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The Triple Crown of Youth Baseball: A users guide to becoming a more effective player, parent, and coach.

by Joey Anderson

I was inspired to write this book to help others avoid mistakes and improve their overall experiences. Through more than twenty-five years of playing, parenting, and coaching youth baseball, I have experienced a lot. With those experiences came joy, happiness, frustrations, heartache, and, best of all, memories. By sharing those experiences and the information I have obtained, I hope to help others create their own positive memories.
The Triple Crown is an award given to a Major League Baseball player who leads his respective league in the three main offensive categories: batting average, home runs, and runs batted in (RBIs). This award is prestigious because it has only been accomplished seventeen times in Major League history, most recently in 2012, by Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers. Cabrera was the first to win the Triple Crown since 1967, when Carl Yastrzemski accomplished the feat.
The reason I chose this title for my book was that, to me, the award and youth baseball are oddly similar. Like the Triple Crown award, I believe that there are three main components to youth baseball: players, parents, and coaches. When all three pieces come together and support one another you truly have something special. Almost every situation, player, parent, and coach is different, but the importance of the cohesiveness within the youth baseball’s Triple Crown and its effect on athletic success is universal.
Triple Crown will take you back through some of my most memorable baseball experiences, both good and bad. It will give players of all ages measurable goals, and strategies for attaining them, to ensure they are maximizing their potential. It will also suggest specific ways to improve all aspects of their game.
Triple Crown is a guide to help parents navigate the journey and challenges their child may face as a player, from tee-ball to high school and beyond. I hope this book will give aspiring parents the tools to become a coach or an assistant at any level. It will also explain how to make baseball a rewarding and positive experience for your children even if you choose to be, as many of us are, their number-one fans.
Triple Crown is a user’s guide for beginning, intermediate, and even “seasoned veteran” coaches. It provides insight into what I learned, how I failed, and my growth through the years with my two sons playing Little League, Babe Ruth baseball, travel ball, all-stars, and high school baseball.

The Laughing Fairy: The Laughing Fairy Keeps Her job

by Emily Clapp

Once upon a time, there was a fairy named, the Laughing Fairy. She was very nice and had many friends and she liked to make them laugh.One day she gets into an accident with a drone and her life changes. This book talks about: beauty, different jobs, and what you need to be happy. It is a great read for children and people of all ages.

Cliff Hardy: The Hailey Murder

by Vince Drake

Is It Elementary, After All?

When Cliff decided to move to the UK to study, he didn’t know that he was about to live the greatest adventure of his life. Everything seemed ideal at first. His new school was amazing, his professors were extremely qualified and best of all? He was able to live in Sherlock Holmes’ country. Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional detective was Cliff’s idol. He had read every single adventure, but little did he know, that he was about to be part of one.

Dreams Cut Short.

Hailey was charming and beautiful. And Cliff had noticed that. She made each day at school worth looking forward to. That’s exactly why Cliff was utterly devastated when Hailey was found dead. His whole world came crushing down. But he didn’t give up. He decided to find the truth, since the police didn’t have a clue. Everything he had read about Sherlock Holmes was coming to his mind now. He has to start deducing. The evidence must be there after all.

And so the biggest adventure in Cliff’s life was about to unfold. Will he find the real murdered? Did Hailey commit suicide? What was the truth? Embark on a spine-tingling Sherlock Holmes-style adventure and find out for yourself NOW!

Can You Feel The Adrenaline?

Author Vince Drake has created a breath-taking mystery that will keep you biting your nails till the very end. Cliff Hardy’s first adventure is about finding the truth in a complicated web of lies and it will keep you on the edge of your set up until the very last page. Combining traditional mystery and thriller techniques with a contemporary approach, Vince Drake will take you on an emotional roller-coaster that will keep you trying to figure out the mystery till the very end.

Are You Ready?

Matthew And The Stone (Stone Series Book 1)

by Bob Blanton

Following the unexpected death of his father, Matthew Brandt is granted a scholarship at an exclusive high school in northern San Diego County, California. He is exceptionally bright and advanced in school so must deal with being over a year younger than the other students in his junior class. He tries to figure out how to fit in with the ultra wealthy friends he makes during a class trip to France. Then he discovers a stone with strange powers one day while practicing his martial arts forms. He has to figure out how to use those powers and to what purpose.
This is the first book of a new series that follows Matthew as he becomes entangled in a number of cases that he helps to solve.

The Shifters: Cursed

by Nerhys Eyre

When the annual celebration is interrupted by an Assassin, Katrina and her friends learn that there is life out beyond the Desertlands, that there are more Shifters than they ever knew of. With a plan to find out who wants to kill them, and why, they set out on a journey that will change everything they know.

Harry’s Lovely Spring Day: Teaching children the value of kindness. (Harry The Happy Mouse Book 1)

by NG K

Book 1 in the bestselling ‘Harry The Happy Mouse’ series. 32 pages of illustrations by award winning illustrator Janelle Dimmett. Harry’s Lovely Spring day follows Harry the mouse as he learns the value of kindness, and that one small thing to someone could mean something huge to someone else! Teaching children the value of kindness.

The Path of Swords (The Song of Amhar Book 1)

by Martin Swinford

“I felt at times that I was walking old school through Middlearth with Strider…”
“A sprightly tale…totally enchanted me”
“So action packed I literally couldn’t put it down!”

“Luan ap Garioch, second son of the house of Artran, this is the day of choosing. How do you choose?”

On the last day of the summer of his fourteenth year, Luan takes the first step on The Path of Swords. He has been told that the path will be hard. He knows that it will lead him into danger. The reality is beyond all his imagining.

Described as “Wonderfully imagined” and “skilfully crafted”, The Path of Swords is the first novella in the Song of Amhar fantasy series. Set in an alternate Iron Age where the world of the spirit is always close by, the series follows the adventures of Luan, a boy training to become one of the Klaideem, elite warriors who dedicate their life to the service of the kingdom.

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Storm Chaser

by Lorayne Miller

Olivia Marks is a storm chaser that chases tornadoes. This book is about the tornadoes she chases and how she helps save lives by giving them extra warning time.

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