Free history Kindle books for 06 Feb 18

The Walls Go Up (Bible Studies for new Christians Book 2)

by Verna Hargrove

This is a study of the Book of Nehemiah in the Bible. We see in this book how the Jews rebuilt a solid wall around Jerusalem after they returned to the land of Israel 70 years after Babylon had destroyed it. I see in it how I can keep the walls around my life and home secure. In the human realm, We use faith in God as our spiritual weapon of protection against the evil one. All we have to do is look out around the world and see how humans have no power in themselves to guard against wickedness. People ask, “Why does God not help?” The answer is that they don’t believe there is a God, so they don’t ask for his help. If they don’t ask, they don’t receive Jesus said that we must ask and then we will receive. So much changed at that point in history. The temple that was built was later enlarged into the temple that Jesus taught in.

Great Missionary Encounters With Devils

by Clair Lasater

Christian missionary casting out of devils, (demons), through history. Catholic and Protestant. Saint Fechin of Fore, Reinhard Bonnke, Saint Hilarion, Kurt Koch,
John G. Lake, Saint Marcial, Saint Brioc, Saint Malachy, Saint Guthlac, Smith
Wigglesworth, Brother Juniper, Saint Antoninus of Sorrento, Harry Hampel,
W. Robert McAlister, Saint Gervasius, Saint Protasius, Saint Martin of Tours,
many more. Also chapters of Bible doctrine related to Satan and his demons.

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