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Occult doctrine of Carlos Castaneda: the city STALKING (book.1)

by Sergey Matyushkov

The urban Stalking (a hunter’s path) in the Carlos Castaneda doctrine presents special practical skills in manipulating the psyche. The basic idea in the art of Stalking lies in arresting a practitioner’s attention in any altered state of consciousness. Contemporary psychologists have proved that even small alterations in one’s personal perception, say, alterations in behavior or in a stereotyped response in every-day life are quite sufficient to take first steps towards mastering the art of the urban Stalking.

Upon eagerly practicing the art of Stalking over 1 to 2 years, the beginner comes to a harmonious psychoenergetic balance. His response to extrinsic stimuli and driving criteria adopted in the present-day socium is changing. He feels and perceives much more than an ordinary person. And this is quite reasonable รข?? for it is the proper Ego (with its needs) and self-pity in all varieties that seriously deplete man’s stamina. At a later time, it is the hypertrophic Ego as a by-product of social life that inhibits required inner transformations of the psyche.

The urban Stalking is skillfulness in adapting and effectively acting under new unfamiliar circumstances. To practice the urban Stalking, a man must learn to stalk those of his own “inner weaknesses” which prevent him from effectively showing himself in the social medium.

The book is designed for the high readership. Here, the reader will get to know about some yet unpublished techniques in the art of urban Stalking in the framework of the Carlos Castaneda doctrine.

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