Free literary fiction Kindle books for 02 Feb 18

Eminently Respectable Capers

by Tony Brennan

He was a university boxing champ with a bruised and battered face. But could anything have prepared young Father Sammy for his appointment as Secretary/MC to an irascible and eccentric old Cardinal?

At first, his new boss seems like a shining example of childlike and bumbling innocence. But Sammy soon discovers the Cardinal has a fiendish sense of humour.

When His Eminence throws the young priest into a knockout adventure of hilarious and mortifying encounters, from midnight motorbike chases to an operatic appearance and a mistaken shooting, Sammy finds himself in the match of his life.

The Man in the Barn

by Fiona McShane

When Maddy Byrne finds a confused and frightened stranger in her barn, all she wants to do is help. But Maddy is a survivor of an abusive marriage. Can she really trust her instincts?

As for the man, his last recollections are of running for his life.

With the support of Maddy and her friends, he finds a home in the small Irish town of Cairnbán. As time passes, and his relationship with Maddy deepens, his memories start to return. Through small recollections and nightmares, he begins to build a picture of the man he once was.

But when he finally remembers, he might wish he could forget.

From the Heart: Stories of Love and Life

by Sally Forest

From the Heart – Stories of Love and Life.
Six moving and engrossing stories that you can feel.
Collection includes:
oHeart Buddies
oLife After
oMouse Mat
oA Worm Among the Flowers
oThe Legacy You Leave
oLove in a Teapot
Carlo seems a perfect husband. Why can’t Nicky go with the happiness within her reach?
Paula worked really hard to live up to it all. And then she failed. How can something good come from all the loss and pain?
A child lies in bed, scared and alone. Will Daddy and Mummy be there for her? Finding an answer takes a lot of growing up. But the lessons of the good times remain to help.
The ladies bridge club. Long time friends struggling to hang on as the Autumn leaves fall around them.
What was the secret to Greg’s ability to be loyal to his work and foster his dreams for his sons? And what toll did it take?
Sue and her mother had formed a tight bond, a wall against the conflict and pain in their life. But when does that wall become a prison?
Moving and heart-warming, these short stories about love, and the emotions that get in the way, are an antidote to the fears that haunt the nights of all of us.
If you enjoy Amanda Prowse, give these stories a try.

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