Free religious fiction Kindle books for 04 Feb 18

Missing Pieces: Puzzle Master Trilogy Book Three (Puzzle Master Series 3)

by T.J. McKenna

Twice, Cephas has traveled through time â?¦ but once again, his time is running outâ?¦

The Final Holy War rages between Four and the Cult Hunters, and neither side is taking prisoners. As The Corps begins to spread its deadly new biotoxin around the globe, Zip orders a full-out assault in an attempt to steal enough vaccine to save her followers. The bloodbath only serves to pit the remaining Christians against each other, with even Bethany House divided.
His small flock now scattered, Cephas and Martha race to solve the greatest puzzle of his life: one in which the missing pieces are scattered throughout his past, present â?¦ and future. With hope fading, even Cephas can’t recognize which of the dark days ahead represents the “Moment of Darkness” that Christ foretold he would someday face. As the pieces come together, and the picture becomes clear, Cephas is forced to face his greatest fear alone. In this puzzle, the final piece â?¦ is him.

Treasured – The Andersen Saga (The Andersens Book 18)

by Jacie Middlemann

Livia Andersen was a woman who held her family together with a quiet smile and an iron will. It’s been months since her death and her children and grandchildren she leaves behind continue to grapple with the shifting changes in their lives now that she’s gone. For some of them it is about far more than adjusting to her absence in their lives.

Trisha Andersen doesn’t do anything without careful deliberation. She can’t remember the last time she made plans involving a man that had her questioning her own judgment. Maybe it’s the simple fact that she’s never made plans with a man for anything other than where to go for dinner. It was a riskâ?¦one she hasn’t taken before. One she’s not certain she’s ready to take now.

Chris Andersen’s life seems to be the stuff of dreams. His paintings sell before he finishes them and the list of those wanting first dibs on those he hasn’t yet begun is growing. He’s settling into the cabin his grandmother once called home at his aunt’s lakeside resort. The legal aid foundation he once dreamed of forming is on solid ground and there’s no reason it shouldn’t stay that way. But despite all that there are still nights when instead of sleeping he paints while the darkness surrounds him.

The Andersen Saga is a story of family. It is a story about joy and loss, hope and sorrow, betrayal and regrets, unconditional forgiveness, high expectations, and unwavering loyalty. It reminds that at the heart of who we are is the family we come from, the family who stands behind and beside us and at times against us. And who we become isn’t just a result of those still with us but those too that we’ve lost along the way. It is about the twist and turns every family deals with, the conflicts from within, and the never ending desire for acceptance and respect.

Treasured is the eighteenth book in the ongoing Andersen Family Saga. Other books in the Andersen Family Saga include Betrayal, Resolute, Broken, Found, Choices, Regrets, Remember, Forgiven, Truths, Always, Expectations, Decisions, Disillusioned, Believe, Relentless, Everlasting, and Enduring.

The Andersen Family Saga is a series of novellas, classified by Amazon as Short Reads. If you love sitting down with a novella style book you will enjoy the Andersen Family Saga series. These books fall between the forty-five minute to two hours reading time category of Amazon “Short Reads.”

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