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Collection of beautiful girls with perfect curves – NHAT HA (Japanese Edition)


å®?ç?§ãªã?«ã?¼ã??ã??æ?ã¤ç¾?ã?ã?女の子のã?³ã?¬ã?¯ã?·ã?§ã?³ – NHAT HA

How To Play Blues Guitar: A Beginner`s Guide On How To Play Blues Chords, Scales And Licks To Be An Authentic Blues Guitarist! (Guitar Domination)

by Dan Thorpe

Dan Thorpe’s straightforward no-nonsense blues book will get you playing authentic and awesome blues guitar right from the off. If you play acoustic or electric, it doesn`t matter as this book has been purposely designed for the wannabe or struggling blues guitarist who plays either.

Dan`s books have gotten lots of critical acclaim and have received 100`s of 5-star reviews.

If you want to learn this stunning style of music and have tried before but found it either too hard or you just didn`t know what to do, then this book is for YOU.

The trouble is, even though blues is a super popular genre, it is NOT taught very well by most guitar teachers.

They tend to focus on making it super simple to the point it no longer sounds like an authentic blues (and is quite frankly boring!) or they teach you a lot of unnecessary stuff that is just too hard to learn and even harder to put together.

I have studied a lot of blues, learned lots of songs and styles from the greatest players so you don`t have to. No more searching on the net – a solid, effective and concrete plan for learning the blues is here.

In the book, you will learn from the ground up, where I take you from not knowing anything about the blues all the way to playing a downright awesome piece that will impress even the most hard-nosed blues aficionados!

…And, I do it in a specific, step by step and fun way!

The book has been carefully crafted and structured so it feels like you are sitting in a lesson with me myself. This is done via the unique `Let’s Jam` chapters.

You will get an authentic taste of what it feels like to be watching the likes of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, B.B. King, Buddy Guy and the rest all jamming a 12 bar blues on stage – only you will be jamming too!

Play rhythm and lead at the same time – yes, ANYONE can do it when shown exactly how (and it sounds awesome).

* Exactly how to get started with the blues
* Easy blues chords to get started with (most books start off way too complex)
* How to strum the blues properly
* How to fingerpick the blues – make one guitar sound like two!
* Turnarounds – the secret to making the blues sound fresh and fun
* How to play the blues in all 12 keys
* What exactly `shuffle` is, how to play `shuffle` any why it is one of the most important factors in blues
* What exactly blues techniques such as repeated bends, vibrato, `bend and release` are and how to play them
* How a simple structure is the template for EVERYTHING in blues and how to easily remember it
* Learn how a `secret` 6 note scale makes playing blues lead guitar super fun and easy
* Why learning complete scales can be a massive waste of time – especially in blues music
* Learn a variety of killer licks in the styles of blues greats such as B.B. King, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix
* Specific steps on how to play a `call and answer` blues and why it is incredible fun
* How to properly use upstrums with confidence in blues and all other styles
* The two critical errors most beginners (and quite a few experienced) players make when practising scales
* Learn how to play both one and two bar turnarounds so you always have an option when jamming the blues
* 4 powerful tips on what to do and where to go next once you have completed the book

Important note This book is aimed at the absolute beginner to blues guitar, NOT guitarists who have played blues before.

If you are experienced at playing blues guitar then this is not the book for you.

If you are new to blues guitar then you will love it.

It starts off basic but by the end of the book it gets very exciting and sounds fantastic. Listen to the final examples to see for yourself!

5 star Colin N. “Not my first purchase from Dan and sure it won’t be the last. Clear instruction in a relaxed manner ideal for any guitar student. Can’t wait to get further into it. This guy has been a great help to me!”

Film Work: Volume 6

by Paul Moore

This book is entirely pictorial containing more than 120 color images, and every image, except the images of the cameras, were shot on film. These film images are just a sampling and the author has a great many more film cameras then the ones pictured herein; and they all function perfectly and are in more-or-less constant use.
There is considerable debate among photographers about whether film is better than digital with about an equal number lining up on both sides and presenting their opinions and relevant and irrelevant data. It is not the purpose of this volume to espouse one position or another. It is sufficient to know that they are each different and subject to a considerable range of interpretation.
However, it is quite enjoyable to take one of these old cameras, that have absolutely no automatic functionality, and create excellent images. I suspect that it is the same force that drives auto enthusiasts to take an old Model T Ford car and restore it. They certainly don’t have the power and ease of operation of modern automobiles but they are extraordinarily fun to drive.

White Mama: A Play by Gladys W. Muturi

by Gladys W. Muturi

Based on a novel by Robert Downs and 1980 television film, this play adaptation is about an elderly white widow named Estelle Malone becomes a foster mother to an African American foster teen, B.T. Williamson for the support money. When Estelle gets evicted from her apartment, B.T. joins a boxing ring to raise money to support each other.

The play will be presented at the New York Theatre Festival.

Hot girl in bikini hot – NGUYEN DANG TUONG LINH (Japanese Edition)


ã??ã?­ã??ã??ã??ã??ã??ã??ã??ã?¬ã?¼ã?« – NGUYEN DANG TUONG LINH

Bodybuilding: Building the perfect Body With Simple Hints and Tips (muscle, fitness, mass gain, lose weight, body building for beginners, lose fat book, fitness training Book 1)

by Daniel D’apollonio

Building the perfect Body With Simple Hints and Tips!

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

This book has lots of amazing information on how to build the perfect body with simple hints and tips that will bring you dramatic results.

Have you ever thought of getting that “toned” look that everybody is after? And what crosses your mind whenever you come across the term “bodybuilding”?

Perhaps images of huge, heavy muscled bare-chested men and lean bodied ladies flexing their pectorals, massive biceps and triceps amidst tumultuous applauses from a fiery audience is what comes to your mind! That’s pretty fine; only that it is part of bodybuilding; the professional one!

So what exactly is bodybuilding if the above is just part of it? Well, bodybuilding is the whole process you adapt to build your body from the ground up. And the good news is that adapting bodybuilding as your lifestyle will see you gain immense benefits ranging from fitness to personal health. Therefore, understand what bodybuilding entails; know how to practice bodybuilding safely and obtain dramatic results, train consistently, have quality exercises, check on your diet and maintain a positive attitude and see amazing transformation in your physique.

This guide will help you demystify all your bodybuilding myths and give you some tips on adapting this exciting regimen.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Basics of Bodybuilding
  • Bodybuilding: Why Bother?
  • Your Body Type: Its Place In Bodybuilding
  • Getting Started with Training
  • Exercises Targeting Individual Muscle Groups
  • Getting To The Next Level: Tips That Will Guarantee Massive Rapid Success
  • And much, much

Download your copy today!

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Guitar chords: Finally, a practical, usefull chords reference (Basic guitar chords)

by Kita book

The first thing I learnt on guitar was a chord, it was the G chord. I
was very happy with my G chord and as soon as it sounded half
musical I was desperate to learn more.
My mother was my first guitar teacher and her background in folk
and gospel guitar provided a great foundation for me to learn from.
Once I knew three chords she would show me which order to play
them in and that was how I began to learn.
We had a few chord charts and music books lying around but I
often became discouraged with them because the diagrams were
awkward and they never offered any form of practical application.
I just wanted to play guitar and I certainly didn’t care about music
theory back then.
This book not only teaches you all the common, practical and usable
chord types you need to be a great guitarist, but also shows you
progressions so you can apply each new chord straight away.
How to make the most of this book
Every chord is displayed with three different variations to encourage
you to explore different ways of playing chords. This is an important
concept because moving from one chord to another can be really
hard and sometimes all you need to do is change the way you form
one of the chords.
The chords in this book are presented with clear diagrams and
accompanying photos to help you visualize and grasp each new
chord. The variations of each chord were chosen with ease and
playability in mind so you can become more acquainted with your
fret board faster. The better you know your way around the guitar,
the better your guitar playing will become.
You will notice at the bottom of each page there is a list of three
different chord progressions. These have been included so you can
use each new chord straight away. I encourage you to experiment
with the different chord formations and find which shape is most
appropriate to each progression. For example, if you are moving
between E and B major, you may find it easier to play both from
the seventh fret, as opposed to trying to rush from the seventh fret
down to the second.
You will also notice that some of the progressions have been labeled
with a suggested musical style. Of course, you can apply all sorts of
progression to any style of music. However, musicians that play a
particular style of music often use progressions that have, over time,
become common to that specific genre.
Instead of dictating a rhythm to each progression I have intentionally
left them bare so you can explore the different, musical possibilities.
I encourage you to experiment with emphasis, tempo, groove
and feel. If you are yet to learn these skills refer to your Jamorama
I hope you enjoy this book and on a final note the most important
thing, I believe, is to enjoy the music you play. Learn as much as
you can. Learn the “rules” so you can break them. Listen to as much
music as you can find. Talk with other musicians; get involved in
your local scene. If you only intend to learn a few chords and songs,
so you can pull out the guitar at a party, then take those few chords
and own them. Learn them through and through. The more you put
into to music the more you will get out.

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