’s secret crush at school becomes involved, things begin to get very interesting.

From start to finish, this is a very funny book that will keep you laughing as well as trying to guess what is going to happen next.
A great book for girls and also a great book for boys. In fact, it is a fabulous story for anyone who enjoys funny books. Perfect for kids ages 9-12, this story will keep you entertained from the very beginning!

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