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Ketogenic Instant Pot Cookbook: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Keto Diet – Superfast & Healthy Instant Pot Recipes to Lose Weight Faster (Beautiful Photos, Calories & Nutrition Facts)

by Jerome Patrick

In this Ketogenic Instant Pot Cookbook, you will find a hand-picked collection of delicious and nutritious recipes. This book lets you discover diverse cuisines to prepare from popular ketogenic ingredients. You will see exclusive sections of breakfasts, snacks, sides, appetizers, soups, curries, stews, main course meals (to prepare from chicken, turkey, lamb, pork, beef, and seafood) and desserts.

Keto diet follows a health transforming ration of high fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrate in keto-friendly recipes. It is being designed to push our body in the state of ketosis and promote healthy weight loss without starving yourself. Instant Pot is designed to make different types of ketogenic recipes in a matter of minutes; it preserves essential nutrients for added keto-friendly ingredients and provides you with wholesome meals every day.



ANYONE dealing with Addiction in your family or loved ones will profit from this book. It is a basic manual of help and realism, not always stating the most popular concepts or beliefs, but giving the struggling a true picture as best I can.

Note: any examples or names mentioned are used for examples and are fictitious, any similarities are pure coincidence.

Counselor Kent I Phillips possesses a lifetime of addiction experience and training. Thirty years in Alcoholics Anonymous, plus training as a BS and as a Master of Science in Addiction Counseling (MSAC). He is experienced at both the personal level and the clinical.

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1946, Mr. Phillips currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona, with his wife of 45 years, two sons and two grandchildren. Mr. Phillips is a national contractor in Addiction Counseling, and provides treatment protocols to multiple treatment centers.

Mr. Phillips experience includes playing guitar at SUN records studios in Nashville, management with the Pillsbury Company of Minneapolis, Minn., and founding DATABANKUSA in 1979, a national marketing research firm.

The Law of Success

by Napoleon Hill

Originally published in 1928, this is the book that began Napoleon Hill’s self-help odyssey. Hill queried dozens of people about the keys to their prosperity and organized his findings into 16 principles. Each principle marks a chapter of this book, forming a methodology for employing untapped ‘mind-power’ that leads to success.

Hill was well known for researching what made millionaires different from the common man. The sixteen lessons in this book perfectly crystallize everything you will need to know to succeed during these hard economic times. Many of today’s best known self-help books take their core concepts form this book. ‘The Secret’, ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’, ‘The Millionaire Next Door’, and ‘The Law of Attraction’ all take their basic premises from this landmark work. Once you’ve read this book you will understand what gives certain people an edge over everyone else. By following the advice laid out clearly herein you’ll be the one with an edge. It’s time to stop wondering what it’s like to be rich and start knowing. This book has changed countless lives and it can change yours! Unlike many of the other editions on the market today, this edition is complete and unabridged!

Ethereum: A Guide to Ethereum Mining, Investing, and Trading for Starters

by Financial Growth Publications

We have all heard about Bitcoin and its meteoric rise into the consciousness of the public. But few people have heard about this number two coin, quickly coming up on Bitcoin’s heels. Ethereum is slowly inserting itself into the consciousness of people all over the globe. While Bitcoin has introduced a whole new way to look at currency, Ethereum has presented us with a completely new and innovative way of doing business.
With its ability to change the way industry creates and manages their contractual agreements, it is literally creating a revolution that is changing the way people think. This new currency, only a few years old has already had a major impact on the world and promises to do so much more. Understanding it now could put you and make you a major player in the new world of cryptocurrency. Through the pages of this book you will learn:

-What is the Blockchain and how Ethereum took it to the next level
-How it uses decentralized applications
-Benefits of Using Ether
-What are Smart Contracts
-Getting set-up to make money with Ethereum
-Mining, Investing, and Trading strategies
-How to find out if Ethereum is the right investment choice for you
-And much, much, more

There is no question that Ethereum is an excellent tool, and this new technology is poised for rapid growth in the future. Once you download this book, you’ll be opening the door to an incredible journey into the world of cryptocurrency, one that you may never want to come back from.

Bitcoin: Fact, Fiction and Future. Comprehensive Introduction to Bitcoin. Mining, Buying Bitcoin, Bitcoin for Business and beyond.

by Owen Hill

The world of Bitcoin can initially be intimidating and hard to comprehend completely. With this book, you have a personal guide arming you with the tools you’ll need and leading you through the different challenges presented by Bitcoin mining, trading, and investing.

The following chapters will provide a thorough understanding of Bitcoin mining, trading, and investing for profit. Discussed in-depth includes crucial information and base principles regarding Bitcoin and its related systems, how to go about Bitcoin mining for profit, wise cryptocurrency investing practices, the importance of carefully choosing and securing Bitcoin wallets as well as other currency storage methods (paper wallets, cold storage, etc.), information regarding blockchain technology and transactions, and all of the other information you’ll need to make the most out of Bitcoin.

Several resources are provided here, including profit calculators specific to Bitcoin mining, reliable and authentic Bitcoin exchanges, informative examples of trusted mining software and hardware, where to go to buy, sell, and exchange coins, reliable digital wallet apps, and many more tools to give you an upper hand in the world of Bitcoin.

Whether you’re a beginner in the world of digital currency or you’re a more seasoned Bitcoin miner, the content of this book aims to provide you with the complete information and extensive know-how you need to understand Bitcoin and start making a valuable profit using unique technological and investing savvy.

There are plenty of books on this subject on the market, thanks again for choosing this one. Every effort was made to make sure it is full of as much useful information as possible; please enjoy!

House Calls

by Gary Yarbrough MD

The following twenty-one stories are from actual house calls I have made in three different states during my thirty years of practice as a rural family physician. Some are humorous, some sad, some sublime. I have changed the names and in a few cases altered circumstances slightly to protect privacy as much as possible. I sincerely hope that with these measures – and with some of the details blurry enough in my memory – no one will recognize themselves or acquaintances, or take offense if they do.

I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I appreciated having had the chance to live them. ~The Author

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