Free romance Kindle books for 08 Feb 18

Fire and Love (Hope Falls Book 13)

by Melanie Shawn

Stand-alone Hope Falls romance, complete with HEA–and plenty of heat and heart along the way!

Their future was set. He was going to be a firefighter, and she was going to be a filmmaker. They were going to get married and live happily-ever-after with two kids and a dogâ?¦She supposed one out five ain’t bad.

Mackenzie Sutton was an award-winning documentary filmmaker who had put her past where it belonged, behind her. But when her old flame’s hometown becomes the setting for her new project, she’s forced to remember what she wanted with all her heart but never got to have.

Eli Bishop achieved his goal and became a firefighter. And although the sexy hero risks his life daily, in reality, he has nothing to lose since he lost her all those years ago.

With fate giving them a second chance, both Mackenzie and Eli will be forced to relive the past if there is any hope of them having a future inâ?¦Fire and Love.

For 18+

Chasing Their Losses

by Lucia Sinn

Will the haunting power of first love lead to Cara Mackenzie’s destruction? At 31, she’s back home from Miami, starting a new career as nutrition director of Sycamore Hospital, and in a blossoming romance with Dr. John Drakos. But when she runs into her former lover, the suave and sexy Tony Cabella, she’s drawn into a dangerous web of dirty secrets and lies.

When Tony’s stepson vanishes under her watch, Cara must fight for her life, her reputation, and her career. The police think Dr. Drakos’ jealousy could have provided a motive for the kidnapping, but as the mystery surrounding the boy’s disappearance heightens, unanswered questions point to a conspiracy. Who shot Tony when he and Cara met in secret, and why won’t he call the police?

At the heart of this novel are four damaged people: John and Cara, whose passionate relationship is clouded by painful memories and fear of commitment; Tony and his second wife, Gail, who gave up everything for sexual fulfillment, only to find disillusion and heartbreak. As the tragic events spin out of control, the heart thumping suspense builds, with twists and turns that take you from the verdant farmland and sparkling waterfalls of Indiana to the vast, lawless sand dunes and nude beaches of Texas.

The Last Day of Forever: Catahoula Book 1 (Catahoula Chronicles)

by Lane Casteix

A mysterious old trunk is unlocked to reveal its long-kept secrets: diaries and a manuscript that tell the 160 year-old love story of Rachel and Ethan in antebellum Louisiana.

As part of his growing into manhood, Ethan is struggling with changes in his life. In 1856 he is beginning his last summer of adolescence at Catahoula Plantation before going off to school at the Virginia Military Institute. Falling in love was not part of his plansâ??until Rachel came into his life.

Orphaned, she is thrust into Ethan’s family, one she doesn’t know, in the care of a man she never met, and taken to Louisiana, far from the Virginia she is familiar with. Bewildered and afraid, she finds comfort in an unexpected new relationship.

Spirited and daring, Rachel is unlike any woman Ethan has ever known. He didn’t expect she would turn his world upside down like she does, nor did he anticipate how strongly his father would react to how they feel about each other, or the extremes to which he will go to keep them apart.

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