Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 01 Feb 18

Master Weight Loss : Ketogenic Diet & 5:2 Fast Diet Cookbook: Ketogenic Desserts & Sweet Snacks Fat Bomb & 5:2 Diet Recipes

by Greenleatherr

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to maintain the ketogenic way of eating and enjoy your favorite sweet treats sans the guilt.
This book will show you that even though the keto diet involves controlling the amount of carbohydrates you consume, it does not mean having to give up your beloved cakes and other sweet treats.
In this book, you will learn plenty of recipes for keto-approved desserts, sweet snacks, and fat bombs that will blow your taste buds away with their almost sinful texture and taste. The best part is, these treats let you have your fill of healthy fats and sweets, and you still lose weight!
Inside, you will find out how the 5:2 diet works and how it can help you achieve your weight goals in a short period of time. Watch yourself transform without making drastic changes in your eating habit. I’ve also included some tips and tricks to get you started.
Read this book today and get the body you have been striving to achieve.

Getting Castaneda: Understanding Carlos Castaneda

by Peter Luce

In 1968 Carlos Castaneda burst onto the scene with his blockbuster story about his apprenticeship with an awesome, authentic Mexican sorcerer, don Juan.
Roaming the deserts of Mexico, he participated in the cultivation and use of รข??power plants’, psychedelic drugs he felt were making him lose his mind. As an apprentice of sorcery practised for thousands of years, he survived a leap from a cliff and watched a sorcerer dance across a waterfall. Along the way, he shared with us long-lost secrets about death, dreaming, our other self, and the vast and inexplicable forces of the universe.
Or did Castaneda deceive us all?
With 12 books written over 30 years, this bestselling American author, philosopher and anthropologist opened a window into another world and era. Writing detailed depictions of practices and beliefs of an ancient civilization, he revealed unexpected, exciting and frightening events with compelling believability.
Revered by followers and reviled by critics, Castaneda, the author and character, and all his works are given a new, comprehensive interpretation in Getting Castaneda.

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