Free humour Kindle books for 03 Feb 18

Men and Martinis (Girlfriends of Gotham Book 1)

by Delancey Stewart

Bridget Jones meets Sex and the City (with a little bit of Bridesmaids thrown on top!)

“…beautifully and hilarious well written story that perfectly captured the feeling of friendship, relationship, first love” — Koko’s Book Blog

“The perfect 90s romantic comedy!” — Kayti McGee, author of Screwmates

A “plot full of ROFL moments and witty anecdotes…” – Goodreads reviewer

A group of twenty-something girlfriends find themselves in New York City in the midst of the 90s dot-com boom. They’ve got killer jobs, killer clothes, and each other — what could go wrong?

Everything, and usually in the most hilarious way possible.

The first Girlfriends of Gotham’s book follows the life of NYC newcomer Natalie Pepper. She’s a California girl, a fish out of water, and she’s going to make it on her own in the big city despite a massive crush on a coworker (a no-no), a boss that can’t seem to get her name right, and a group of friends creating all kinds of chaos of their own.

If you loved Bridget Jones and miss Sex and the City, this laugh-out-loud series will scratch that itch. Dive in today!

Phil the Cat: The thrilling tale of an orange cat.

by Caleb Hudnall

Phil the Cat is the thrilling adventure of Phil the Cat, and his daily struggle to live in societies ‘norm’ with his crippling depression, Phil must overcome all obstacles and discover the true meaning of happiness.

or something like that.

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