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Lost in the Reflecting Pool: A Memoir

by Diane Pomerantz

When Diane, a psychologist, falls in love with Charles, a charming and brilliant psychiatrist, there is laughter and flowersâ??and also darkness. After moving through infertility treatments and the trials of the adoption process as a united front, the couple is ultimately successful in creating a family. As time goes on, however, Charles becomes increasingly critical and controlling, and Diane begins to feel barraged and battered. When she is diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer, Charles is initially there for her, but his attentiveness quickly vanishes and is replaced by withdrawal, anger, and unfathomable sadism. What Diane previously thought were just Charles’ controlling ways are replaced by clear pathologic narcissism and emotional abuse that turns venomous at the very hour of her greatest need.

A memoir and a psychological love story that is at times tender and at times horrifying, Lost in the Reflecting Pool is a chronicle of one woman’s struggle to survive withinâ??and ultimately break free ofâ??a relationship with a man incapable of caring about anyone beyond himself.

KETO FOR BEGINNERS: Keto for Beginners Guide, Keto 30 days Meal Plan Cookbook, Keto Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes (Ketogenic diet cookbook)

by Cameron Walker

Keep up with keto even on your busiest days with your Keto for Beginners complete Guide

Finding quick and easy keto recipes that fit with your lifestyle and schedule can be difficult. That’s why Cameron Walker, the nutritionist behind the Keto Diet books series and a busy working dad, shares his favorite stress-free keto dishes in his Keto for Beginners complete Guide. With 30 day meal plans and recipes with different appliances (from ordinary recipes to electric pressure cooker recipes) that require no more than 30-minutes prep time, this cookbook offers a simple solution to keeping the ketogenic diet easy.

This bundle offer includes 3 books:


  • What is Ketosis and how does your body work
  • How do Keto diets achieve rapid weight loss
  • Which are the main differences between a Keto and other known diets
  • How to start and when to stop a ketogenic diet
  • Keto diets and sport and exercise
  • The effects of a Keto diet on pregnancy
  • How does a Keto diet help you squash migraines
  • A perfect Keto complete meal plan
  • The Keto meal Formula: how to create a keto meal plan
  • Keto recipes: breakfast, lunch and dinner with nutritional facts
  • â?¦.and much much more!


The complete monthly guide schedule for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner for your best and fastest adaptation to the Keto lyfestyle

Over 77 healthy and delicious whole-food recipes that will help your body burn fat and keep your cravings to zero (full images included!)

Many tend to exceed with some macros or in calories or can fall victim to the temptation to give up before they can truly experience the benefits of being keto-adapted. Your 30-Day Ketogenic Meal Plan is not like most of the keto or recipes books you have read. It makes things simple, by eliminating confusion and some of the myths that exist in the low carb community and by laying out the milestones you must observe to have success on your keto quest.
Here’s a preview:

  • Overview table of your 30 day Meal Plan – with macros & net carb calculations
  • Understanding your macros: how to deal with calorie and determine your right fat intake
  • How to manage protein intake so it is not too high or too low
  • How to deal with carbs: total carbs vs. net carb calculation
  • What to do to ensure you do not fall short on micronutrients
  • How to avoid Keto Flu
  • Breakfast recipes
  • Lunch recipes
  • Snack recipes
  • Dinner recipes
  • â?¦.each recipe is detailed with nutrition values and total and net carb calculation
    Low Carb Recipes for Your Pressure Cooker (UNIQUE! with macros & total carb/net carb calculations per recipe)

    Are you done with cookbooks that are not really Keto, contain recipes with too many carbs and more protein than fat?!
    All original recipes have really high fat and way less than 10 gr of net carbs per meal!

    Many tend to exceed with some macros or in calories or can fall victim to the temptation to give up before they can truly experience the benefits of being keto-adapted. This Electric Pressure cooker Ketogenic recipes book makes things simple, by detailing your macros for you in each recipes to help your sure success on your keto quest!

    Here’s a preview of what you’ll haveâ?¦.

    • Electric pressure cooker: all there is to know!
    • Pork keto recipes
    • Beef and game keto recipes
    • Poultry keto recipes
    • Fish & seafood keto recipes
    • Soup & other original dishes keto recipes
      • Sweet keto recipes
      • â?¦.each recipe is detailed with nutrition values and total/net carb calculation
      • Download it now!

Improve Your Memory: A Guide to Increasing Brain Power Using Advanced Techniques and Methods

by David Spencer


Is it safe to say that you are baffled and irritated in light of the fact that you are not excelling in your vocation or life? The initial step of self-advancement is dealing with, and enhancing your main resource which is your brain. Being able to absorb, hold and access all of this new information are imperative abilities to have in the world of today.

This book is ideal for somebody beginning the adventure of enhancing their memory and thinking abilities. It is an incredible beginning stage and gives the peruser a mental diagram of the essential procedures that will prompt an enhanced memory.

Just have a look at what i have included in this book:

  • The Importance of Developing Learning and Memory Skills
  • Fundamental Memory Tools
  • Memory Techniques
  • Accelerated Learning
  • Quick and Easy Ways to Remember Numbers and Names
  • Much more!

If you feel like you haven’t found the answers you have been looking for yet and want solutions, download and follow this guide and start transforming your memory now to unleash your full potential !!!

Cryptocurrency: 3.0 – Ultra Fast, Zero Transaction Fee, Futureproof Coins That Need to be on Your Radar

by Stephen Satoshi

If you’re worried about missing the boat with cryptocurrency, don’t sweat – it’s not too lateâ?¦

First it was Bitcoin, a groundbreaking peer-to-peer digital currency.

Then came Ethereum, a revolutionary platform for smart contracts.

Now the third generation of coins are making a splash.

Coins focusing on near instant, near free transactions – with tremendous use potential for both consumers and businesses.

One of the coins mentioned here is growing at a staggering rate of 100% a month

Another has already received investment from a Fortune 500 company and one of the world’s largest technology firms.

And neither shows signs of slowing down any time soon.

In Cryptocurrency: 3.0 you will discover:

  • How to save 4% on Coinbase transactions – Page 39
  • A coin which has received funding from a major German technology company – Page 15
  • A coin which lets you send payments directly to someone’s email address, Facebook account or WhatsApp number. This PayPal-like business model could lead to meteoric price rises once wider adoption occurs – Page 52
  • What you need to know about a popular cryptocurrency “ratings” report – Page 77
  • A coin which officially holds the record for most cryptocurrency transactions per second, yet due to poor marketing efforts, barely anyone knows about – Pascal
  • A coin dubbed “the IOTA of China” – Page 57
  • How to securely store your cryptocurrencies – Page 47
  • A coin that is growing at a rate of 100% per month, yet still has room to grow once it is listed on a major exchange. This could be your last chance to get in before explosive growth – Page 25
  • An under the radar coin, still in the ICO stage that could revolutionize a $300 billion/year industry – Page 65
  • Which widespread cryptocurrency scam you should 100% avoid – Page 83
  • â?¦and much, much more.

    Aren’t cryptocurrencies risky though?

    Like any investment, they do come with certain risks. However in this book you’ll see multiple ways to lower your risk, and protect your investments.

    If you thought 2017 was a good year for crypto, wait until you see what 2018 has in store.

    This new asset class is making more new millionaires every single day than any other business or investment opportunity.

    So, if you want your own piece of the pie, and a chance to participate in the fastest growing market of the past 20 years…

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    Accelerated Learning: 2 Manuscripts – Speed Reading: How to Read a Book a Day, Photographic Memory: Simple, Proven Methods to Remembering Anything Faster, … Better (Accelerated Learning Series 3)

    by Ryan James

    Buy the paperback version and get the Kindle eBook version for FREE!

    Accelerated Learning: 2 Book Box Set

    This Book includes:

    • Speed Reading: How to Read a Book a Day – Simple Tricks to Explode Your Reading Speed and Comprehension
    • Photographic Memory: Simple, Proven Methods to Remembering Anything Faster, Longer, Better

    Do you want to:

    • Study better?
    • Be able to read faster and retain more information?
    • Make more efficient notes?
    • Pass tests more successfully?
    • Be more creative?
    • Learn things faster?
    • Engage in business armed with great focus and full comprehension?
    • Be able to read one book a day?
    • Remember anything effectively and efficiently?

    Then this book is the answer! It improves your reading speed, focus, comprehension and retention! It gives you the power to develop better time management, enhances your concentration and logical thinking, and also improves your overall self-confidence.

    This easy-to-understand book provides guides that will help you understand:

    • Speed Reading Techniques
    • Reading vs Speed Reading
    • How to Break Poor Reading Habits
    • How to Start Speed Reading
    • Importance of Daily Eye Exercises
    • and more

    And in the Photographic Memory Section, you will learn:

    • Simplified discussion on how the mind makes, stores and remembers a memory
    • The photographic memory and how it is different from eidetic memory
    • Significance of creative thinking and visualization as a platform to achieve extraordinary memory
    • How peg systems work including the special systems that are specifically developed to memorize numbers
    • Tips and tricks to remember names
    • How emotions can be used to easily remember information
    • How to organize and visualize information through mind mapping
    • The concept of the palace method and how to construct your own memory palace to be able to store and retrieve information in an instant

    Find out how speed reading and photographic memory skills are connected and how you can train yourself to become a master at both! Learn how to incorporate the exercises and techniques found in this book into your daily routine so that speed reading and photographic memory becomes a habit. Soon you will find that you can read an entire book each day and remember things much clearer! The more you practice these accelerated learning techniques, the more knowledge you will gain that you can use to achieve your goals in life.

    Grab this book and become an Accelerated Learner today!

    OMG! These Cookies Taste Great!: High Quality Cookie Recipes With the Power to Turn Your Whole Family into Cookie Addicts (Andrea Silver Cookie and Cake Recipes Book 1)

    by Andrea Silver

    The world is complicated. Terrorist groups like ISIS control chunks of the Middle East. Antibiotic resistant bacteria threatens existence. However, one thing remains true: the ability to make cookies. If you have nowhere else to turn, trust in the practice of making delicious cookies to briefly join us together in these grim times.

    This cookbook is the latest by me (Andrea Silver) – and I’ll be exploring baking cookies. Some of these recipes are slightly “healthy” but let’s be real – losing pounds and climbing Mt. Everest is not the goal of this book. All things in moderation.

    The best cookie recipes of all time and if you’re not satisfied, hit the refund button on Amazon Kindle!”

    Don’t forget, you can read this for FREE on Kindle Unlimited, or buy for a couple of bucks by clicking â??Buy Now!’ you’ll have access to my favorite top secret cookie recipes.
    Discover recipes like:

    • No Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies
    • Lemon Shortbread Cookies
    • Apple Pie Oatmeal Cookies
    • Andrea’s Butter Cookies
    • Snowball Cookies

    And a lot more!

    We took extra care and time to create this cookbook for you, which also makes an excellent gift for other cookie lovers. Order Your Copy of OMG! These Cookies Taste Great! today!

    You’ll be very happy with this cookbook, or my name isn’t Andrea – the Internet’s most prolific recipe creator (mild exaggeration, but possibly true).

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    Chocolate Lover’s Recipe Book: Chocolate Recipes for Lovers of Mankindâ??s Favorite Food (Andrea Silver Dessert Cookbooks Book 1)

    by Andrea Silver

    Chocolate is a limited resource. Let’s celebrate it while we have it. This cookbook features only the BEST chocolate recipes that range from sweet and scrumptious to strong and savory.

    Chocolate is versatile in ways many don’t imagine. And dark chocolate, a focus of this cookbook, is the real thing – the purer form less separated, processed and fatty like milk chocolate. This why it’s one of the best ingredients to cook with, not just for desserts but for “traditional” recipes like mole sauces, which you’ll discover within.

    Dark chocolate even has positive health effects, too. If there’s any ingredient that is best to sin with, it should be chocolate. So let’s get started.

    Don’t forget, you can read this for FREE on Kindle Unlimited, or buy for a couple of bucks by clicking â??Buy Now!’ Chocolate Lover’s Recipe Book you’ll have access to some really cool chocolatey goodness.

    Discover recipes like:

    • Whipped Cream Cheese Chocolate Cake
    • Double Dark Chocolate Cookies
    • Andrea’s Chocolate Pudding Recipe
    • Matcha Dark Chocolate Popcorn
    • Dark Chocolate Chili

    And a lot more!

    We took extra care and time to create this cookbook for you, which also makes an excellent gift for other chocolate fans. Order Your Copy of Chocolate Lover’s Recipe Book today!

    You’ll be very happy with this cookbook, or my name isn’t Andrea – the Internet’s most prolific recipe creator (mild exaggeration, but possibly true).

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    Guitar Chords: For Beginners – Bundle – The Only 2 Books You Need to Learn Chords for Guitar, Guitar Chord Theory and Guitar Chord Progressions Today (Music Best Seller Book 18)

    by Preston Hoffman

    2 Manuscripts in 1 Book, Including: How to Play Chords and How to Play Guitar!

    Book 1)

    How to Play Chords: In 1 Day – The Only 7 Exercises You Need to Learn Guitar Chords, Piano Chords, and Ukulele Chords Today

    Are you eager to learn some proper chords for your instrument, but don’t know where to start?

    If so, “How to Play Chords: In 1 Day” by Preston Hoffman is the book for you!

    This book will teach you the basic exercises that you need to not only understand chords but to play any song on the radio on any of these three instruments: ukulele, guitar, and piano. Learn not just about chords but about the instruments, how to read music, how songs are made, and the trick to being able to play thousands of songs!

    What makes this book special is that you’re focusing on learning chords, the basis of any song on the radio. Most music books teach you notes and melody and have you plucking strings one at a time. This book dives right into chords and has you learning those, so that you can play songs almost immediately. You’ll be able to perform for any crowd.

    You will learn the following:

    • What chords are and how they are the building blocks of songs
    • How to read chord music
    • How to play chords on all three instruments with ease
    • Dozens of songs to play and the chords they use
    • Tips for chord songwriting
    • Chord practice tips
    • And much more!

    Book 2)

    How to Play Guitar: In 1 Day – The Only 7 Exercises You Need to Learn Guitar Chords, Guitar Scales and Guitar Tabs Today

    Do you have a yearning to play the guitar?

    If so, “How to Play Guitar: In 1 Day” by Preston Hoffman is the book for you!

    It will help you to learn the basics of playing the world’s most popular instrument quickly and easily, offering diagrams, chord charts and pictures which are perfect for the beginner. You will discover about tabs and fingering patterns.

    Playing the guitar opens up a whole new musical world. Whether playing at home by yourself, or joining a group or a band, players become members of a special community of like-minded musicians. This book is your key to opening the door to this community. It even contains a number of examples to get you playing real songs in the space of a very short time.

    The great thing about the guitar is that, even though it sounds great and is immensely flexible, it is really easy to learn. You do not even have to be able to read music. THE GUITARIST CAN BE PLAYING SONGS WITHIN A DAY OF PICKING UP THE INSTRUMENT FOR THE FIRST TIME .

    You will learn the following:

    • How to hold the guitar
    • The basic chords
    • How to strum a rhythm
    • Barre chords
    • Finger picking
    • How to look after your guitar
    • What to look for when buying your guitar
    • Some songs to get you performing
    • How to string and tune your guitar
    • About key signatures, notes and tabs
    • And much more!

    You have made an excellent decision by choosing to learn guitar chords. So, don’t delay it any longer. Take this opportunity and purchase your copy today.

    Order “Guitar Chords: For Beginners” Now!

    See you inside!

    Ethereum: Everything You Need to Know About Ethereum (Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum Book 6)

    by Corey Bowen

    Ethereum is the Future

    Discover every secret about the most clever cryptocurrency

    When Ethereum hit 1000$ in December, media started to give the cryptocurrency the right credits. Finally, after almost 9 years where the attention was just on Bitcoin, it seems that the coverage has now shifted towards what many call “the clever crypto”.

    However, it is undeniable that Ethereum remains an unknown subject to most people. Sure, many “investors” have entered the game in the last couple of months, but how much do they know about the project behind ETH?

    This is what inspired the writing of this book.

    Knowing that there are people still seeing Ethereum as a Bitcoin clone hurts, especially for those who believe in it from a logical and conceptual standpoint.

    With his flawless style and his profound knowledge, Corey managed to put together a simple yet efficient approach to introduce people to the world of Ethereum.

    This manual goes into well researched and newbie friendly reflections about the most important aspects of Ethereum, such as:

    • â??What Is Ethereum
    • What are decentralized applications
    • How Coins Are Generated
    • What are the differences between PoW and PoS?
    • What makes Ethereum so special
    • How to Buy and Sell Ethereum
    • What is the Best Wallet for Ethereum
    • How to store Ethereum’s private key

    By reading this book, you not only get a better understanding of Ethereums world in general, but you get access to powerful information that provide a 360° education.

    Disclaimer: this book is not for you if your goal is to get a quick and superficial grasp of Ethereum.

    Corey fully believes in this technology and wanted to offer a complete education trough this manual, while still letting the average Joe to understand it easily.

    Are you ready to discover what is happening behind the scenes and join the clever Revolution? This book will accelerate your education.

    Join thousands of readers and get this book today!

    Bonus: by purchasing the physical book, you get the kindle version for free. Do not miss it!

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