Free literary fiction Kindle books for 06 Feb 18

Deadly Sins: An organized crime thriller

by Laura Read

How far would you go to escape from your sins?

Angela Balanescu is the daughter of an organized crime boss. Her father feeds on power, solely focused on how he can gain more territory. Hating the violence used by her family, Angela yearns to leave town, instead of using drink and sex as escapism.

When she falls for corrupt detective Sean, Angela wonders whether she can learn to trust him and put a life of crime behind her. But Vincent, her father’s violent lieutenant, is jealous of their relationship and wants her for himself. He reminds her that she shouldn’t trust anyone.

Will Angela choose to stay and help her family, or leave town to start a new life where she can escape her past?

Deadly Sins is Laura Read’s first organized crime thriller with a noir edge, described as: รข??Suspense, drama, sex and violence. All rolled into a cracking read.’ Full of twists and turns, fans of Karin Slaughter, Jessie Keane and Roberta Kray will love this novel. Lose yourself in this dark crime thriller with a twisted love story at its heart – get your copy today.

The Earl’s Captive

by Lorna Read

September, 1821. When her father announces that she must marry the ancient, grim-faced vicar, Lucy decides upon a desperate plan. Stealing his prized stallion, she escapes across the moors, only to fall into the hands of notorious horse thieves and the cheating arms of their rough but charming leader.

She is forced to take part in their crimes, but when she tries to deceive Philip, son of the Earl of Darwell, Lucy meets her match. Philip gives her an ultimatum: go to the gallows, or help him recover the deeds of Darwell Manor and his mother’s lost jewels.

Now, Lucy has to win back her freedom while losing her heart to handsome, aloof Philip… who doesn’t trust her an inch.

Delight’s Proximity

by Marcus Luther

Every small town has its own story, comprised of all the individual stories within it.

This novel follows four of those stories, each shaped in their own way by Delight, Arkansas. Carol Raffert faces a new world after the loss of her husband of fifty-two years; Jackson Miranda tries to integrate himself into the community as an outsider; Kalvin Scott struggles to form a new community outside of Delight as he begins college; and Tannica Branch, who escaped to Delight, is simply trying to endure.

And with the town dealing with the threat of losing its school district, these four individuals must examine their own relationship with Delight–and deciding, ultimately, whether or not they ought to stay or leave.

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