Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 04 Feb 18

Body In The Snow: A Small Town Mystery (Snow Ridge Mysteries Book 2)

by Emma Lee

Just when Bonnie Mayberry thought her new life in Snow Ridge, New Hampshire, was getting back to normal after a horrific case involving a deadly, old man bent on revenge, she is pulled into a second case that wraps her in a web of lies, deceit and murder!

At first, the man’s murder seems straightforward enough. That is, until an influential politician arrives in town demanding that the wife of the dead man be turned over to her for prosecution. But Bonnie soon finds out that this powerful woman is not exactly who she seems to beâ?¦

In fact, she may not only be the killer, but she just may be planning to take over the world! And she’s not working alone!

Does Bonnie have what it takes to uncover the truth before it’s too late? Will her reputation as a troublemaker in town work against her? Or will her new neighbors finally see that she is only hoping to protect their community?
And can she survive long enough to prove it?

Find out in Body In The Snow, the 2nd Snow Ridge Cozy Mystery by Emma Lee!

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Understanding Heaven’s Court System: Explosive Life Changing Secrets

by Bill Vincent

We have a God given right to call forth heaven to come down. We do! We have the right to participate in that court room. In heaven, where the devil accuses and God and his angels carry out justice.

The devil accuses from his heaven and God releases justice from His heaven. Let me tell you something, when you line up to heaven’s court, God’s court, everything in heaven always overrides Satan’s plans. It’s a guaranteed court system if you do it right. In the rest of this book, you will find a new level that will truly change everything, you have ever known about authority and the power of God.

The Game of Life and How to Play it

by Florence Scovel Shinn

In this transformational classic, Florence teaches the power of positive thought. She explains how our thoughts and words affect the experience we have in our daily lives, and uses concrete examples to show how we can use them to bring more of what we want into our lives, including abundance, love and success. A wonderful and simple-to-follow book on the power of right thinking.

Meditation, Mindfulness, Magnificence!: A Simple Book on Using Meditation, Mindfulness to Become Magnificent

by Gabi Gray

This is a simple book that explains meditation and mindfulness, and the benefits of each of these practices. It also provides exercises that are easy to do anywhere, easy to understand and effective in dealing with stress and anxiety. There is a simple but comprehensive section on beginning your journey with meditation and mindfulness, which is written in point form so it is easy to follow. There are a variety of exercises to suit everyone. If you have already read this far, and are ready to scroll up, you should click on ‘buy this book’ and make the easy and quick changes to your life that my book will teach you.

The Supernatural Foundation

by Kutlwano Kharivhe

The Supernatural Foundation is An Apostolic book, which brings a clarification in the foundation doctrine of Christianity. In this book you will discover the ultimate plan of God about your life.

Throughout this book you will mentored on how to step out your comfortablility and step into the realm of the supernatural, you will witness the miracles, signs and wonders that are recorded in this book and how did the author transacted from being a normal Christian into Power-filled miracles working Christians.

See how Jesus Christ visited the author during His 21days fasting and what happened after the visitation. Learn how to walk and operate in the highest dimension of knowledge. Get to see how wealth is built up through this dimension.

Get ready to be activated in the supernatural and see the same manifestation of the Spirit as the author!.

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