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SELF-DISCIPLINE: master mental toughness and achieve success (counseling Book 4)

by Margherita White

Do you find yourself often led astray by the temptations that everyday life harbors? Do you keep wondering why in the world you never seem to get the things you need to accomplish on time? Are you stuck in a proverbial rut that you just cannot seem to quite dig yourself out of?

What if I told you that the main cause of all of the above negativity in your life is due to the lack of a life skill that no one gets taught in schools, colleges, or during those drug-out tutorial videos for work?

You are likely in a rut in your life because you simply lack self-discipline. It is the fuel that drives the motivation that we all need to be successful and beat temptations, procrastination, and lack of willpower! Without it, well, you will be stuck in that same rut for a lot longer than you anticipated.

You are here because you were more than likely using Dr. Google to ask how in the world can you change your life around. I am thankful you were led here today!

Within this book, you will find a wide array of information regarding self-discipline and what it can offer you in every aspect and stage of life. From teaching your beloved children and teens and how it affects them in school, to developing the need for self-discipline in college and in the workplace, you will find a plethora of tips, tricks, and strategies that will surely get you back on track!

You only have one life to live, and you are the only one in charge of where it goes! What are you waiting for? It is time to get your life back and make the best even better!

Bitcoin Trading: Mastering the Bitcoin Universe and Step by Step Guide to Trading Bitcoin

by Owen Hill

Bitсоin trading iÑ? a explanatory lооk at thе Ñ?оwеrful cryptoсurrеnсÑ? taking оvеr the internet.

ThiÑ? digitаl ruÑ?h оf mоnеÑ? thаt iÑ? Ñ?wееÑ?ing thе glоbаl investors iÑ? not оnlÑ? gеtting easier, but аlÑ?о riskier еvеrÑ? day. Whilе it wаÑ? initiаllÑ? a Ñ?imÑ?lе Ñ?ееr-tо-Ñ?ееr Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?tеm for small transactions, it is nоw uÑ?еd fоr major invеÑ?tmеntÑ? аnd fоrеign luxurÑ? Ñ?urсhаÑ?еÑ?, whiсh hаÑ? intrоduсеd nеwеr Ñ?trаtеgiеÑ? and uÑ?еÑ?.

How does it really wоrk? How dо Ñ?оu trade with Bitсоin? Hоw dо Ñ?оu mаkе Ñ?rоfit by trаding Bitсоin? All thеÑ?е Ô?uеÑ?tiоnÑ? are answered in thiÑ? bооk.

Bitcoin trading is a book thаt will undoubtedly Ñ?Ñ?аrk conversation about several Bitсоin Trаding Ñ?trаtеgiеÑ?.

ThiÑ? book iÑ? a finаnсiаl bооk thаt doesn’t have a Ñ?оlitiсаl аgеndа. The Author mаdе соmÑ?lеx Bitcoin Trаding issues еаÑ?Ñ? tо understand with hiÑ? unсоmÑ?liсаtеd, rеаl-wоrld еxаmÑ?lеÑ? аbоut Bitсоin Trading in hiÑ? bооk.

This bооk would bе an excellent аdditiоn tо your соllесtiоn of finаnсе оr economic books.
The Author has created a timеlÑ? bооk that will furthеr the соnvеrÑ?аtiоn аbоut virtual сurrеnсÑ? in a global есоnоmÑ?. Fоr аnÑ?оnе trÑ?ing to undеrÑ?tаnd hоw tо trаdе BitсоinÑ? and itÑ? glоbаlizеd structure, thiÑ? bооk iÑ? a muÑ?t rеаd!

Quick & Easy Ketogenic Instant Pot Cookbook: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Recipes for Rapid Fat Loss & Healthy Meals

by Mary Thomas

Today only, get Quick and Easy Ketogenic Instant Pot Cookbook: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Recipes for Rapid Fat Loss & Healthy Meals for just $0.99. Use this Instant Pot to eat healthy and lose weight fast!
Are you tired of trying fad diets that never seem to work?
Do you want a sure way to lose weight, that is healthy and simple to achieve? The answer to your search could be with 365 days of Ketogenic Diet Instant Pot Obsession Cookbook, a book which will teach you all the essentials you will need to lose weight, boost energy and heal your body at the same time. Inside this book you will discover a wide range of great recipes for any time of the day.
There are over 60 healthy and delicious whole-food recipes that will help your body burn fat, including:
Maple Glazed Carrots
Instant Pot Spanish-Style Brown Rice
White Wine-Poached Pears With Vanilla
Mushroom Soup
Garlic And Chive Mashed Potatoes
Chicken Lazone
One Pot Pressure Cooker Penne Rigаtе PаÑ?tа
Instant Pоt Faux-tisserie Chiсkеn
Instant Pot Beef GÑ?rоÑ?
And much moreâ?¦
The ketogenic diet has become steadily more popular over the years, as many people turn to its amazing success rates to help them with their own weight loss programs. Now, you can do the same, with the help of Quick and Easy Ketogenic Instant Pot Cookbook.
Would you like to know more?
Download and start moving toward your goals.
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Instant Pot Cookbook for Two: Over 200 Amazing, Easy and Delicious Instant Pot Recipes for Two

by Sandra Banks

Do you know that one of the best ways to build a strong relationship with your loved ones is through cooking? A couple that cooks together stays together!

Delicious and nutritious recipes will nourish not just your bodies, but your hearts as well. You and your partner will not just enjoy hearty meals at the table. You will also strengthen the bond, improve communication, and build cooperation – the ingredients of a successful relationship.

There are over 200 proven, delicious and easy to make recipes in this book. Each and every recipe in this book uses the vastly popular Instant Pot. This allows you to have your meal ready in far less time without sacrificing anything. You’ll find everything from breakfasts to lunches and dinners in this book. You’ll find old fashioned classics and Paleo-friendly recipes. Each recipe has detailed ingredients, instructions and nutrition facts.

Preview of the Cookbook:

– Over 200 Delicious Recipes

– Practical Guide to Using an Instant Pot for Two

– Top 20 Recipes for an Exciting Night

– All Recipes Include Nutrition Facts, Ingredient List, Cook/Prep Time & Detailed Instructions

– Breakfast Recipes

– Lunch Recipes

– Dinner Recipes

– Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes

– Paleo-Friendly Recipes

– Fish & Seafood Recipes

– Soup Recipes

– Dessert Recipes

– Snack & Appetizer Recipes

– Much, Much More!

With the wide variety of dishes, you and your loved one will never run out ideas on what to prepare.

It’s Time to Make Cooking Easy & Exciting. Get the Cookbook Today! Happy cooking!

On the Sauce: A Cautionary Tale of Being Burned by the Pizza Industry

by Liz Van Pay

It is no secret that the American economy is in shambles. Everywhere you look there are businesses closing, mass layoffs, and our workforce left with nothing but unemployment benefits when these things happen. Some have been forced to do the unthinkable just to keep a job in the dog-eat-dog world of corporate anonymity – sacrifice their personal integrity.

When I walked into that office, I was the underdog. When I walked out for the last time, I had overcome adversity and was glad to go. On The Sauce: A Cautionary Tale of Being Burned by the Pizza Industry is a fearless, sassy memoir of just how far I went to keep my job as an office manager for a popular pizza franchise. Most people complain about long hours and overbearing management, but my story goes farther. I worked for a man who covered up a manager’s embezzlement and manslaughter all while falling in love with him. Constantly breaking both company rules and Federal laws to suit his agenda and being a member of a management love triangle served as the icing on the cake. On The Sauce is my personal narrative from the outside looking in, and my story of survival through an eighteen-month long work-life soap opera.

As the economy improves, businesses of all sizes will once again begin to flourish and the job market will grow. In the meantime, I would like On The Sauce to appeal to employers and employees alike, and prove that no matter what the work situation, anyone can overcome, specifically young women like myself. Beyond that, it can serve as a ‘what not to do’ for employers of all sizes.

Before you touch herâ?¦

by Lucille Brown

Before you touch herâ?¦

When a man knows how to easily meet certain emotional needs of his spouse, it results in a happy wife who is more engaged and more passionate in the sexual experience.

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