Free humour Kindle books for 02 Feb 18

Food for Thought

by Duane Poole

This is an ingenious, thoughtful, and philosophical book of diverse passages from the mind of the author.

Thoughts worth living for
I am a visionary seeing the picture in my mind way in advance.
I summon my imagination and all of its wonderful contents.
My faith never wanes, even though wishes can take a while to materialize.
Negativity seeks a way into my mind, using deceit, but I refute such thoughts.
My dreams never fade. I always keep them in the back of my mind.
I know a change will come because I’m stubborn and persistent.
Never am I discouraged by the time it takes for me to rendezvous with destiny.
I am still for the Lord, waiting patiently for a rainbow to appear when I least expect it.
Nothing stands in my way because I will circumvent any obstacle until I reach my utopia.
I’ll wait with patience and contentment for my innermost desires.
I won’t become a skeptic or doubtful of what is sure to come.
I want my thoughts and all I am thinking to manifest into the physical world.
You see, these thoughts are so magnificent that they alone are worth living for.

Extracted from Food for Thought by Duane Ashley Poole

Chasing the Dream of Flight: The Misadventures of a Novice Pilot

by P. H. Hamilton

Chasing the Dream of Flight is the humorous and enthralling true story about a beginning pilot’s journey up the ladder. There were so many things wen’t wrong that it warranted a book!

Although the book contains several great flying stories, there are also several episodes about the people that Hamilton encountered along the way. They were an odd bunch, that proved that reality can be stranger than fiction.

Although told in a humours style, this story also provides an insight into the darker side of becoming a pilot, and is a must read for anyone that has ever dreamt of taking to the skies.

“As a British pilot who has spent time in the USA everything in this book rings true -a real page turner.”

“I like a little comedy in my books……this one has it.”

“I enjoyed this book even though I’m not a pilot, was an unusual read and quite funny sometimes, I liked the style of the writer.”

“This book is not about flying. It’s about a different subject altogether; it’s about being a professional pilot. So no flying stuff; just the ups, the downs, the hardships and the highs of one of the hardest jobs in the world to get into.”

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