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100 Bob Marley Quotes: 100 Interesting, Thoughtful And Wise Quotes By The Legendary Reggae Musician Bob Marley

by James Howard

Robert Nesta Marley (6 February 1945 – 11 May 1981) was a Jamaican musician who became an international musical as well as cultural icon through his reggae music. He got started in 1963 with the group The Wailers. He had a different songwriting and vocal style that would later connect with huge audiences worldwide.

Bob Marley said a lot of interesting and wise things during his lifetime and this is a collection with 100 of his very best quotes. Enjoy!

Reviews and Interviews: Volume 1

by Gareth Johnson

A collection of reviews and interviews.

Sexy Girls: Vol.1, The Best Sexy Girls Japanese Style With Flowers (Sexy Pictures)

by Wami Naga

Indulge in picture of sexy girls Japanese with flower sakura, so cute, Huge Butt, Big ass

WARNING: Adult content is included which is inappropriate for under-aged. ***For Adults 18+ Only

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Collection of beautiful girls with perfect curves – NGUYEN HUONG LY (Japanese Edition)


å®?ç?§ãªã?«ã?¼ã??ã??æ?ã¤ç¾?ã?ã?女の子のã?³ã?¬ã?¯ã?·ã?§ã?³ – NGUYEN HUONG LY

Teen Angel

by D. M. Larson

Peggy is a teen who has gone to heaven but must complete a mission to earn her angel wings. But her mission proves to be difficult when she discovers that she is helping a loved one she left behind. This a stage play script in One Act with optional song selections so it can be a musical – 5 female and 2 male characters with possible extras.

Slammin’ Simon’s 20 Essential Drum Rudiments

by Slammin’ Simon

Slammin’ Simon teaches aspiring rockstars all the rudiments, grooves and fills they need to get drumming in no time!

His fun instructional resources are perfect for use in the lesson room, by instructors who work with young students, as well as at home, by parents of children learning to play percussion.

In his 20 Essential Drum Rudiments guide, Simon and his pet turtle, Rudi, introduce their favorite Roll, Diddle, Flam and Drag rudiments. These hand patterns (or “stickings”) provide drummers with a solid foundation for their future percussion study and development.

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