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Every Breath Is Gold: Includes all 3 Memoirs: 6 Minutes Wrestling with Life, Again, Your Soul Knows

by JohnA Passaro

Get ready to laugh, cry, smile and think.
There is a club in this world you do not join knowingly.
One day you are just a member.
It is “The Life-Changing Events Club.”
The fee to join the club is hurt beyond belief, payable in full, up front, for a lifetime membership.
The benefit of the club is a newfound perspective on life, and a deep understanding that you may not be happy about your current situation, but you can be happy in your current situation.
The club does not provide a directory of its members, but when you look into a member’s eye, you can tell that they, too, are part of the club.
Members are allowed to exchange brief eye contact that says, “I didn’t know.”
Being a member of this club is the last thing anyone intentionally wants in their life.
Being a member of this club is the best thing that ever happens to a person in their life, and there is not a person who would ever give up their membership.
If you really look and know what you are looking for, you can spot the club’s members. They are the ones who perform a random act of kindness; people who do something for someone who can never repay them.
They are the people spreading joy and optimism and lifting people’s spirits even when their own heart has been broken.
I have paid my dues.
My lifetime membership arrived today.
Not by mail, but by a deep inner feeling I cannot describe.
It is the best club I never wanted to be part of.
But I am – for life.
Here is my story.
Every Breath Is Gold – Includes 3 Memoirs
* 6 Minutes Wrestling With Life (Book 1)
* Again (Book 2)
* Your Soul Knows (Book 3)

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