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Crown Jewel (The Battle for the Falklands Book 1)

by Peter von Bleichert

A remote and windswept South Atlantic archipelago, the Falkland Islands are a British Overseas Territory located some 400 miles off Argentina’s Patagonian coastline. Argentina calls the islands ‘Las Islas Malvinas,’ and has never recognized London’s authority.
In 1982, Argentina initiated ‘Operación Rosario,’ the invasion and occupation of the Falklands.
Although initially successful, the campaign failed, and the British were able to hold on to their remnant of Empire.
Despite defeat, however, Argentina has never abandoned its claim to the islandsâ?¦

Argentina, nursing a wounded economy, coveting the Falkland’s rich oil deposits, and influenced by a former Nazi, invades once again!
British Crown Prince Albertâ??an attack helicopter pilot fresh off a haunting tour of Afghanistanâ??is sent to the Falklands for a royal visit, and an affirmation of London’s commitment to the territory and its subjects. Caught in the unfolding operation, Prince Albert must face personal demons, as well as the Argentine commando sent to hunt him down.

“Crown Jewel” is an exciting action-filled military thriller. The novella represents the first book of the author’s “Battle for the Falklands” series, though can also be enjoyed as a stand-alone read.

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