Free humour Kindle books for 06 Feb 18

Dave Cooper Is Unemployed

by Luke Ryman

Join Dave and Tony on a road trip around England, as the two friends take part in a national pub quiz tournament, hoping to win the first prize of ten thousand pounds.

But just what has their team got, that makes them think that they’re going to win?

Well,with two lesbians, one very boring man, a potato peeler from hell, and a host of other characters, the team from the Red Lion has every reason to feel confident.

But with Dave and Tony on the team, is victory a possibility?

Discover the answer in this amusing short story, in which the quest for cheap beer, sex, and fun is brought to life, in the very first outing for Dave Cooper and Tony Joy.

Vampire Jokes for Kids: Funny, Clean Vampire Jokes For Children (Children’s jokes Books Book 5)

by I.P Happy

What do vampires say when you do them a favor?

“Fangs a lot!” 😀

There is nothing like the gift of laughter to bring you together and have some fun. So keep the family entertained with these Vampire jokes for kids.

Vampire jokes for kids is a brilliant Halloween gift, it’s packed full of jokes that will get them rolling on the floor with laughter.

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