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Vegan Breakfast Cookbook: Easy And Delicious Vegan Breakfast And Brunch Recipes (Vegan Diet Cookbook Book 1)

by Micheal Hoskins

Includes A Variety of Healthy And Delicious Vegan Diet Breakfast Recipes!

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This vegan breakfast cookbook contains a huge variety of vegan breakfast recipes that are 100% vegan!

If you are a vegan struggling to find some decent great tasting breakfast recipes, then you will love this cookbook. These recipes were hand picked from my collection, and were selected not only because they are vegan but because they are easy recipes that anyone can make. Like most vegan recipes, these breakfast recipes are also very healthy and nutritious.

We hope you enjoy this vegan breakfast cookbook!

Low Carbohydrate Living: Trim off belly fat quickly! (Weight Loss Book 26)

by L.B. Daniels

Take a look and preview the 2 unique manuscripts inside this single book!

This book is intended to be read as Paperback due to it’s unique formatting, hence why the eBook price is much lower than th Paperback. Remember, the eBook version is always free when you purchase the paperback version. You are also able to lend the eBook to friends and family for 14 days!

With this Weight Loss Series:

Proper guidance through strategic reading and carefully crafted low carbohydrate and/or healthy weight loss recipes, weight loss becomes very simple.

Learning how to lose weight and keep it off is something of a skill that can be used for a lifetime to keep your body in tip-top shape for your health and well-being. This book was designed to point you in the right direction with a no-nonsense approach to losing weight. With proper guidance from a Certified Weight Loss Expert, you will lose weight and keep it off for life. Good luck!

Ketogenic Diet: Losing Weight and Staying Healthy the Right Way (Ketogenic, Diet, Weight Loss, Recipes, Beginners, Paleo, Carb, Inflammatory)

by David Miller

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Ketogenic Diet

Losing Weight and Staying Healthy the Right Way

The Ketogenic diet is one of those programs that has had a mixed history with many fans and critics alike. The diet has been particularly associated with the treatment of epilepsy where it is said to have a lot of therapeutic properties that enhance the wellbeing of the patient without endangering their safety.

In other words this is a lifestyle choice that has a multiplicity of potential benefits beyond the obvious one of losing weight effectively. The fundamentals of this diet are premised on the need to reduce the carbohydrate intake for an individual.

In that respect the Ketogenic diet borrows from some of the ideas that have been successfully used in the Atkins program. One of the key health indicators will be the degree of ketonuria which is found within the bloodstream and urine. This test is undertaken by means of a strip which is then compared against a standard chart in order to come up with the right metrics for the patient at any given moment in time. Some of the core characteristics of the Ketogenic diet is a high fat content.

At the same time the protein intake is adequate. Medical literature has to some extent shown that this diet is effective in handling difficult refractory epilepsy amongst children. Through its unique configuration, the plan forces the body to burn fats instead of carbohydrates.

What You Are Going To Learn

  • Fundamentals of the Diet Program
  • Technical Testing and Analysis
  • Important Considerations for the Dieter
  • Getting Started on the Diet
  • Seeing Beyond the Fads
  • And Much More!

Ketogenic Diet: Losing Weight and Staying Healthy the Right Way


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