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The Art of Loving Yourself: How to Overcome Loneliness after a Break Up

by Michelle Stratton

The Art of Loving Yourself: How to Overcome Loneliness after a Break Up

  • Have you ever felt like the world is coming to an end after losing a loved one?
  • Do you feel worthless and as though you’ve lost all meaning to your life now?

Most of our lives we are led to believe that we will never be complete unless, and only unless, we have a significant other.

The truth is, love is attracted, not hunted. 

This book was written to help you start loving yourself again, get your life back in order and attract the people not only who you want in your life, but who you truly deserve.

  • Packed with scientific studies to help you better understand the reasoning behind things
  • Learn and develop habits to help you optimize your life
  • Understand what’s truly important in order to achieve pure happiness
  • Learn to deal with stressful situations and negative thought processing
  • Develop new mindset skills to help you take charge of your life

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My Mother’s Dragon

by D.M. Rogers

After questioning their childhood and adolescence, Dante decides to document and discuss what they remember. The truth grows harder to swallow as old memories bubble up. A poignant look at a childhood filled with bad choices and poor parenting, with dark humor to soften the blow. When one grows up under rampant alcoholism and covert narcissism, one learns that anything can look normal if you don’t know what normal is.

The Three Most Important Things to Teach Our Children

by David Baker

If someone asked you, what are the three most important things to teach our children, what would you say?

“Don’t steal?
Don’t smoke?
Don’t do drugs?

I don’t know”

How would you know? It is all subjective.

What about if the richest and wisest man in history wrote a book to his son and taught him almost 200 times on one subject in one book? How important would that be?

What do you think that topic is?

This book will give you the top three things that Solomon taught his son, and each topic has seven lessons for each topic.

Wait for Love: A Black Girl’s Story

by Wanda D. Hudson

Wait for Love: A Black Girl’s Story is is the story of Lynnette Donna Lee’s life. If you have ever been in love, or are longing for that special someone, you’ve probably experienced many of the same emotions as she. Join her on this adventurous, sometimes humorous, and sometimes painful literary romp. Lynnette bares her soul and her body many times in search of the man she’ll marry. The only problem she has is with the men she chooses to give her all to. They show her they don’t love her and then go to extremes to get the point across. Why does she keep holding on when the only love involved is nowhere to be found?


by Andrea Blake

Surprise, bad ones, life is filled with them. Wouldn’t you like to know how to cope with these more effectively? if the answer is yes, you are in the right place. With this book you will learn all you need to know to tackle even life’s greatest challenges head on and with great success.

Help! My Teenager is Struggling with Childhood Obesity How to Help your Teen Get Happy and Healthy Through Bicycling

by Joan Denizot

There’s nothing scarier than reading the statistics about childhood obesity and recognizing your own child. Society loads on the guilt, and parenting a teenager can be overwhelming and stressful. This book offers a solution to parents’ worries and concerns about their overweight teen’s health. It’s a solution that is simple and fun, and creates results that your teen will benefit from for his or her whole life. Riding a bicycle–what could be easier or more fun? These tips will provide information about what to look for in a bicycle, as well as reasons why investing in a bicycle for your teen could resolve a whole host of concerns about his or her health, both physical and emotional.

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