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Three.Thirty.Three: Beyond York (Three.Thirty.Three. Book 1)

by David McNeal

Danger lurks around every corner in the world of Three.Thirty.Three, weaving a tale of human survival that looks to explore the deepest parts of the human condition.
Following the story of a young black girl named Harma, her adventures take place in a world where a mysterious virus has ravaged America and the rest of the world.
Harma’s hometown of York is one of many American cities currently occupied by the US military to keep society from completely collapsing.
With the backing of a fearful Washington and the military the CDC has enacted a brutal campaign of sterilization of all infected individuals sending them to death camps called “Decontamination Centers”.
Life in occupied cities like York reflect present day problems in contemporary America as the city is segregated along racial, ethnic, and class lines creating tension between the inhabitants of the city.
Harma struggles with both the social divisions tearing her city apart from the inside and the danger of infected and vigilantes in the world beyond the walls of York.
Along with the shocking brutality of the state toward those that contract the disease, a frustrated Harma frequently leaves York’s border’s to wander the surrounding “badlands” where the infected and criminals cast away from society roam freely.
But her journey’s to the outskirts of the city are increasingly becoming more and more dangerous and her suspicions over the US Military’s “aid” to York make her a target for a litany of reasons…

Three.Thirty Three is a series of short stories that will be released chapter by chapter on a monthly basis.



En esta época de calentamiento global, de contaminación ambiental, de explotación irracional e indiscriminada de los recursos naturales, de aprovechamiento irracional y extinción de las especies, de pronto asistimos a relumbrones y destellos de esperanza, que nos devuelven la fe en el reencuentro y valoración de la naturaleza. Con este relicario de cuentos “La leona de Kumullca y otros cuentos ecológicos”, de Carlos Vega Ocaña, el autor retoma el camino o puente de retorno a la naturaleza generosa y pródiga donde los seres humanos que la habitan comparten con ella el espíritu de la vida. Estos cuentos destinados a ser poseídos por los niños, no solo como lectores, sino como seres humanos sensibles, generosos y buenos, también ayudan a sensibilizar a los adultos sobre la importancia y verdadero valor de la naturaleza que nos rodea.

Core Java: The Practical Guide For Beginners (In An Easy Way Book 1)

by Pravuram Nayak

They say that if you have the knowledge of c and c++ then you can proceed to learn java, to some extent it is true but if you read this book, you can learn also can write your own program in java without the prior knowledge of c and c++. Specially this book is designed for beginner, students of school like ICSE schools, colleges and universities where java is taught as a subject and others who wants to learn java having no knowledge about programming knowledge can go for this. Even engineering students can get benefit out of it. Some do not know how to write the program, some are not clear about the fundamentals of programming so if you go through this book thoroughly you can boost your programming skill and development.

Best Service Dog Breeds

by Lorayne Miller

This is a book about service dogs that provides information about which breeds are the best kind and why. If you are wondering which dog would make a good service dog look no further. They are: Golden Retriever, Border Collie, Chihuahua, German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Paillon, Greyhound, Collie, English Springer Spaniel, Doberman Pinscher, Siberian Husky, Poodle, Dalmatian, Dachshund, boxer, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. These make great therapy dogs, hearing and seeing eye dogs, mobility service dogs, PTSD Service dogs for veterans and wounded warriors. Certain dogs can be trained to detect drugs and bombs, and search and rescue.

The Best Sleepover Guide For Girls

by E.M. Evans

Plan the sleepover of your dreams! The only thing more exciting than a sleepover is planning one! Filled with awesome slumber party ideas for girls, this book guides party hosts from planning to clean up. Inside, you’ll find tons of ideas for crafts, activities, yummy foods and snacks to help you with your totally unique and super fun sleepover. This book includes examples of themed sleepover invitations, 3 detailed DIY craft projects and a big list of games and how to play them. You’ll even find the most amazing pancake recipe to make for breakfast the next day!
Whether you want to have a simple pajama party or go all-out with a theme party, this guide has all you need to plan the epic party you and your friends will never forget!

Cathy’s Walk in the Garden: Illustrated Children’s Books and Bedtime Stories For Kids, Preschool Books, Kids Books.

by Jesse Buenoano

Cathy’s Walk in the Garden. If you love gardening, If you like farming, it’s sensible to encourage your child to get out and clean their hands. This book help teaching children Love of Gardening, It’s an automatic way to keep your child engaged in an activity with you.

I Love Cake

by Emily Hopkins

A fun book for Toddlers or Pre-Schoolers about different kinds of Cake! This is the 1st book in the “I Love” series.

Murder on Hollywood Beach

by Dora Benley

A prowler is after Gina in her California seaside mansion where she has lived by herself since her mother’s death in a questionable airplane accident a few years before. She gets constant notes from the stalker: “Come to me, my bride, my love. We will be united in death”. She is afraid to emerge from her glitzy mansion, wondering if this creep was her mother’s killer, too.

She is surrounded by a houseful of servants, some of whom seem suspicious such as the gardener. He is always watching her. Certainly there is no one she can trust. Enter Bruno, her ex-boyfriend, the sex maniac who is still trying to persuade the recluse Gina to leave her mansion on the rocks by the crashing sea and go swimming or have a party or drive along the coast, or something else equally dangerous. But what is Gina to do? Whom else can she trust besides Bruno? She had better get it figured out quickly, or else Gina, the daughter of the dead and beautiful Hollywood starlet, will soon become very dead herself.

If you enjoy Murder at Hollywood Beach you will enjoy other young adult thrillers by Dora Benley that have a romantic edge such as Silver Wolf Moon, Mary’s Gone, Latin Lessons, Rose Red, Murder on Spirit Island, Murder in Jasper, and Ophelia Plot.

I Love Planes

by Emily Hopkins

A lovely book about different types of Planes for Toddlers or Pre-Schoolers . This is the 5th Book in the “I Love” Series.

I Love Dogs

by Emily Hopkins

A lovely book for Toddlers to Pre-Schoolers on different kinds of Dogs. It’s the 2nd book in the ” I Love…” series

Twice Upon a Time

by Brian Halliday

“Colin and Stacey are normal teenage twins until a trip to the local pond leads them on a journey of discovery of newfound love and friendships. The journey takes an unexpected twist and a voyage into the unknown as the world of dreams and reality become ever more blurred.”

I Love Butterflies

by Emily Hopkins

A lovely Rhyming book for younger children about Butterflies. This is the 8th book in the “I Love” series.

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