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False Truth 1-4 Series Starter: 4 Action-Packed Romantic Detective Mystery Thrillers To Keep You Up All Night (Jordan Fox Mysteries Series)

by Diane Capri


They murdered her mom and disappeared without a trace. Jordan Fox won’t let the case stay cold forever.

From the bestselling author of mysteries & thrillers with over 10,000 reviews and ratings of all her books across Goodreads, Amazon and other retailers. A fast-paced drama that will keep you turning the pages and scenes that will make your skin crawl.

Like TV news, rookie reporter Jordan Fox is living a developing story. She was 17 when her mother was murdered. The trauma caused her father’s stroke and stole Jordan’s normal life. She was forced to grow up fast. Now she’s 22 and ready to find the truth about her mother’s death. She thinks.

Jordan Fox’s quest to find her mother’s killers while chasing her dream job and dealing with her dad’s disability is more than any 22 year old woman should be required to handle. Can she do it? Or will her mother’s killers come back to finish what they started?

Each book in this series. will leave you asking breathlessly, “And THEN what happened?” So pick up the next one and keep reading!

This boxed set includes:

False Truth 1
Meet rookie TV reporter Jordan Fox. She graduated from journalism school and slid into her dream job at News Channel 12 on a secret mission to find answers to the very cold case of her mother’s murder. But on the first day, she gets her pitch stolen, her pay cut, and her status demoted to intern. And that’s just the first hour. Has she failed before she’s really begun?

False Truth 2
Jordan plans to break a big story to stay employed long enough to do the real job only she can do — finding her mother’s killers. She gets her chance when she discovers the victim of a brutal crime on the scene of her first assignment.

False Truth 3
Determined to prove herself, Jordan investigates as if the victim’s story was hers to report — but it isn’t hers and her efforts only drive her further into trouble until she comes face-to-face with a killer. Jordan started this investigation to save her job; finishing it might be the only way to save her life.

False Truth 4
Budding investigative reporter Jordan Fox continues her secret mission to find answers to the very cold case of her mother’s murder and keep her job until she solves the crime. When she’s assigned to cover a lightweight story about a reality singing competition, Jordan pitches a story about the world’s humanitarian response to a crisis in Haiti instead. But a trip to Haiti may prove to be more dangerous than she’s equipped to handle.

“AMAZING!!! WOW WOW WOW WOW Diane Capri really knocked this one out of the park!” Tom T. (reader review)

“Now that I have finished the series, I absolutely loved it!”â?? Lisa. (reader review)

“A spellbinding thriller! Every page is full of action!” John K. (reader review)

Each book is better than the last!

Award-winning New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Diane Capri presents this exciting new series full of action and adventure. Fans of Ally Carter, The Hunger Games, Divergent, and Veronica Mars will discover a heart-pounding thrill ride of suspense and mystery set in the face-paced world of television news that will keep the pages turning well into the night.

Grab False Truth 1-4 the Series Starters, and you’ll be hooked. Make some coffee. You’ll read all night. But lock the doors first. This series will have you reading until the wee hours of the morning.

Trial by Heist (Daizlei Academy)

by Kel Carpenter

Trial by Heist is a full-length novella set in between Heir of Shadows and Scion of Midnight. This book is told from Johanna’s perspective.

The Mother will guide you. The dragon will call.

I used to believe that. I used to believe a lot of things.

My name is Johanna Kozak, and I have spent over a decade living in the shadows of our very dark world. I thought if I ran fast enough, I’d outrun my past. Until my best friend was murdered by the same person who killed my parents, and I was the one framed for it.

Now the Supernatural Council hold me prisoner, and if there’s one thing I knowâ??it’s that being a half-breed in a Supernatural world is a death sentence unto itself. The Council Member who locked me up plans to execute me, but little does she knowâ?¦ she’s not the only one with friends in high placesâ??and mine are planning a prison break.

Books in the Daizlei Academy Series:
Heir of Shadows (Book 1) 
Trial by Heist (Book 1.5)
Scion of Midnight (Book 2)

Murder Served Hot: The 5th Nikki Hunter Mystery (Nikki Hunter Mysteries)

by Nancy Skopin

Murder Served Hot is the fifth in a series of mysteries featuring P.I. Nikki Hunter. The only child of a Cossack and a former nun, Nikki is an independent private investigator who lives aboard her sailboat in the marina complex where she also rents a ground floor office.
In Murder Served Hot Nikki is hired by Brooke Evans, a woman who is considering a marriage proposal from her CPA, Stanley Godard, but is concerned about his recent behavior. While Nikki is watching Godard’s office the situation quickly evolves from a routine case involving background checks and surveillance, into a murder investigation.
Nikki is delving into the life of the victim, searching for anyone who had something to gain from his death, when she discovers that Nina Jezek, a notorious vigilante killer who targets sex offenders, has returned to California, and she’s on the rampage again.

Fate and Fortune

by Julia Sherman

June 6, 2014 was a beautiful sunny day until two gunmen, wearing black masks, ran into a local coffee shop in the middle of the day and took people hostage. As the police burst through the door, the two men killed each other but not before they began shooting people one by one. The shooters thought that they were possessed by the Devil, and the Devil was ordering them to carry out his plan.

Two years later, after the news of the shooting became a distant memory for most, four different people from four different walks of life suddenly meet the same lady, who starts to impact their lives in unexpected and mysterious ways. But, just as they set out to discover who she really is, and what it is that she wants from them; they find themselves stuck in a life-and-death struggle as the mystery unfolds, and suddenly nothing seems sure anymore.

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