Free fantasy Kindle books for 05 Feb 18

Fire of Ennui (Evocation Book 1)

by Ivana Skye

Nena has already done the one thing she wanted in life: become the champion of a major athletic competition at a younger age than anyone else ever had. So now what’s she to do? Well, apparently, discover that she has superpowersâ?¦

Nena hits the road out of sheer boredom, and quickly runs into Maràh, another traveler who she decides to befriend, although they don’t make that easy for her. Then again, between figuring out what she wants to do next with her life and why things keep catching on fire around her, Nena figures “easy” is far behind her.

Deal or No Deal: A Case from the Midnight Eye Files

by William Meikle

Three beers and a packet of crisps is a tempting offer for your soul when you don’t really believe you have one. But when it comes time to pay up, suddenly it doesn’t seem like such a sweet deal. You’re going to need help, but who are you going to call?

There’s one man who might help, a man who knows the nature of deals with the dark side, and the ways of the old city.

Derek Adams, the Midnight Eye, is on the case…

Deal or No Deal? is a case from William Meikle’s gripping urban fantasy/noir detective series, The Midnight Eye Files. The mysteries continue in volume one: The Amulet.

Praise for the Midnight Eye Files

“Meikle’s writing makes you feel like you’re there, in the rain with Derek Adams, searching seedy pawn shops and bars for the answers. The atmosphere is terrific, and the author knows that sometimes less is more.” – The Lovecraft ezine

“I encourage you to pour yourself a couple of fingers of whisky and visit Meikle’s and Derek’s Glasgow some evening as the shadows grow long.” – New Pulp

“The writing itself is crisp, filled with good description and strong dialogue. The Scottish setting, while not prominent, grounds the reader in a sense of place. The characters, while themselves variations on noir tropes, are beleivable, and more importantly, likable. All of this, taken together, makes for a smooth, enjoyable read.” – Rich Ristow, Strange Latitudes

“A loving romp in and out of both the Lovecraft Mythos and the noir detective novel.”. – Bill Gagliani, Chizine

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