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Sense of Us: Emotional Tenderness and Eye-Opening Awareness on Everyday Observations (Sense of You Book 3)

by Ta Hiron

Sense of Us is the Third book in the Sense of You series containing essays from Ta ( . The essays cover a range of topics in life reflection such as living simply, relationships, greater awareness of our everyday interactions and our inner reflection.

The tagline accurately captures this: Emotional Tenderness and Eye-Opening Awareness on Everyday Observations

The essays once published, now only available in this e-book series have received the following praise:

â??I’m just now sitting down and scrolling through your blog. LOOOOVE IT. I feel like I could stay on it for a while – so welcoming and leaves me with such a lovely feeling – that I cannot explain.’ Danielle

â??I LOVE THIS. I SOMETIMES, I often get overwhelmed by all the changes I need to make. Focusing on one thing per month would be beneficial. Thanks for reminding me.’ Shannon (Article – Why You Should Not Set Resolutions)

â??I love this post and can relate so very much. I’m not sure of your own personal experience, but as someone myself who is living with/healing from long term autoimmune disease, this really resonated with me. One of my life changing lessons, has been learning to feel things. To stop pushing things away. To literally allow myself to â??be with’ whatever is happening.
Seeing this little process written down here, made me realise that just as you write, this is the path I now take when I have those setbacks.’
Lots of love to you – and thank you
Emma x (Article – How I Sink Into and Rise out of The Tough Times)

â??Love this article Talisa! So true we slip into auto-pilot so easily. I rarely watch tv but in moments when my energy is low I can feel myself slip into time-zapping activities. Completely agree life is so precious that we need not waste it. Thanks so much for the reminder.’ Alyce
(Article -Routine Kills Time and Maybe You Are Not Fine: Why Shaking Up Your Day Makes Way For a Longer Life)

â??Some great advice here, Ta! It’s really good to have a breakdown of the factors at play when we make our buying decisions. I especially like the whole buying things to match our new identitiesâ?¦.definitely guilty of that!’ Niamh
(Article – Mindset Overview of Our Preprogrammed Reward and Punishment Cycle)

Article – Three Days, Thirty Hours of Meditation
â??This is beautiful. What a beautiful journey you’ve been on. I’m so looking forward to doing my very first Vipassana in December (fingers crossed) and this post excites me all the more. Thank you. Sending you lots of love.’ Che. X –

â??This is absolutely beautiful! Soul stirring stuff. You’ve inspired me to make meditation my priority. It’s become a little sporadic lately. Thank you.’ Nichola

â??How beautiful, TaLisa! I’ve been thinking about doing Vipassana and your experience just makes me want to do it even more! Thanks for sharing.’ Katherine –

â??I agree, we live in such a fast paced world now that we feel like we need to have all our ideas at once. We need to trust that we are in the right space and place.
Thanks for your amazing words.’ Alex –
(Article – Sometimes No Answer is THE Answer)

For Ta’s current work visit for Coaching, Online Courses, Books and the latest essays on the blog.

‘Her work and coaching is empowering, emotive and awakening – I feel alive.’

Get What You Want Right Now!: Transform Your Life

by James Chapman

There is no secret to getting what you want in life, millions of people, who are just like you, are doing it every day. You are living in the ‘can have, will have’ society and the only restrictions on getting what you want are in your mind. Once you have removed the obstacles and barriers that your mind has put in your way, you will get all that you want, but always remember you have to be prepared to receive it. The majority of books about getting what you want in your life, are either filled with loads of philosophical statements about life goals and achievements, or they are telling you to ‘get your butt out of bed and do exactly what I said.’ Well this book is nothing like that. Get What You Want Right Now! is about helping you to understand what you need to do to get what you want in life, and it then inspires you to take the necessary actions which will make it all happen.
The information in this book will change your view of the world and dramatically transform your life, enabling you to Get What You Want Right Now!

Mindful Seeds: Articles By Destiny S. Harris

by Destiny S. Harris

Explore thought provoking articles on a diverse range of subjects that will cause you to reflect on your life.

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