Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 02 Feb 18

The Best of Drawing Bible Stories with a Surprise for the Eyes

by Nathan Dorrell

Learn simple drawings with a magic marker that will amaze your audience. Each drawing turns upside down, sideways or in the mirror to CHANGE completely! You will learn to turn WATER into WINE! Make the BLIND SEE! Turn SINNERS into SAINTS and so much more! It’s like doing a magic trick–you will hear your audience gasp when you turn your drawing upside down and they see what happens!

This tool is great for artists and non-artists. Each drawing can be done as a simple line drawings or a more complex creation. Any Sunday School teacher, AWANA worker, Upward coach, VBS leader, missionary, pastor, youth leader, evangelist, etc. would benefit from learning just a few of the things presented in these pages.

We have taken the BEST of our hard copy books and combined the best together here for you. So you have work from “Drawing Bible Stories with a Surprise for the Eyes” and “Amazing Mirror Messages: Reflecting The Truth” as well as a few other tidbits that will blow your mind!

Da Vinci’s Amber ‘SC’

by L. A. Braun

Leonardo Da Vinci had deliberately fossilized a secret in amber. Curious about the time-capsule of secrets that had been hidden in Da Vinci’s work? The signature trademark of Da Vinci had been to embed the Ć¢??SC’s in an amber-colored veil or robe in his paintings. Find out why. Step aboard the enchanted mystery ship for a journey through the basics of the Philosophers’ Stone. Utilizing an extravaganza of vibrant illustrations from history’s most eminent artists, this book first highlights the fine points of the fundamentals and then acquaints the readers with the history and overall canons of the Philosophers’ Stone. The readers embark upon a tour through widely varying perspectives on the concept of the ‘SC’ initials and its manifestations. Readers will then explore the intricacies of the Art of alchemy, but what is even more important–by carefully piecing together the scattered clues, they will be brought nearer to the closely guarded message hidden deep inside the deliberately obscured texts. There is a message hidden in the picture word puzzles. Only this author exposes the true intent of the ancient alchemists, fishing out the actual concealed message from the muddy pond of hints and innuendo. The Art had been used for a very specific purposeĆ¢??and readers are guaranteed to be surprised with the deciphered end result. This book is a fast paced thriller that decrypts real clues in the artwork and riddles of the Masters. Upending the apple cart on what should be found within the alchemy riddles, the author has ferreted the secret message out from the picture word puzzles. The message isn’t what anyone expected. In effect, the end result creates a paradigm shift on how these ancient works should be considered. Surprisingly, there had been hidden secrets in the Da Vinci’s artwork–and the ‘SC’ initials, in its various manifestations, had been hidden in the amber-colored paints.

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