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The 20 Most Interesting Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technologies Explained: A small cryptocurrency bible for beginners about modern digital money, wallets, … mining, investing and trading cryptoassets

by Thomas Anderson

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies have been a huge interest and the interest is growing all the time. This book is for beginners and is not only about Bitcoin, but rather about twenty very different cryptocurrencies and crypto systems, which you see listed below.

The first part of the book explains briefly the terminology and usage of cryptocurrencies, and talks about getting rich with these assets – the cryptoassets. I guide you through the jungle of wallets, mining, investing and give some hints and ideas for setting up a cryptocurrency-based business.

It is important to note that these cryptoassets, which all are based on the blockchain (or the loopchain) technology are very different and they have different goals. Ethereum, for instance, is a true platform for decentralized apps (applications) and it can have a true impact on our economical world.

Then SALT, for example, is a business platform for the lending and borrowing of money. Ripple plans to be a true innovation (and it already is) for the financial institutions and so. In the cryptocurrency world, there are many niches which are still unconquered. If you manage to find a true cryptoasset, which is just getting popular, you may have found your fast lane to riches.

See below all the cryptoassets which are explained and introduced in this book. They are divided in three sections: the ones bases on Bitcoin and the others on Ethereum plus a third section, which is the â??others’.

1.Bitcoin (BTC)â??the original innovation
2.Bitcoin Cash (BCH)â??alternative Bitcoin
3.Litecoin (LTC)â??faster transactions
4.Namecoin (NMC)â??private domain names
5.Dash (DASH)â??digital cash
6.Peercoin (PPC)â??a modern mint
7.Zcash (ZEC)â??anonymous digital cash
8.Bitcoin Gold (BTG)â??ASIC resistant mining

9.Ethereum (ETH)â??the world computer
10.Ethereum Classic (ETC)â??unchangeable
11.NEO (NEO)â??Chinese Ethereum
12.ICON (ICX)â??loopchain technology
13.Augur (REP)â??prediction markets
14.SALT (SALT)â??the lending platform
15.Status (SNT)â??the Ethereum browser
16.TenX (PAY)â??the debit card

17.IOTA (MIOTA)â??Internet of Things
18.Ripple (XRP)â??the payment system
19.Monero (XMR)â??total privacy
20.Ardor (ARDR)â??blockchain-as-a-service

About the author

The author Thomas Anderson is a true visionary in his field of cryptocurrency adventures. He is a developer in one of the cryptocurrency projects explained in this book and is a true believer in this new technology. We are going to the Matrix world and soon we are defending the Sion. If you haven’t seen the movie called Matrix (1999) it is a must see for you, as you already have come this far to buy this book.

I wish you very pleasant reading experience and let’s hope together, that you will also gain monetary value to your life as this book will inspire you to take action.

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Investing for Beginners: Simple Investing Guide to Become an Intelligent Investor

by Sam Sutton

Looking to invest some of the money you have worked ages for but are not sure where to start? Congrats! You have come across just the right book!

No matter if you grew up in a family of wealthy investors or are just interested in learning the basics of what it takes, this book is for you! Everyone has to start somewhere, so why should you cause pain to yourself by attempting to read complicated jargon that makes absolutely no sense? No one has that much time to waste, and you certainly don’t either!

Within this book, you will learn everything you need to know to build a strong foundation to learn the ins and out of the world of investing. Without this foundation, you are setting yourself up for failure and a loss of that hard-earned cash. No one deserves that! You deserve to know where you are putting your money and what places and strategies help it to grow more.

Clinical experiences of acute emergency cases in homoeopathy


Homoeopathy is a rapid healing science. The changes after administration of single dose make the patient feels better even when the pill touches the tongue. Many people are fearful to take a homeopathic treatment in acute emergency diseases and even life-threatening diseases but if the selection of remedy is exact similar one, the astonishing result will happen every time. Here I want to share my clinical experiences of 10 acute emergency cases with great success. Each and every case needs a different approach. The methods of individualizing the patient may vary cases to cases. The solidly available symptoms and sure shot patient’s symptoms are the only keys to select the technique.

Connect With People: Unleash Powerful Secrets To Become A people Magnet

by Hilton Jameson

Do you want people to admire and like you?

Do you want to stand out in a crowd and be the person people want to talk to?

It’s not a skill you’re born with! With an understanding of what you need to do to acquire this skill, you can have it too!!!

You can start connecting with people and become a magnet for their attention with just a few easy steps that anyone can master. Being liked means you have more choices in life. Your choice of partner, career success, and those people you choose to be around. Connecting with people is what makes us happy in life as social animals.

You can use your new connecting skills to meet strangers, at business meetings, networking events, dating, or just during small talk. These connecting skills are the building blocks of all successful people. They know that in order to be a success, you need rapport with lots of people.

We all want to be loved, and this book shows you how. This book is about putting a smile on your face and making you happy.

Do you know the simple things that stop you connecting with people. Find out what simple changes you can make for a big difference.

Find out how you can start demanding respect at work.

Get advice that matters and which changes lives.

Maximum impact techniques to change your social life

Never feel invisible or a lack of confidence again.

Light the room up with your charisma

Use the powerful secrets of influence that have been used to gain wealth and success in life.

Find out about conversation tactics that instantly create appeal, interest and attraction in others

Easy conversation hacks to make people like and connect with you

Want to become a girl magnet. Hilton Jameson tells you how.

Why trying to hard to be liked, actually turns people off.

Find out out the 4 steps to being liked

Being confident and connecting with people in any social setting

Find out how to build rapport and the secret that makes people like you instantly

Stimulating interest in others

How to connect with people in business

Remember, people make instant judgements about who they like and don’t like. This could mean something as simple as not managing to hit it off with the person you desire, to missing out on that new job, promotion, or big business deal.

Baking Cookbook: 100+ Pancake Recipes, Easiest Way to Bake Pancake (Healthy Food Book 53)

by Teresa Moore

Baking Cookbook: 100+ Pancake Recipes, Easiest Way to Bake Pancake

Today only, get this Kindle book.
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It is difficult to imagine a table without pancakes. Most housewives regularly cook them using a variety of foods and types of flour. However, not everyone knows that there are exquisite recipes for making pancakes. And that the dish not only turned out to be useful and tasty, but also ideally suited for a festive table, it is necessary to follow the instructions for its preparation.
In this book, the reader will find many recipes for a variety of pancakes, among which any hostess can choose the dishes that will suit her and her family, as well as dishes suitable for a festive table.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Pancakes with apples
  • Pancakes with potato
  • Corn muffins with chicken
  • Pancakes “Banana Delight”
  • Pancakes with chicken fillet with liver
  • Pancakes with buckwheat and banana-orange sauce

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Air Fry Recipes: The Newbie-Friendly Air Fryer Cookbook Containing Easy, Delicious & Healthy Air Fryer Recipes For ALL Air Fryers

by Chloe Wither


The recipes in this book will change your cooking life completely, and now that you are well equipped with the best recipes and methods to go out and cook air fry recipes this will happen very quickly for you!

Air fry recipes will be covered inside this book. These are recipes that are not only delicious and conveniently easy to make, they are also nutritious, healthy and contains almost close to no fat whatsoever! It is a truly transformational cooking utensil in and of itself, and I can’t wait for you to go through the recipes to start applying in your own kitchen!

The best part is? Whether you are a seasoned cook or have absolutely no idea what you are doing, these recipes will be perfect for anyone to start regardless of where you are at. Also you can change it up to suit your own personal preference and tastes, as everyone is different.

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Apple Cider Vinegar : Rapid Weight Loss, Detox, Clean Your House, Apple Cider Vinegar Remedies, Recipes, Heal Your Body, Healing And Cures, Miracle Apple Cider Vineger Uses!

by Julia Bond

Learn About The Many Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar!

Do You Want To Lose Weight, Cleanse Or Just Clean Your House Better ?

Learn the many uses for your apple cider vinegar

You Will Learn The Following:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar For Beginners
  • Remedies and Cures
  • For Weight Loss
  • Household Cleaning
  • Beauty Benefits
  • Many Many Health Benefits
  • And Much Much More!

Whether you want to learn more about apple cider vinegar or you already understand it and want extra knowledge doing the most you can to use apple cider vinegar more wisely. This book is for you.

So don’t delay it any longer. Take This Opportunity By Buying This Apple Cider Vinegar Guide Now!

You will be shocked by how much you can learn and about losing weight, healing your body and achieve all the other benefits, impress your friends and family with how many uses you have for this everyday household essential.

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Cryptocurrency Investing: The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain Technology (Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Book 3)

by Devan Hansel

How do cryptocurrencies work? Should you invest in them?

In this book, you will learn the fundamentals of crypto technologies like Bitcoin, Blockchain and how to build a highly profitable investment portfolio. Cryptocurrencies are still in very early stages. Many people are unaware of the true potential of this breakthrough technology. The current market capital of all cryptocurrencies is more than $500 Billion! And in the upcoming years, experts predict that it’ll reach the $1 Trillion mark as well. Such a kind of market growth has never been witnessed in modern history. As an educated adult, you are free to invest in this market and reap the benefits. But the majority of people don’t have a clue about how to play the cryptocurrency investing game. To properly capture this opportunity, you need to have the right knowledge of investment strategies and the underlying technology.

The Crypto Revolution has begun. Capture the market NOW and earn Six Figure returns on your investments.

In this book, best-selling author and investor Devan Hansel teaches you the tricks of the trade and the step-by-step methods to build a highly profitable crypto investment portfolio. The book has been designed as an essential guide covering everything from the origin of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and blockchain technology to advanced techniques for market research and ICOs.

It’s a fact that there are more than 100,000 Bitcoin Millionaires in the world. With new cryptocurrencies being launched every week, the opportunity to achieve financial freedom has never been greater. However, to succeed in this volatile market with cryptocurrency investing, you need to equip yourself with the right tools and the right knowledge. This book provides them both. Among other things, you will learn about:

  • Basics of Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Blockchain.
  • The Investment Process & Terminology
  • Where Cryptocurrencies get value from
  • Crypto-Wallets, Exchanges and other tools
  • How to identify Profitable Market Trends
  • Making Your First Crypto Investment
  • Different buying & exit strategies
  • The potential of ICOs and where to find them
  • Security measures and other essential tips
  • Future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain

The most common reason why people fail at cryptocurrency investing is a lack of proper understanding of the market. At the end of the day, nobody knows how the price fluctuations will play out. So, as a crypto investor or trader, being well informed is the best logical decision to make. 5 years from now, you will either regret for not taking the right action or you will be smiling because you seized this opportunity and got involved.

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Bitcoin: Mastering Bitcoin for Starters

by Sam Sutton

Bitcoin: Mastering Bitcoin for Starters is the ultimate guide that will teach you how to master the number one cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin. Learn the ins and outs of Bitcoin, as well as how you can turn it into a highly profitable investment. This book unveils the secrets that will help you master Bitcoin.


ï?¼What Bitcoin is
ï?¼What a cryptocurrency is
ï?¼History of bitcoin
ï?¼Blockchain technology
ï?¼How a Bitcoin transaction works
ï?¼The different types of bitcoin wallets
ï?¼Businesses that use and accept bitcoins
ï?¼Effective and powerful investing strategies
ï?¼Different ways to mine bitcoins
ï?¼Bitcoin security
And so much more!

Cryptocurrency Investing: The Ultimate Guide About Top Cryptocurrencies for Investing and Perfect Strategies to Make Money

by Sam Suttom

Cryptocurrency Investing: The Ultimate Guide About Top Cryptocurrencies for Investing and Perfect Strategies to Make Moneyis the master manual that will teach you how to effectively and successfully invest in cryptocurrencies. This book unveils the secrets and reveals important information and strategies that will allow you to dominate the cryptocurrency market and earn your way to financial freedom.


ï?¼The truth behind the myths about the cryptocurrency market
ï?¼Basic rules of cryptocurrency
ï?¼Different ways to mine cryptocurrency
ï?¼How the mining process works
ï?¼The blockchain technology
ï?¼Different types of cryptocurrency wallets
ï?¼How to keep your cryptocurrency wallet safe and secure
ï?¼Top 10 cryptocurrencies in the market
ï?¼The most popular cryptocurrency exchanges
ï?¼Powerful and highly-effective investment strategies
And more!

Easy Keto Recipes: Keto meal plan, Keto electric pressure cooker cookbook, Keto Slow Cooker cookbook, Keto Dessert recipes (Ketogenic diet cookbook)

by Cameron Walker

Keep up with keto even on your busiest days with your Easy Keto Recipes

Finding quick and easy keto recipes that fit with your lifestyle and schedule can be difficult. That’s why Cameron Walker, the nutritionist behind the Keto Diet books series and a busy working dad, shares his favorite stress-free keto dishes in his Easy Keto Recipes. With 30 day meal plans and recipes with different appliances (from slow cooker to electric pressure cooker recipes) that require no more than 30-minutes prep time, this cookbook offers a simple solution to keeping the ketogenic diet easy.

All original recipes have really high fat and way less than 10 gr of net carbs per meal!

This bundle offer includes 4 books:

The complete monthly guide schedule for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner for your best and fastest adaptation to the Keto lyfestyle

Many tend to exceed with some macros or in calories or can fall victim to the temptation to give up before they can truly experience the benefits of being keto-adapted. Your 30-Day Ketogenic Meal Plan is not like most of the keto or recipes books you have read. It makes things simple, by eliminating confusion and some of the myths that exist in the low carb community and by laying out the milestones you must observe to have success on your keto quest.

  • Overview table of your 30 day Meal Plan – with macros & net carb calculations
  • Understanding your macros: how to deal with calorie and determine your right fat intake
  • How to manage protein intake so it is not too high or too low
  • How to deal with carbs: total carbs vs. net carb calculation
  • What to do to ensure you do not fall short on micronutrients
  • How to avoid Keto Flu
  • Breakfast recipes
  • Lunch recipes
  • Snack recipes
  • Dinner recipes
  • â?¦.each recipe is detailed with nutrition values and total and net carb calculation

    Your easy slow cooker recipe book with macros and total carb / net carb calculations!

    Over 60 healthy and delicious whole-food recipes that will help your body burn fat and keep your cravings to zero

    • Slow cooking: all there is to know!
    • Pork keto slow cooker recipes
    • Beef and game slow cooker recipes
    • Poultry keto slow cooker recipes
    • Fish & seafood keto slow cooker recipes
    • Soup & other originl dishes keto slow cooker recipes
      • Sweet keto slow cooker recipes
      • â?¦.each recipe is detailed with nutrition values and total and net carb calculation

        • Ketoessentials: the essential equipment to become a real ketochef
        • Getting to know the ingredients of the Keto dessert Chef: Sweeteners
        • Getting to know the ingredients of the Keto dessert chef: Flours
        • Fat bomb recipes
        • Keto cake recipes
        • Keto chocolate recipes
        • Keto mousses & cream recipes
        • Keto ice creams
        • Keto traditional festivity recipes
        • Nutrition facts of the Keto dessert chef’s main ingredients
        • â?¦.each recipe is detailed with nutrition values and total and net carb calculation
          Low Carb Recipes for Your Pressure Cooker (with macros & total carb/net carb calculations per recipe

          • Electric pressure cooker: all there is to know!
          • Pork keto recipes
          • Beef and game keto recipes
          • Poultry keto recipes
          • Fish & seafood keto recipes
          • Soup & other original dishes keto recipes
            • Sweet keto recipes

How to Contact Amazon Customer Service: Get Support and Help Through Web, Phone, Email, and Chat: Step by Step Guide with Screenshot (How To Step-by-Step Guide Book 1)

by Alexa Cody

Need to get hold of Amazon Customer Service right now? I got you covered!

Get this book, learn how to contact Amazon Customer Service right away!
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There are many reasons why you want to contact Amazon Support. It can be a lost order, an order you want to cancel, a defective item you want to return. Lots of possible reasons. The good news is that there are many ways you can contact Amazon Customer Service.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

-How to Contact Amazon Customer Service by Phone
-How to Contact Amazon Customer Service by Email
-How to Contact Amazon Customer Service by Chat

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Keto Diet for Beginners: TOP 51 Amazing and Simple Recipes in One Ketogenic Cookbook, Any Recipes on Your Choice for Any Meal Time

by Amanda Lee

Dear reader!

Thank you for your interest to my book. Before you start reading, I’d like to tell you a little about what awaits you on the pages of the book.

Do you suffer from obesity? The rising incidence of obesity is taking its toll on the health of a large population segment. While we do believe that people of all sizes are beautiful, you must pay heed to a growing waistline because being overweight is never healthy.

There are countless methods to lose weight, but traditional crash diets and starving yourself are definitely the wrong routes to pursue. This is why we want to introduce you to the ketogenic diet. It’s a healthy way of shedding extra pounds because it doesn’t deplete muscle, but simply works on the extra unwanted layers of fat and discards them.

Here, are 51 great recipes to ensure you’ll be able to enjoy food, despite dieting. We’ll be sharing recipes for breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner so you can keep munching a bit whenever you want.

Also, don’t forget to take your FREE BONUS: ‘TOP10 Ketogenic Smoothie and Dessert Recipes’

In this book we’re going to provide you comprehensive details regarding what the keto diet entails and how you can stick to it, all while enjoying your meals and shedding the extra pounds that seem to have piled on. 

Does it sound too good to be true? Let’s get to facts and prove the benefits to you. Click “Buy now” and start your new life!

Herbal Remedies Collection: 150 Best Medicinal Herbs And Remedies For Healing

by Ann Ray

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Herbal Remedies Collection: 150 Best Medicinal Herbs And Remedies For Healing

If you wish to be healthy without pills you should read this book with proven recipes.

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How to Become a Money Making Machine By Trading and Investing in Cryptocurrencies (Book on How to Become a Millionaire with Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Blockchain, … Ripple etc.) (Cryptocurrency Investing 1)

by Anthony Christensen

I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to Partner up with Amazon for a limited time to offer you DOUBLE VALUE on this book. Because Amazon has included “Cryptocurrency Investing for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide on How to Retire a Millionaire, Even if You Have No Idea What You’re Doing” in their Kindle Matchbook Program, now when you purchase the paperback version of this book you get the kindle version FOR FREE. Don’t wait, claim your offer today!!

Cryptocurrencies are growing phenomenally and there is so much money to be made. A lot of investors are earning profits regularly by trading, investing, and exploiting opportunities brought about by cryptocurrencies.

By reading this book, you will learn everything about cryptocurrencies and discover which ones are the most profitable to trade and invest in. If you are looking for a good investment, then you must begin investing in cryptocurrencies.

Through this book, you will find out how to get started, where to start and which strategies will earn you the most profits. You also get to learn how to read and interpret charts, and how to use the charts to predict the future performance of the currencies and make accurate determination about when to buy, when to hold, or when to sell. The book describes in great detail the best ways to predict price movement and how to profit from it.

If you are looking for a reliable and recurrent source of income, then this book will explain how to build a long-term profitable income stream in various cryptocurrency areas ranging from mining to trading and investing.

It will guide you on where to start if you have less than $1000, the different methods of making money with cryptocurrencies, and how to earn your first $5000 – $10,000 this year. Lastly, please know that there are scams out there. Greedy and unscrupulous individuals may try to steal your money.

Through this book, you will learn how to stay safe online, how to spot and avoid scams, and how to wisely diversify your investments.

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Fighting For Your Life: 5 Lessons to Create an MMA Mindset and Develop Healthier Habits

by Chuck Friesen

These 5 lessons will help you slip into the MMA mindset to develop healthier habits. Unleash the warrior you already are!

Eat Yourself Slim: 21 Low Calorie Recipe for a Perfect Body (Weight Loss, Low Calorie, Diet, Low Carb, Meal Plan, Rapid Weight Loss, Healthy Living)

by Eva Reinhard

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This is a compilation of 21 Low Calorie Recipe for a Perfect Body. You will surely adore each recipe here from the first to last as they are carefully selected for this book to help you loose weight by following the right diet.

You want the best Weight Loss Recipes for helping your body get slimmer? Then this book is for you!

By eating the right diet you will not only be looking great with an awesome lean body, but it might also boost your general health & strength.

Cherry-Almond Farro Salad, Stuffed Chili and Cheese Potato, Greek Yogurt and Raspberries and One Pot Lemon Herb Chicken and Rice are just to name a few of the delicious Weight Loss recipes in this book!

I have created this book of 21 recipes for all of your meals, including breakfast, lunch, in-between meal snack and dinner, so that you can introduce them into your everyday diet without starving or shocking your body.

Each recipe in this cookbook is easy to prepare with step-by-step instructions and comes with linked tables of content which makes finding your favorite recipe easy.

    This book Consists of:

  • Table of Contents (clickable)
  • Introduction
  • THREE Bonus Books
  • 21 Low Calorie Recipe for a Perfect Body

Discover delicious recipes that are going to help you lose weight!

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Glorious Gluten Free Bread

13 Gluten Free Bread Recipes That You Will Love


Slow Cooker Soup-A-Doop

13 Delicious Slow Cooker Soup Recipes


Paleo Freezer

11 Prepare-Ahead Paleo Freezer Meals

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