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Slow Soup For You!: From Bone Broth to Zucchini; Satisfying and Tasty Slow Cooker Soups

by Liz Stevens

Enjoy this collection of healthy and delicious Slow Cooker Soup recipes! Easy to learn, easy to follow, easy to cook! These are fantastic and simple slow cooker soup recipes for any occasion! Even a beginner with no experience will have an easy and fun time while trying out these slow cooker soup recipes!

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Instant Pot Paleo Cookbook: 85+ Recipes to Cook at Home with Your Instant Pot (Paleo Instant Pot Cookbook,paleo diet recipes, Instant Pot)

by Becci Bobson

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You will be surprised when you realize how many healthy and delicious meals you can prepare using the Instant Pot Paleo Cookbook: 85 (+) Recipes to Cook at Home with Your Instant Pot (Perfect for New Users). Meal preparation is so convenient and easy that you will soon discover what you have been missing out in life -with so much less time consumed in food preparation and more time to spend with your loved ones.


Many methods are shown of how to use your Instant Pot for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You don’t need to miss out on the flavor of desserts either!


Here is a condensed preview of the Chapters in this book: 


  • Apple Cherry Pork Loin for Sandwiches
  • Kerala Beef Fry
  • Cranberry – Apple Chicken & Cabbage
  • Chinese Red Pork
  • Chicken Drumstick Soup
  • Sicilian Vegetable Medley
  • Baked Apples

    and Much, much more!


The Instant Pot will save you many hours of preparation time so you can move on with your life. The Paleo recipes will provide the essential nutrients to improve your health, and they are so simple to prepare. Together, they are unbeatable!


If you maintain a busy lifestyle and have only the weekend to rest before the following week, you will find planning what you want for the coming week can be less of a task if you have your cookbook downloaded to your files.


By the Way: Happy Cooking!




Weight Watchers Freestyle 2018: The Ultimate Compilation Of The Most Delicious, Healthiest & Easiest Weight Watcher Recipes For Newbies

by Pete Barnes


New year new me? Get 2018 off to a strong start with the right recipes that are not only healthy and delicious but also convenient and easy to make regardless of who you are and your situation.

This compilation of recipes great for beginners will help you reach your goals no matter what they may be. Whether it be to lose weight, burn the fat, get in shape, or in general become overall healthier, its all here!

So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of this book and start cooking now!

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Weight Watchers Freestyle: The Comprehensive Collection of Delicious & Healthy Weight Watchers Recipes – Also Includes Weight Watchers Instant Pot Cookbook Recipes

by Tom Siffredi


Start off 2018 with The Comprehensive Collection of Delicious & Healthy Weight Watchers Recipes!

Inside this book Includes Weight Watchers Instant Pot Cookbook Recipes which combines the instant pot for added speed and convenience even for the most busiest of people!

Kickstart your new year with our range and choice of recipes that is fit for any situation and any person. These recipes have made a huge difference in countless people’s health and fitness in their life, and now it is time for them to impact you too!

So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of this book and start cooking now!

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Ketogenic Instant Pot Cookbook: 600 Low Carb High-Fat Keto Recipes that Cook Themselves (The Keto LCHF Series)

by Abel Jones

“Delicious Ketogenic Dishes have never been this Quick and Easy!” –Dr Mercalo, Alternative Medicine proponent and Best Selling Author

Delicious Ketogenic meals in under 20 minutes– just set it and forget it.

Join the Ketogenic Instant Pot Revolution…

The Ketogenic Diet has revolutionized weight loss. After centuries of unhealthy fad diets and restrictive low-calorie diets that only deprive the body and lead to water and muscle loss, we have finally found the key to successful weight loss.

With over 600 easy-to-follow Ketogenic Instant Pot recipes and a full cooking time guide, this is the only cookbook you will ever need on the subject!

This cookbook tells you how to unlock the full potential of your Instant Pot with pages of delicious recipes from all over the worldâ??France, Italy, Germany, Japan and Korea. All recipes stay within the macro ratios of the ketogenic diet and focus on low insulin index-low vegetables, meats, and healthy fats.

The Ketogenic Instant Pot offers:

  • Over 600 delicious recipes for every occasion
  • Intuitive categorization for easy browsing
  • Accurate Macronutrient chart of allowed foods
  • Practical tools and guidelines to make your high-fat life a breeze

Sneak Preview of a few recipes:

  • Cauliflower-Crusted Sausage and Avocado Breakfast Pizza
  • Poached Eggs with Tomatoes
  • Ham and Dill Pressure-Cooked Eggs
  • Crustless Meat-Loaded Quiche
  • Poppy Seed Lemony Muffins
  • Breakfast Caulicheese
  • Tarragon Chicken with Mushrooms
  • Marinara and Cheese Stewed Chicken
  • Italian Duck with Spinach
  • Lime and Salsa Chicken with Cauliflower Rice
  • Cheesy QuesadillasClams in a White Wine Sauce
  • Shrimp Scampi
  • Mediterranean Salmon
  • Almond and Dijon Tilapia

Be sure to click the cover and take a look at the smorgasbord of chef-created recipes here.

The Ketogenic Instant Pot  will help you achieve lasting weight loss, reverse insulin resistance, and avoid a lifetime of deadly diseases like obesity, metabolic resistance, and heart disease. You’ll have more energy and cognitive power than you’ve ever experienced, all without feeling deprived.

Ketogenic Casseroles: Healthy and Delicious Fat Burning Recipes to Enjoy on a Ketogenic Diet !

by Liz Stevens

Please Enjoy this collection of healthy and delicious Ketogenic Recipes!

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The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that in medicine is used primarily to treat difficult-to-control epilepsy in children. The diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. The low amount of carbohydrates in this diet is also useful for patients struggling with diabetes

It is a great diet if you are trying to lose weight as a ketogenic diet causes your entire body switches its fuel supply to run almost entirely on fat. Insulin levels become very low and fat burning increases dramatically. It becomes easy to access your fat stores to burn them off, and there are also other less obvious benefits like less hunger and a steady supply of energy.

For whatever reason it is that you are trying a Ketogenic Diet, this Ketogenic recipe book, full of delicious and healthy ketogenic diet recipes, is a perfect place to start.

All recipes are 7 ingredients or less, and are easy to follow. These Ketogenic Recipes were handpicked with the intent of allowing beginners of the Ketogenic Diet an opportunity to enjoy easy, healthy, and delicious recipes without needing to complicate their lives!

Great Value!

Traditional Boston Massachusetts Recipes: Cookbook Full of Recipes From Boston, Massachusetts (Cooking Around the World 11)

by Laura Sommers

58 Traditional Boston Massachusetts Recipes from New England in This Cookbook

Boston is the most populous city, as well as the capital of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is home to the Boston Red Sox baseball team as well as the New England Patriots NFL Football team and the Boston Celtics Basketball team.

Boston was a colonial town and has a lot of American heritage and history surrounding it, including the famous Boston Tea Party where Americans boycotted a tax from England on imported tea by throwing shipments in to the Boston Harbor.

Being a seaport city, Bostonians enjoy a variety of seafood dishes such as lobster, clams and shrimp. New Englanders enjoy a traditional soup containing fish, clams or corn known as “chowder.” Who hasn’t heard of “New England Clam Chowder?” But chowder comes in other forms besides Clam Chowder such as corn or fish.

Other traditional dishes that are popular the world over that have originated from Boston are Boston Baked Beans and Boston Cream Pie. There are many foods from this culturally rich city. This cookbook has captured a wide variety of the traditional Boston, Massachusetts dishes for you to enjoy.

Recipes Include

  • Boston Cream Pie
  • Boston Brown Bread
  • Boston Baked Beans
  • Boston Iced Tea
  • Chicken Boston
  • New England Clam Chowder
  • New England Sweet Potato and Corn Clam Chowder
  • Oyster Stew
  • Lobster Bisque
  • Seasoned Oyster Crackers with Old Bay
  • Cod Fish Cakes
  • Cheesy Baked Stuffed Cod
  • English-Style Fish And Chips
  • Lobster Mac and Cheese
  • New England Lobster Roll
  • Beer-Steamed Clams
  • White Clam Pizza
  • Parker House Rolls
  • Creamy Cranberry Pie
  • Irish Coffee
  • Halibut Chowder
  • Garbage Can Clambake
  • Steamed Clams With A White Wine Butter Sauce
  • New England Blueberry Betty
  • New England Lobster Casserole
  • New England Wild Blueberry Cobbler
  • New England Blueberry Muffins
  • Lobster Quiche
  • Baked Scallops
  • Shrimp In Wine Sauce
  • Boiled Shrimp
  • Boiled Lobster
  • Corn Bread
  • Dirt Pudding
  • Lobster Stew
  • Blueberry Molasses Cake
  • Potato Candy
  • New England Johnnycakes
  • Shrimp Casserole
  • Whoopie Pies
  • New England Corn Chowder
  • New England Bean Dip
  • New England Crab Cakes
  • Graham Bread
  • Crab-Stuffed Corn Muffins
  • New England Cottage Pie
  • Clam Chowder Meatloaf
  • Snickerdoodle Sandwich Cookies
  • Boston Bacon Fatties
  • Cod Fish Cakes
  • Clam Chowder Dip in a Bread Bowl
  • Massachusetts Chili
  • Deep Fried Lobster
  • Deep Fried Oysters
  • Cape Cod Cocktail Meatballs
  • Cranberry Muffins
  • Crustless Cranberry Pie
  • Cranberry Sauce

Vegetable Recipes: The Ultimate Vegetable Recipe Book: Guide to Preparing and Cooking Delightful Vegetable Dishes

by Celeste Jarabese


With so many people suffering from different diseases often brought about by unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating habits, here is a book that would help people reverse their health condition by incorporating more vegetables into their diet.

We all know that prevention is always better than cure, so now is the time to be mindful of our health and start eating healthily with veggies!

Say YES to vegetables and reap all the AMAZING HEALTH BENEFITS that it brings!!

This book has a great selection of vegetable recipes that you can choose to include in your daily meal plan.

Don’t hesitate, grab a copy NOW!

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Ketogenic Cooking: Ketogenic Cooking With Your Instant Pot (Ketogenic Diet, Healthy Cookbook, Meal Prep, Ketogenic Cookbook)

by Lela Gibson

You’re About To Discover The #1 Secret To Ketogenic Cooking

With Amazing Ketogenic Recipes

If you have been trying to lose weight for some time, you are likely to have come across the ketogenic diet. This diet is effective in not only weight loss but also reversing type 2 diabetes, improving mental health among other things. Despite all the amazing benefits this diet enables you to enjoy, some people get bored preparing the same ketogenic recipes.

However, I have good news that will revolutionize your cooking. Are you aware that you can prepare tasty ketogenic recipes using an instant pot? If you think that just because you adopted the ketogenic diet, you will have to get rid of using your instant pot, think again. This book has tasty ketogenic recipes that you can prepare in your instant pot.

Here’s Just A Small Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Ketogenic Cooking: Getting Started
  • Instant Pot Cooking Tips
  • Breakfast Recipes
  • Lunch Recipes
  • Dinner Recipes
  • Desserts

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Cast Iron Cookbook: From Stove to Table, Quick & Easy, Everyday Cast Iron Recipes

by Louise Davidson

Everyday cooking with the most versatile pan in your kitchen! The cast iron skillets have survived the test of time and makes every meal taste so much better.
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The number of dishes one can cook with cast iron cookware and the ease of doing so are simply amazing. They also turn out delicious and cleaning up is a breeze. Yes, the cast iron pan is truly ancient, having been with us for centuries; but it’s no wonder it’s still around! It is the most versatile pan in your kitchen: from grilling meats and preparing the most outstanding breakfasts to simmering soups and stews on the stovetop or roasting and baking in an oven, the cast iron delivers incredible flavors. No wonders it was our grandmothers’ favorite pan.

This cookbook presents kitchen-tested recipes that you won’t be able not to love. Aside from steaks, there are hearty, one-pot power breakfasts, pilafs, paellas, main dishes, light snacks, marvelous vegetarian fare and even decadent desserts! All recipes include a detailed ingredient list, easy to follow preparation steps, and nutrition facts.

You’ll also be able to learn about the cast iron pan’s history as well as pointers on how to care for it, so you always get the best results. The cast iron itself lends a rustic decorative appeal in this age of shiny, modern cookware. See your guests’ eyes open in amazement when it’s placed on the dining table, straight from the oven!

Inside, you’ll find:
-An introduction to the cast iron cookware, its history, benefits, capabilities, maintenance, and more
-Tasty breakfast recipes like the Banana-Nut Quinoa and the Hearty Paleo Breakfast
-Bountiful beef recipes such as the Spiced Sirloin Steak and the Cast-Iron Burgers
-Wholesome pork recipes like the Pork Chops Provençal with Potatoes and the Pork Medallions in Mushroom Gravy
-Satisfying chicken recipes like the Greek-Style One Pan Chicken and Rice and the Honey-Lemon Chicken
-Amazing vegetarian recipes such as the Potato-Rosemary Flatbreads and the Skillet Pesto Pizza
-Delightful dessert recipes like the Cranberry Upside-Down Cake and the Plum Clafoutis

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