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This book will introduce the pre-dental student to the dental lab and to familiarize them with the equipment and procedures that are used in the working dental laboratory; written by a former dental school applicant who owned a dental laboratory.

Everything you NEED to know about: Doing an Undergraduate Software Project

by Michael Silva

I am a University Professor, with 20 years of experience in Supervising undergraduate projects. Having seen the mistakes made and the problems faced, I thought students would find a resource such as this to be an immense help.

Whether you are studying for a three year degree or a four year degree, one major component of an undergraduate program is the requirement to complete a full project. Most colleges or universities would have this as a double credit or combined unit which would generally stretch over two semesters or one academic year

Doing a project and going through the process can be very stressful indeed, and this is where my guidebook has a part to play. I hope to guide you through the various steps and make sure that you think about, and are ready for the various things you need to take care of.

I won’t say that following this guide will give you a 100% success, but I will say that following this guide will greatly enhance your chances of success. I have supervised hundreds of undergraduate projects in my teaching career which now spans over two decades. Many have gone on to receive â??A’ and â??A+’ grades, but there have been a few that failed as well. Doing a project properly involves a lot of planning and preparation, and above all, it requires dedication and commitment from two key people

The first party is YOU, the learner. You have to commit 100% into this process in order to deliver results that you can be proud of. The second party is your SUPERVISOR. You need to find someone who knows what he or she is talking about, someone who has the right experience in supervising students, someone that you can easily approach and meet, and someone who can commit time and resources to meet with you despite of their own busy schedule. Therein lies the problem, as not everyone has the required expertise to supervise projects. That’s where this book comes into play, as it will guide you in the proper steps to make sure that your project stays under control.

This book is divided into a number of chapters, each one dealing with an important area of your project. Sections include types of projects, project selection, selecting a supervisor, data gathering, and so on. Ideally, you would do a first reading of this book to get the general idea of how to go about doing your project, and then as you start the actual project, you would read each chapter again, one by one

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