Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 08 Feb 18

The Dagda’s Cauldron (The Faeling Sisters Book 1)

by M.C. Cairns

Brianne and Alayna have been stripped of their memories, separated, and hidden in the human realm.

The faeling sisters have no idea who they really are until an unexpected visit by a strange little man sets them on a road to discovery. According to an ancient prophecy, Brianne and Alayna, beloved princesses of the Seelie Court, are the keys to saving the faerie realm from the Unseelie Court. Summoned by their grandmother, Queen Mab, to fulfill their destiny, they must first unite to find a stolen treasure that protects their kingdom — The Dagda’s Cauldron.

As they battle their way through the faerie realm, Brianne and Alayna uncover their past and get a glimpse of their future. But learning the truth comes with a price that just might cost them their lives. And if they don’t find the cauldron in time, and the realm falls into the hands of the Unseelie Court, their lives won’t be the worst thing they lose.

Filled with trolls, nymphs, and all manner of fae, The Dagda’s Cauldron is a fantastical journey navigating family relationships and self-discovery.

Antique Finds

by Lorayne Miller

If you like to visit antique stores or flea markets and wonder what are the best items to pursue this book will show you what to look for.

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