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The Coming End-Time Awakening: Biblical Proof that there is a Great Move of God during the Great Tribulation

by Ron Cantor

What will be the condition of the Body of believers before Yeshua (Jesus) returns? Will we be stuck in gloom and doom? Or will there be a last days revival that will overshadow the book of Acts? Messianic Jewish Author, Ron Cantor, believes the Hebrew prophets spoke of a great move of God in the end times.

The most powerful figures on earth during the great tribulation are not the antichrist or the false prophet, but the two witnesses of Revelation 11. They preach Yeshua, prophesy to Israel and the nations, drive the antichrist out of Jerusalem and consume their attackers with fire from their mouths. The 144,000 Jewish evangelists are sealed and given a new song, as they spread the eternal gospel. And they are just the first-fruits, according to Revelation 14.

Paul promised that when the Jewish people accept Jesus it will mean greater riches for the nations, even life from the dead (Romans 11:12, 15). The Church has been deceived into believing that Yeshua returns to a depressed and defeated bride. This book will encourage you to expect a great awakening as we approach the time of His return.

The Way to Light: Gems of Truth Volume 1

by Anonymous (Joseph S. Benner)

The Way to Light: Gems of Truth Volume 1 is a compilation of the inner experiences, dreams, visions, and questions written by the students of the Impersonal Life Teachings, and the responses of Joseph S. Bennerâ??published in book form for the first time.

This book highlights the Impersonal Truth and Its application in everyday life, supplementing the spiritual classic The Impersonal Life, written anonymously by Mr. Benner and published in 1914.

The articles in this volume were written between 1933 and 1935. Though written in the 1930s, they are sure to resonate with those who have already contacted these Teachings, as well as those who are starting out on the way to Light.

Today’s readers will find that the experiences of these letter writers resemble or even mirror their own. After all, such experiences and concerns are common to all who set out on the path of finding God and His Kingdom, and are part of the spiritual and outer human experienceâ??which in reality are One.

This e-book of The Way to Light: Gems of Truth Volume 1 is an updated version of the printed book published by Sun Center Publishing House Phils. Inc. in 2017, with changes made in the text to further facilitate the reader’s understanding.

This is the first of Sun Center’s books to be published in e-book form, in answer to the demand of Mr. Benner’s readers to make his books more easily available. By harnessing the technology of e-book readers and digital distribution, the Impersonal Message can be more quickly and conveniently placed into the hands of all who seek the Kingdom within.

The Root Of All Evil: The Chronicles of Brock Lane (Crime Fiction Series Book 1)

by Mark Stephen O’Neal

Brock Lane is on top of the world even though his NBA team, the St. Louis Trojans, was eliminated from playoff contention. He had a breakout season in his fourth year as a pro basketball player, and he received a lucrative contract extension for his efforts.

However, Brock’s stepfather was kidnapped by two hardened criminals after he came back to Chicago on the eve of Mother’s Day weekend, and they demanded one million dollars for his release by Friday at midnight. Will Brock raise the money in time or will there be dire consequences if he misses the deadline? The Root Of All Evil is a crime fiction book that’s sure to keep readers on edge.

Sanctuary Forever (WITSEC Town Series Book 5)

by Lisa Phillips

*Christian Romantic Suspense*
Gemma inherited a secret when Hal Leonard died–along with the knowledge that he was her father. Now it’s her job to guard what Hal had hidden in the radio station. But when Gemma reveals the secret to her best friend, Pastor Dan Walden, they discover a link to Dan’s late father. Can Dan put his memories of the old man’s anger to rest, or will his past be the blade that tears the town of Sanctuary apart?

In this final installment of the Sanctuary series old rivals clash, new foes leave their mark, and a ghost from the past returns in this explosive climax.

The Lonely Kiss: Itâ??s all about youâ?¦

by Lindsey Decker

Welcome to the Clean Romance Book. This book is dedicated to featuring clean romance short stories including bonus clean stories. Feel free to go thru the description of each story below to find exactly what you’re looking for. These stories are free of swear words, gratuitous violence, and sex.

A Baroness of Honor – Clean Regency Historical Romance

Baroness Lavinia Whitfield is the middle daughter of the Earl of Bedford. When her father meets an untimely death while in regiment during the Napoleonic Wars, Lavinia’s mother becomes desperate to wed off her aging daughter. The widow deals with Baron Edmonton, sending Lavinia as a bride to his eldest son, George, just after he has returned to England, injured on the battlefield himself. Less than two years later, both the elder Baron and his son are killed in a freak hunting accident. The young Baroness struggles after finding herself widowed and responsible for a large holding. Tortured by the sudden loss of her husband and longing for the richness of a love like her parents had, Lavinia seeks a new life in the intrigues of the London ton. Her diary, written through the years, reveals finding her desired love in the forbidden arms of a younger man.

Miles Apart – A Clean Amish and Military Romance Story

Justine Burkholder is a typical Amish girl, eighteen years old and looking to get married and have a family of her own. There were several young men who had her in their sights, but she didn’t want to commit until she felt God had chosen the right man for her. In the Spring of her eighteenth year, she began to have fainting spells which became more frequent. The local clinic found a heart condition and sent her to New York for further testing. While there, she was robbed, but saved from a worse fate by a strapping Navy Seal. His charm and courage worked its way into her heart.

Could she love a man who was her complete opposite? And what of her faith? See how Justine finds a way to love a man whose work constantly sends him miles apart from her.

What the Heart Wants -Clean Western Culture Romance

An exciting, 21st Century, clean, Western romance set in the wide open spaces of Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park. We explore love and romance at different stages of life, and what it means to be family.

In What the Heart Wants, we take a hard look at how a person’s central life decisions can affect their lives in unimaginable ways. Through the haze of what many call the worst military conflict in a generationâ??the second battle of Fallujah, we witness the real cost of war on the active duty service members, the veteran, and the families and communities of those who serve.

Ride an emotional roller coaster as our characters deal with love, family, mental illness, PTSD, veteran issues, nationalism, bigotry, romance, cultural differences, and faith as the story unfolds in the unique beauty of the American West. Explore our rich and complicated characters as they traverse love in all of its many forms.

First Light – A Clean Amish and Basketball Romance Story

Jemma Glick, a young Amish woman, leaves the community after the death of both her parents to reconnect with her past in the English world. She finds herself once more embroiled in the love of one Kingsley Turner, her college sweetheart and present NBA star for the Miami Heat. However in the decade, they’ve been separated, the life of a NBA star has taken its toll on the man Jemma used to know. Will she stick around when his demons come out to play?

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Yoga And Meditation Box Set: Yoga for Weight Loss & Meditation for Beginners

by Linda Harris

Yoga And Meditation Box Set (2 in 1)

Yoga for Weight Loss: 12 Best Poses to Lose Weight Fast, Look Better and Feel Amazing

Losing weight requires a strict focus on your diet. Likewise, you need to exercise and burn more calories than you consume. You’ll probably learn early on that hard work and sacrifices are necessary in order to succeed with weight loss. Yoga can help you focus on the positive and transformative elements of your weight loss journey. With yoga, you’ll work and strengthen your heart, burn calories and fat, and give yourself added peace and mindfulness for this journey.

In Yoga For Weight Loss, readers learn the principles of yoga and the poses that maximize weight loss. These poses begin in a standing position and then head down to the floor, placing you on your stomach and then on your back. Weight loss benefits multiply when you combine these poses and keep your body moving. Plus, you’ll glean the confidence needed to get started and have the tools to succeed thanks to great tips for yoga beginners.

After downloading this book, you can get started right away in enjoying yoga’s benefits for your mental, physical, and emotional health. Your weight loss journey starts here!

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Meditation for Beginners: How to Meditate to Relieve Stress, Achieve Inner Peace and Find Happiness

People all over the world have been practicing meditation for many centuries. Meditation is one part of a holistic lifestyle that can help you get your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual selves into sync. Everyone meditates for different reasons. Whether you are looking for a great way to de-stress and relax, or you want an improved focus with day-to-day tasks, meditation offers a very useful tool to achieve the results.

In Meditation for Beginners, you will learn the principles of meditation and the techniques of breath control, mindfulness and mantra meditation. This book offers exercises that are detailed and easy to follow so that you can begin incorporating meditation into daily life. Additionally, beginners will receive some excellent meditation tips that will help them clear out mental distractions and focus on what they really want to feel, be and accomplish.

Download this book, and start enjoying the benefits of meditation for stress relief, inner peace and happiness.

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Wisdom Unknown: 99 INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES for living an AMAZING LIFE from History’s GREATEST UNKOWNS (The GREATEST QUOTES Series Book 1)


Here for you in this concise, easy to read and ready to download format are compiled 99 of the GREATEST, most INSPIRATIONAL Quotes that have ever been shared and yet never been claimed.

Some of the greatest minds of all time have disappeared without a trace leaving behind these absolute gems of wisdom for you to learn from and refer to in your quest for living an AMAZING LIFE.

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