Free horror Kindle books for 05 Feb 18

O. Henry: The Complete Works

by O. Henry

This ebook contains O. Henry’s complete works.

This edition has been professionally formatted and contains several tables of contents. The first table of contents (at the very beginning of the ebook) lists the titles of all novels included in this volume. By clicking on one of those titles you will be redirected to the beginning of that work, where you’ll find a new TOC that lists all the chapters and sub-chapters of that specific work.

The Dancing Seers: Book Two in the Story of the City of Heritage.

by Chris Edmonds

After the city of Heritage had been burned down to ashes, Beatha felt forced to use her mysterious gift and listen to the voice of her lost sister. Fortunately for all concerned, Trinity’s words helped the reluctant, young seer lead their now-homeless people over the Unscalable Mountains to the freedom of the plains beyond.
The Violites were greatly changed by these staggering events. As part of their search for some way forward, the use of a violet dye to decorate their skin reemerged from their distant and gypsy-like past. Maybe more importantly, with the soul-freeing lack of direction in their new lives, Feena Payne was able to rekindle the tribe’s long-lost talents as musicians and dancers. And so, under the light of the land’s sister moons, their newfound artistry was set free to soar to heights unseen since the times of the ancient ones themselves.
But it wasn’t long before unexpected, torrential rains returned to the flatlands. Heavy floods forced the frustrated Violites to move on, desperately looking for another new home. While the arduous trek was underway, Trinity spoke to Beatha again. This time the departed seer warned her sister of a powerful but hidden evil that had to be exposed and somehow overcome.
When they encountered the Wyverns’ town, the sinister facts appeared all too clear to Beatha. Things weren’t quite as simple as they seemed at first however, but after more thorough and determined investigation, the mystery only deepened. Could Beatha, with the help of Celandine’s ancient voice, now find the courage and strength to uncover the ugly truth and do whatever it takes to put things right?

The Darker Ages: The Complete Series

by Aron Lewes

Princess Arienne has awful luck. First, she’s betrothed to the world’s most pompous prince. On the way to her wedding, her secret crush is murdered in front of her. Then she’s abducted by pirates, led by the wickedly charming Alfred Du Bois.

But none of it is real.

Arienne exists in a realistic virtual world called the “altsphere.” In real life, the princess is a quadriplegic named Alice. Paralyzed and mired in depression, Alice craves an escape. Virtual reality lets her live again.

The Darker Ages combines elements of fantasy, romance and litrpg. There is even a bit of mystery, as the real world identities of various characters are gradually revealed.

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