Free religious fiction Kindle books for 02 Feb 18

Sick at Heart, Book 3 (Amish Romance)

by Esther Weaver

Elizabeth has been working hard to help her daughter heal and to help her own heart recover from the death of her husband. Things seem to be going so well. All it takes, however, is for one visit from the Bishop’s wife to turn Elizabeth’s entire world upside down.

It seems that Elizabeth’s future and the health and well-being of her daughter may depend on how she responds to a shocking secret that the Bishop’s wife reveals to her.

Bonfire (Galactic God Book 3)

by Vance Kessler

Aaron Landon doubts he’ll accomplish anything significant for mankind during this mining mission in these dusty parts of the galaxy. Finding planets with valuable resources would be useful but not truly important. Thirty years ago, the discovery made by Aaron’s great-grandfather had changed the course of history on two planets. Aaron wished his life could be that meaningful. When he stumbles upon another intelligent species, it is a leap in the right direction.

The crew of the Phoenix discovers a world where every living soul professes belief in God. What could such a world be like? Will it be heavenly â?¦ or hellish? What will they think of these humans when some of them don’t even believe in God?

Bonfire is theologically sound Christian Science Fiction that does not shy away from the Gospel. It concludes the initial trilogy leaving you in awe of God’s power and wisdom not only in this fictional reality but in ours as well.

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